Indian History Quiz Questions and Answers

Indian History Quiz Questions and Answers
1. The Arabian invasion became merely an incident because–
(A) Arabians did not stay long (B) They had no sufficient army
(C) There was no permanent influence on the Indian culture (D) They were not efficient rulers
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2. The cause of defeat of Hindus against Muslims was–
(A) Hindus were not brave (B) They believed in Ahimsa
(C) They did not know war strategy (D) They were disunited
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3. Mahamud Ghazanavi invaded Som Nath in–
(A) 1009 A.D. (B) 1018 A.D.
(C) 1025 A.D. (D) 1026 A.D.
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4. Which statement is not true?
The case of Mahamud Ghazanavi' s attack was–
(A) To spread Islamic religion (B) Caprice for wealth
(C) Destruction of Temples (D) To lay foundation of Islamic Empire in India
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5. The Mesepotamians were the first people to invent the following. Which one of these is being used today?
(A) Cuneiform system of writing (B) Sexagesimal system of counting
(C) Kelekrafts for carrying goods on water  (D) Glasswares
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6. Aurangzeb adopted his Deccan Policy because–
(A) He wanted to conquer Shia states and to merge them in his Empire
(B) He wanted control over Marathas
(C) He wanted to utilize fabulous wealth of the Deccan
(D) All the above
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7. The rise of Maratha power began from the time of–
(A) Shambhaji (B) Shivaji
(C) Shahuji (D) Shahaji
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8. The Sultan of Bijapur sent Afzal Khan to–
(A) Meet Shivaji (B) Make him friend
(C) Invite Shivaji to attend Agra Court of Aurangzeb (D) Kill Shivaji treacherously
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9. Shivaji adopted war technique which was called–
(A) Tulgama (B) Traditional Indian
(C) Cavelary fighting (D) Guirella warfare
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10. In Shivaji's administration the title of Prime Minister was–
(A) Peshawa (B) Amatya
(C) Samant (D) Pandit Rao
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11. The main point on which the differences were created between Morarji Desai and Jimmy Carter, the President of America, on his visit to India was–
(A) The Policy of Foreign Trade
(B) The Supply of Uranium
(C) The Newly developed relationship between India and China
(D) The approaching friendly relation of Pakistan with India
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12. Mukti Vahini, the military organization which fought for the freedom of country was organised in–
(A) Bangladesh (B) Nepal
(C) Indonesia (D) India
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13. Udham Singh killed Michael O' Dayer to take revenge for–
(A) A personal grievances (B) His interference with religious matter of local people
(C) The Jallianwalla Bagh massacre (D) The annexation of Indian princely states
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14. The Palace of Nation is located in–
(A) New York (B) Hague
(C) Geneva (D) Beijing
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15. When did introduction of the metric system of weights take place?
(A) 1958 (B) 1938
(C) 1948 (D) 1968
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16. Which kingdom was founded by Harihar and Bukka ?
(A) Chola (B) Vijaynagar
(C) Cheri (D) Chedi
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17. Who discovered Sea-route to India?
(A) English (B) French
(C) Portuguese (D) Dutch
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18. Who fought in the battle of Haldighati ?
(A) Maharana Pratap (B) Shivaji
(C) Samudra Gupta (D) Vikramaditya
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19. Ajanta Cave Paintings depict–
(A) Ramayan Stories (B) Mahabharat Stories
(C) Puran Stories (D) Jatak Stories
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20. Who wrote Arthashastra ?
(A) Panini (B) Manu
(C) Kautilya (D) Patanjali
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