Free KBC Questions Quiz : MCQ and Answers

KBC 6– Episode 28 Questions

1. Which of these is a type of air?
(A) ChakraVridh (B) Chakravath
(C) Chakravarthi (D) Chakravyuh
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2. Arrange these words in the order in which they appear in a popular Hindi saying
(A) Andhera (B) Tale
(C) Chirag (D) Hona
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3. What would you do with a discus in a competitive sports event?
(A) Talk to it (B) Chase it
(C) Throw it (D) Beat it
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4. Which of these is another word for snakr charmer’s ‘been’?
(A) Pungi (B) Baansuri
(C) Shehnai (D) Sitar
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5. Which of these countries has a tradition of holding television debates between the main candidates in a presidential election?
(A) Russia (B) France
(C) USA (D) UK
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6. In which city will the Kumbh Mela be held in 2013?
(A) Allahabd (B) Haridwar
(C) Nashik (D) Ujjain
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7. In ODIs, who has the record for the highest individual score?
(A) Virendar Sehwag (B) Sachin Tendulkar
(C) Saeed Anwar (D) Chris Gayle
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8. Which planet in our solar system takes the least amount of time to complete one revolution around the sun?
(A) Mars (B) Earth
(C) Venus (D) Mercury
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9. Which Bharat Ratna was affectioanally (affectionately) called Rajarshi?
(A) Purushottam Das Tandon (B) Bhagwan Das
(C) Pandurang Vaman Kane (D) Dhondo Keshav Karve
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10. According to Hindu mythology, the son of Krishna and Rukmini, Pradyumna is an incarnation of which God?
(A) Kama (B) Surya
(C) Agni (D) Vayu
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11. Arrange these sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage list from North to South–
(A) Khajuraho Temple (B) Agra Fort
(C) Mahabalipuram (D) Humayun’s Tomb
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12. With reference to the human body, what is ‘hajma’?
(A) Tolerance (B) Eyesight
(C) memory (D) Digestion
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13. In the story ‘Unity is strength’, what does the farmer give his sons to break?
(A) Wooden Sticks (B) Bricks
(C) Glass Utensils (D) Iron Rod
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14. Chemotherapy is mainly used to treat which of these diseases?
(C) Cancer (D) Polio
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