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KBC 6– Episode 30 Questions

1. In the English calendar, which is the first month to have 30 days?
(A) April (B) June
(C) March (D) January
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2. Starting from the earliest, arrange these sportsmen in the order in which they first won a medal for India at the Olympics–
(A) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (B) Leander Paes
(C) Sushil Kumar (D) Dhyan Chand
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3. Which of these Hindi words means “continuation”?
(A) Lamhe (B) Silsila
(C) Faasle (D) Kabhi Kabhie
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4. Which of these deities is also known as ‘Janak Dulari’ and ‘Janak Nandini’?
(A) Saraswati (B) Radha
(C) Rukmini (D) Sita
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5. Which country does the athlete Usain Bolt represent in international sport?
(A) Jamaica (B) Kenya
(C) USA (D) South Africa
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6. Apart from Raman Singh, who is the only other person to become chief minister of Chhatisgarh?
(A) Dilip Singh Judeo (B) Nand Kumar Patel
(C) Ajit Jogi (D) Mahendra Karma
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7. What is the last Indian railway station before crossing into Pakistan on the Amritsar-Lahore line?
(A) Attari (B) Wagah
(C) Pathankot (D) Firozpur
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8. Which is the first Hindi film pair to ring the ‘opening bell’ of the Nasdaq stock exchange?
(A) Ranbir Kapoor – Katrina Kaif (B) Akshay Kumar – Katrina Kaif
(C) Shah Rukh Khan – Kajol (D) Kareena Kapoor – Saif Ali Khan
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9. Which of these states has a national park named after a former governor general of India?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Karnataka
(C) Uttarakhand (D) Rajasthan
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10. According to a Hindi proverb, which of these does one get reminded of in difficult times?
(A) Registaan ki Dhool (B) Barish ki boond
(C) Samundar ka paani (D) Chhathhi ka doodh
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11. In the world of fashion, what are kitten, stiletto and wedge types of?
(A) Necktie Knots (B) Shoe Heels
(C) Mini Skirts (D) Hair Pins
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12. Who has Forbes magazine listed as India’s richest person in 2012?
(A) Pallonji Mistry (B) Dilip Shanghvi
(C) Mukesh Ambani (D) Azim Premji
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13. According to the ramayana, which of these brothers were born from the same mother?
(A) Rama-Lakshmana (B) Bharata-Shatrughana
(C) Rama-Bharata (D) Lakshmana-Shatrughana
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14. Who is India’s first Formula One racing driver?
(A) Narain Karthikeyan (B) Karun Chandhok
(C) Armaan Ebrahim (D) Parthiva Sureshwaren
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15. Whose wife was Durga Bhabhi, who helped Bhagat Singh to escape from Lahore?
(A) Bhagwati Charan Vohra (B) Pratul Ganguly
(C) Sohan Singh Josh (D) Batukeshwar Dutt
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