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KBC 6– Episode 27 Questions

1. In a song featuring Hema Malini And Dharmendra, Who is referred to as ‘Shayar ki Gazal ‘ And ‘Zeel’ ka kamal’ ?
(A) Sweetheart (B) Darling
(C) Honey (D) Dreamgirl
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2. According to the 2011 tiger census report of the national Tiger conservation Authority, what is the estimated population of tigers in India?
(A) 1411 (B) 1127
(C) 2822 (D) 1706
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3. Starting from Phalguna, arrange these Hindu festivals in the order they occur in a calendar year–
(A) Raksha Bandhan (B) Makar Sankranti
(C) Holi (D) Vijaydashami
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4. Which of these symbols is normally used to indicate the direction of a place?
(A) Bow (B) Arrow
(C) Mace (D) Sword
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5. Complete this line from a Bhajan bythe bhakti poet Narsinh Mehta “Vaishnav Jan To tene Kahiye Je ___”?
(A) Nahin Aiso Janam Barambar (B) Sabka Data Ram
(C) Peerh Paraye Janeyray (D) Lagan Lagi Ram Ki
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6. Which of these is the name of the anti-corruption initiative started by the Central Vigilance Commission of India?
(A) Break your silence (B) Blow your whistle
(C) Mind your business (D) Clean your system
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7. In the early phase of his career, in which city did Dhirubhai Ambani work as a petrol station attendant?
(A) Kuwait (B) Doha
(C) Aden (D) Muscat
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8. Starting from the smallest, arrange these spices according to their average size–
(A) Mustard Seeds (B) Cloves
(C) Black Pepper (D) Bay Leaf
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9. Complete this hindi proverb “___ ke gale me ghanti baandhna” that means to do a tough job?
(A) Kuee (B) Billi
(C) Sher (D) Chuha
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10. What does a twelfth of a foot equal to ?
(A) An inch (B) A centimetre
(C) A metre (D) A Yard
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11. Which of these fruits of vegetables grows underwater?
(A) Kachnaar (B) Shakarkand
(C) Shareefa (D) Singhara
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12. In which of these films did Parineeti Chopra make her acting debut?
(A) Ek Deewana Tha (B) Ishaqzaade
(C) Ladies vs Ricky Bahl (D) Ghost
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13. After which of these freedom fighters is a district in Uttarakhand named?
(A) Bhagat Singh (B) Chandrashekhar Azad
(C) Sukhdev (D) Udham Singh
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14. Who became the first National Security Advisor of India in 1998?
(A) Brajesh Mishra (B) M K Narayan
(C) J. N. Dixit (D) K. C. Pant
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15. In the Mahabharata, which of these characters died after the battle of kurukshetra was over?
(A) Shakuni (B) Shalya
(C) Kansa (D) Bhishma
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16. Which of these numbers is popularly known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number?
(A) 1927 (B) 1729
(C) 1239 (D) 1947
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