Gurgaon Gramin Bank Officers Exam Question Paper 2012

Gurgaon Gramin Bank Officers Exam., 2012
(Held on 15-4-2012)

Financial Awareness : Solved Paper

(Question No. 1-25)
26. The Govt. of India has purchased RBl's stake in one of the major banks of India. Name the bank–
(A) AXIS Bank (B) IDBI Bank
(C) State Bank of India (D) ICICI Bank
(E) None of these
Ans : (C)

27. What do you mean by the term 'Underwriting' ?
(A) The process by which a company either in the private sector or public sector raises money
(B) The process by which investment bankers raise capital from investors, with liability to subscribe to the issue in case of need
(C) The act of subscribing in a public issue by qualified institutional investors or high net worth individuals
(D) The process by which finance is arranged through private placement of shares
(E) None of these
Ans : (B)

28. As per the proposal put up by the RBI, what should be the minimum capital required for opening new banks in the private sector ?
(A) Rs. 300 crore (B) Rs. 250 crore
(C) Rs. 500 crore (D) Rs. 1,000 crore
(E) None of these
Ans : (C)

29. What percentage of net bank credit are domestic commercial banks required to lend to Agricultural sector ?
(A) 12% (B) 18%
(C) 15% (D) 10%
(E) None of these
Ans : (B)

30. For Open Market Operations, one of the measures taken by RBI in order to control credit expansion in the economy involves which of the following operations ?
(A) Sale or purchase of short term and long term Govt. securities
(B) Issuance of different kind of bonds
(C) Auction of Gold
(D) To prevail upon the banks through persuasion to control credit
(E) None of these
Ans : (A)

31. What is 'reinsurance' ?
(A) It is a form of insurance policy issued by banks only
(B) It is a form of insurance policy issued by Govt. owned insurance companies
(C)' It is a form of loan against insurance policy
(D) It is a insurance policy issued by IRDA
(E) It is a form of insurance taken by one insurance company from another insurance company
Ans : (E)

32. What does 'Factoring' service provided by the banks refer to ?
(A) Getting professional support for recovery of receivables
(B) Companies offering help for recovery of bad debts
(C) Acquiring bad debts by a company at a discount
(D) Selling account receivables at a discount
(E) None of these
Ans : (D)

33, Which is the latest recovery channel made available to the banks for speedy recovery of NPAs backed by security ?
(A) Special Bench of the Supreme Court of India
(B) Action under SARFAESI Act
(C) Action under Bankers Book Evidence Act
(D) Action under Sec, 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act
(E) Foreign Exchange Management Act
Ans : (B)

34. What does BPLR stand for ?
(A) Basic Priority Lending rate (B) Below Poverty Line Register
(C) Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (D) Base Primary Lending Rate
(E) None of these
Ans : (A)

35. Which one of the following is not an instrument of credit control ?
(A) Raising and lowering of interest rates
(B) Raising and lowering of discount rates
(C) Targets for priority sector loans
(D) Raising and lowering of CRR and SLR
(E) Raising the minimum support price of agricultural produce
Ans : (E)

36. Which of the following bodies/agencies decides the distribution of tax income between Central and State Governments in India ?
(A) Planning Commission (B) Central Law Commission
(C) Reserve Bank of India (D) Finance Commission
(E) Administrative Reforms Commission
Ans : (D)

37. Banks report the information about the credit availed by their clients to Credit Reference Agencies on a–
(A) Weekly basis (B) Fortnightly basis
(C) Monthly basis (D) Quarterly basis
(E) Half yearly basis
Ans : (C)

38. Which of the following terms refers to conducting the affairs of an organization in such a manner that gives fair deal to all the stake holders ?
(A) Corporate Finance (B) Carbon Credit
(C) Law of Limitation (D) Corporate Social Responsibility
(E) Corporate Governance
Ans : (E)

39. Which of the following organizations, provides credit history of the borrowers ?
Ans : (A)

40. Who among the following is vested with the duty of accepting and giving delivery of securities for purchase or sale transactions in various schemes of a Mutual Fund ?
(A) Asset Management Company (B) Director
(C) Trustee (D) Registrar and Transfer Agents
(E) Custodian
Ans : (D)

41. Loans of very small amounts not exceeding Rs. 50000 per borrower granted by financial institutions are recognized by which of the following names ?
(A) Micro Credit (B) Loans under PMEGP scheme
(C) Weaker Section Loans (D) DRI Loan
(E) Personal Loans
Ans : (A)

42. Which one of the following agencies / companies is established by banks and financial institutions for the specific purpose of dealing in sale/purchase of distressed Assets ?
Ans : (A)

43. From time to time which among the following bodies publishes the "Exchange Control Manual" in India conforming to FEMA regulations ?
(A) Foreign Trade Promotion Board (B) Ministry of Commerce
(C) Reserve Bank of India (D) SEBI
(E) Ministry of Finance
Ans : (C)

44. If RBI publishes in its report that Indian Forex Reserves are comfortable for 15 months, which of the following statement gives a clear picture of Forex Reserves ?
(A) India can stop import of foreign goods after 15 months
(B) India has sufficient foreign exchange to take care of balance of payments for a period of 15 months
(C) India can stop exports as it has enough foreign exchange to last up to next 15 months
(D) India cannot import any goods from overseas market after 15 months as no foreign exchange reserves will be available
(E) Foreign Travellers will get foreign currency only after 15 months
Ans : (B)

45. What is the current daily cap limit for Mobile Banking Transaction per customer notified by the RBI?
(A) Rs. 5,000 (B) Rs. 50,000
(C) Rs. 1,000 (D) Rs. 2,00,000
(E) None of these
Ans : (B)

46. Which Act makes ample provision for the disclosure of essential information in accounts ?
(A) The Companies Act (B) The Income Tax Act
(C) The Contract Act (D) Negotiable Instruments Act
(E) None of these
Ans : (A)

47. Which of the following is / are the components of Fiscal Deficit ?
1. Budgetary deficit.
2. Market borrowings.
3. Expenditure from PM relief fund.
4. Market borrowings and Budgetary deficit.
(A) Only 1 and 2 (B) Only 2 and 3
(C) Only 1, 3 and 4 (D) Only 2, 3 and 4
(E) All the above
Ans : (A)

48. India is a market leader and hub of profitable outsourcing business. What are the contributory factors that have helped India to achieve this position ?
1. Skilled Manpower.
2. Knowledge of English Language.
3. Abundant and cheap labour.
(A) Only 3 (B) Only 2 and 3
(C) Only 1 and 3 (D) Only 2 and 1
(E) All the above
Ans : (D)

49. What is the major cause, which compelled adoption of Basel II norms by banks ?
(A) Risk management
(B) To adopt international standards of accounting
(C) Transparency in disclosure
(D) RBI forced all banks to control money supply
(E) None of these
Ans : (A)

50. Which of the following card product launched by the banks is working on the principle of 'Buy Now pay Later' ?
(A) ATM Card (B) Debit Card
(C) Charge Card (D) Credit Card
(E) Member Card
Ans : (D)

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