General Knowledge Quiz No. 28 - Top General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz No. 28
1. One of the disadvantages of the Wholesale Price Index in India is that–
(A) It does not cover the services sector (B) It is not available for individual commodities
(C) It is available only on monthly basis (D) It is available only at constant prices
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2. The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in–
(A) New Delhi (B) Bangalore
(C) Pune (D) Chennai
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3. The most commonly used metal in the pure form or as an alloy in domestic appliance is–
(A) Aluminium (B) Iron
(C) Copper (D) Zinc
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4. The process in which a solid substance, on being heated, changes directly into the gaseous form is known as–
(A) Dissociation (B) Dissolution
(C) Sublimation (D) Evaporation
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5. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is–
(A) Ethylene (B) Ethane
(C) Carbon dioxide (D) Acetylene
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6. Pencil ‘lead’ is made up of–
(A) Graphite (B) Charcoal
(C) Lead oxide (D) Lampblack
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7. The author of the book “The Struggle in My Life” is–
(A) Mandela (B) J. L. Nehru
(C) Tilak (D) Gokhale
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8. The head office of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is situated in–
(A) Zimbabwe (B) Australia
(C) South Africa (D) England
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9. ‘Maynmar’ is the new name of–
(A) Bhutan (B) Sri Lanka
(C) Thailand (D) Burma
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10. What is the cause for no atmosphere on the moon?
(A) Less gravitational force (B) It is situated in space
(C) The mobility of air is large (D) None of these
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11. At absolute zero–
(A) Water begins freezing (B) Molecular motion ceoses
(C) All gases become liquid (D) All of the above
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12. What does “SIM” stand for ?
(A) Signal Information Mode (B) Simple Identity Mode
(C) Subscribers identity Module (D) Selling information Matrix
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13. Carbohydrates are restored in human body as–
(A) Sugars (B) Starch
(C) Glucose (D) Glycogen
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14. Which of the following acids is present in our stomach ?
(A) Sulphuric Acid (B) Hydrochloric Acid
(C) Nitric Acid (D) Picric Acid
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15. Champion’s trophy is associated with which game ?
(A) Cricket (B) Hockey
(C) Football (D) Tennis
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16. Which of the following states is not a significant coal producing State ?
(A) Chhattisgarh (B) West Bengal
(C) Maharashtra (D) Rajasthan
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17. Which of the following pair is not a correct match ?
(A) Madurai-Tamil Nadu (B) Jhansi-Madhya Pradesh
(C) Haridwar-Uttar Pradesh (D) Alwar-Rajasthan
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18. Which of the following commodities lead to maximum outgoing of Foreign exchange from India ?
(A) Rubber (B) Cooking Oil
(C) Cotton (D) Tea
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19. Paradip & Kandla ports of India are situated on–
(A) The west coast (B) The east coast
(C) The east & east coast respectively (D) The west & east coast respectively
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20. ‘Khyber Pass’ is in–
(A) Bhutan (B) Bangladesh
(C) India (D) Pakistan
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