First in the World General Knowledge

The first woman civilian police adviser of the U.N. : Kiran Bedi

First in the World

● The first person to cross the Atlantic in an open wicker basket hot air balloon : David Hempleman Adams
● The first woman civilian police adviser of the U.N. : Kiran Bedi
● The first person in the world to land on the moon : Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin
● The first man to enter space : Major Yuri Gagarin (Russian)
● The first woman cosmonaut of the world : Velentina Tereshkova
● The first unmanned spaceship to have softlanded and lifted off from the moon to return to the earth : Luna-16 (USSR) Sept. 21, 1970
● The first space vehicle to land on the moon : Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) nick-named ‘Eagle’
● The first space ship which carried three American astronauts to land two of them on the moon : Apollo-11
● The first country to send man to the moon : USA

● The first space rocket brought back to earth after orbiting the moon : Zond-5
● First crew transfer between the orbiting space ships : Soyuz T-15 with Mir Space Station
● The first mission of a ling-up in space by manned space ships of USA and Soviet Union : Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Mission (ASTP) (launched on July 15 and linked up in space on July 17, 1975)
● The first man to fly into space belonging to a country other than Russia or the USA : Remek (Czechoslovakia)
● The first country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore Jupiter : USA
● The first to launch earth satellite or artificial baby moon : USSR
● The first spaceship in the world to sample moon’s crust : Surveyor-3 (USA)
● The first space vehicle to soft land on moon : Luna 9 (USSR)
● The first manned spaceship to perform the longest stay in space (11 days) : Apollo-7 (USA)
● The first man to win 4 Olympic gold medals : Alvin Kranzein (USA) in 1900
● The first lawn tennis player who won the Wimbledon championship for five years consecutively : Bjorn Borg
● First batsman to score three Test Century in three successive Tests on debut : Mohd. Azharuddin (India)
● World’s first Cricketer to score more than 11,000 runs in his test carrier : Allan Border of Australia with more than 11,000 runs.
● The first person to reach the South Pole : Amundsen (Norway)
● The first person to have climbed Mount Everest : Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing 19th May, 1953
● The first person to sail round the world : Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal)
● The First woman to conquer Mount Everest : Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)
● The first man to have climber Mount Everest Twice : Nawang Gombu
● The first vessel ever to reach the North Pole by sailing thought the thick Arctic ice : Soviet Arktika Atomic-powered (ice-breaker)
● The leader of the expedition ‘Ocean to Sky’ : Sir Edmund Hillary
● The first two mountaineers who reached the summit of Everest without using oxygen : Peter Habeler (Austria) and Reinhold Messner (Italy)
● The first woman Prime Minister of a country twice : Mrs. S. Bandarnaike (Sri Lanka)
● The first President of the USA: George Washington
● The first President of the Chinese Republic : Sun Yet Sen
● The first Governor-General of Pakistan : Mohd. Ali Jinnah
● The first European to visit China : Marco Polo
● The first US President to resign Presidency : Richard Nixon
● The first woman Ambassador of Britain : Anne Warburton
● The first woman Prime Minister of a European Country : Margaret Thatcher
● Woman Bishop : Rev Barbara C. Harris (USA)
● Lady President of a country : Maria Estela Person (Argentina)
● The first Muslim women to win Nobel Prize : Shirin Ebadi.
● Civilian Police Advisor in U.N. : Ms. Kiran Bedi.
● 400 Run maker in an inning of Test Cricket : Brian Lara
● Claimer of hat-trick in first over of test match : Irfan Pathan (India)
● One Thousand wicket taker in international cricket : M. Murlitharan (Sri Lanka)
● 16 thousand runs in ODI : Sachin Tendulkar (2008)
● Hitter of six sixes in an over in T-20 Match : Yuvraj Singh (India)
● 4 wickets taler in 4 consecutive balls in ODI : Lasith Malinga (Srilanka)
● 600 Wickets taker & Century. maker in test cricket : Anil Kumble (India) (2008)
● 8 Gold Medal Winner in Olympic : Michael Phelps (USA) (2008)
● Double Century maker in one day cricket (mens) : Sachin Tendulkar (India)

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