20 General Knowledge Questions and Answers GK Quiz

20 General Knowledge Questions and Answers GK Quiz 
1. How many countries are members of UNO?
(A) 165 (B) 145
(C) 188 (D) None of these
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2. SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation came into begin in–
(A) 1980 (B) 1985
(C) 1988 (D) None of these
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3. Which Indian Sportsman has been named the flag bearer of an Indian?
(A) Rajyavardhan Singh (B) Sachin Tendulkar
(C) Vishavnathan Anand (D) None of these
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4. Who beat Roger fedrar in the first round match of Rogers Cup in Toranto?
(A) Rafel Nadal (B) Gilles Simon
(C) Latin Havitt (D) None of these
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5. Which Bengali film maker has been conferred with “Dada Saheb Falke” award this year?
(A) Maniratnam (B) Karan Jauhar
(C) Tapan Singh (D) None of these
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6. When were the first recorded Olympics held?
(A) 825 BC (B) 320 BC
(C) 776BC (D) 80 AD
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7. Where is Corbett National Park?
(A) Rajkot (B) Nanital
(C) Mysore (D) Coorg
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8. Who is the chief law officer of the government of India?
(A) The chief justice of India (B) The registrar of the supreme court
(C) The law minister of India (D) The attorney general of India
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9. Write the name of largest fight less bird in the world?
(A) Ostrich (B) Falcon
(C) Humming bird (D) Swift
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10. From which part of the plant is turmeric obtained?
(A) Stem (B) Leaf
(C) Root (D) Flower
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11. Where is “India house” in the world?
(A) London (B) New Yark
(C) Mumbai (D) California
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12. Which country known as “sugar bowl of the world”?
(A) Bihar (B) Quba
(C) Hawana (D) America
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13. Where is largest dome in the world?
(A) America (B) China
(C) India (D) Pakistan
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14. Which metal is use in bulb filament?
(A) Iron (B) Nikil
(C) Copper (D) Tungastan
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15. What is myopia?
(A) For Sightness (B) Near Sightness
(C) Amblyopia (D) Polyopia
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16. In which year France conducts nuclear test?
(A) 1960 (B) 1950
(C) 1940 (D) 1970
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17. Our Ear can detect how many different tones?
(A) 1300 (B) 1500
(C) 1200 (D) 1100
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18. ECG stands for–
(A) Electrocardiograph (B) Election Commission Grants
(C) Electro cycle Grants (D) None of these
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19. Who is the inventor of Neutron?
(A) Zoll (B) Chadwick
(C) Carlson (D) Napier
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20. Sunita William belongs to–
(A) India (B) China
(C) Pakistan (D) None
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