Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz

KBC 6– Episode 7 Questions

1. In Mahabharata, which game was played between Yudhistra and Shakuni?
(A) Patangbaji (B) Shatranj
(C) Panso Ka Khel (D) Tirandaji
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2. Identify the singer.
(A) Kumar Sanu (B) Himesh Reshammiya
(C) Anand Raj Anand (D) Anu Malik
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3. In international cricket, what was first introduced in an ODI between Zimbabwe and England on 1 January 1997?
(A) Hawk Eye (B) Third Umpire
(C) Duckworth Lewis Method (D) Hot Spot
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4. Which of these Hindi proverbs means “to invite trouble”?
(A) Chal Kabutar Ud Ja (B) Aa Bail Mujhe Maar
(C) Aa Sher Mujhe Ka (D) As ghode mujhe Gira
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5. What does Hamid buy with the modest three paise he receives in his ‘Eidi’ in Premchand’s short story ‘Eidgarh’?
(A) Chimta (B) Jalebi
(C) Khilona (D) Kitaab
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6. Which state has the highest coal reserve in India?
(A) Jharkhand (B) Odisha
(C) Chhatisgarh (D) Andhra Pradesh
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7. Which wedding is traditionally associated with the festival of ‘Vivah Panchami’ celebrated in the Mithila region in Nov-Dec?
(A) Shiva-Parvati (B) Rama-Sita
(C) Vishnu-Lakshmi (D) Krisna-Rukmini
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8. Which of these father-son pairs have served as chief ministers of two different states?
(A) Mulayam Singh-Akhilesh Yadav
(B) Farooq Abdullah-Omar Abdullah
(C) Biju Patnaik-Naveen Patnaik
(D) H. N. Bahuguna-Vijay Bahuguna
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9. What is the ‘shot’ in the Olympic sport of ‘Shot Put’?
(A) Rubber Disc (B) Metal Ball
(C) Wooden Stick (D) Javelin
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10. Who is the only member of the 15th Lok Sabha to get elected to the House unopposed?
(A) Agatha Sangma (B) Dimple Yadav
(C) Harsimarat Kaur Badal (D) Kanimozhi
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11. In Delhi, What are Teez hazari, Welcome, Kashmere Gate and Vishwa Vidyalaya?
(A) universities (B) Courts
(C) Gates of old Delhi (D) Metro Stations
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12. Who founded the Indian Boy Scouts’ Association around 1917 in Madras?
(A) Annie Besant (B) Robert Baden Powell
(C) J. S. Wilson (D) Mangal Das Pakvasa
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13. Which of these sporting events was reintroduced at the 2012 Olympics since it was last played at the 1924 Olympics?
(A) Women’s Football (B) Women’s Wrestling
(C) Badminton Mixed Doubles (D) Tennis Mixed Doubles
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