Interview Question Bank and Answers (Part-2)

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66. When was Reserve Bank of India established? What are its functions and how does it control credit policy? (UPPCS, 1988)

67. How can inflation be controlled? (UPPCS, 1998)

68. Why are socialist countries of the world being attracted towards democracy? (UPPCS, 1988)

69. How can the judicial system in India be improved? (UPPCS, 1988)

70. Is the shrine situated at Ajmer secular? (RAS, 1999)

71. Was the merger of Ajmer in Rajasthan correct or not? (RAS, 1999)

72. What changes can be brought about in sales tax ? (RAS, 1999)

73. What are the eight wonders of the world? (RAS, 1999)

74. Which tower in India resembles the leaning tower of Pisa ? (RAS, 1999)

75. At present how much tax evasion is taking place? (RAS, 1999)

76. What are constitutional remedies? (BPCS, 1995)

77. What do you know about the Presidential form of election? (BPCS, 1995)

78. What is the difference between a Punch decision and adjudication? Do both have juridical power? (BPCS, 1995)

79. Why does a person become a criminal? How can crime be stopped? (BPCS, 1995)

80. What are the duties of police? (BPCS, 1995)

81. What is the role of regional parties? Tell us about the positive and negative aspects?
(UPPCS, 1996)

82. In what way does the mafia system of Italy work? (UPPCS, 1996)

83. How can we get rid of corruption? (UPPCS, 1996)

84. In what way is the Public Service Commission constituted? (UPPCS, 1995)

85. How many kinds of Tennis courts are there? (MPPSC, 1999)

86. Tell us about the Nine gems (Navratnas) of Akbar. (MPPSC, 1999)

87. How can corruption be eradicated from public services? (MPPSC, 1999)

88. What are the benefits of census and its dates? (MPPSC, 1999)

89. What do you understand by local self government? (MPPSC, 1999)

90. Tell us about the earthquake resistant civil designs. (MPPSC, 1999)

91. What is International date line? Where is it situated and what are its effects? (RAS, 1999)

92. What is religion? How are religion and philosophy related to each other? (RAS, 1999)

93. What do you mean by unification of taxes? (RAS, 1999)

94. Tell about the income sources of a state govt. ? (RAS, 1999)

95. Enumerate the causes of the decline of Buddhism? (MPPSC, 2000)

96. What is Human-Genome Project? What are its benefits for the future? (MPPSC, 2000)

97. What are the qualities that a leader should possess? (MPPSC, 2000)

98. Why did Baba Sahib Ambedkar change his religion? What was his specific sentence about Hindu religion? (MPPSC, 2000)

99. Which states are known as seven Sisters? What are their problems? (RAS, 1997)

100. Tell us about Kautilya and his economics. (RAS, 1997)

101. What are the qualities that an administrative officer should possess? (RAS, 1997)

102. What discussions were carried out in G-8 conference? (RAS, 1997)

103. What is the difference between drawing and painting? (RAS, 1999)

104. Tell about the characteristics of Kishangarh art? (RAS, 1999)

105. What do you mean by fad paintings? (RAS, 1999)

106. What is the biggest problem faced by India? (RAS, 1999)

107. What do you understand by a Heritage Hotel? Which part of our constitution is related to it ? (RAS, 1999)

108. What will be the impact on the economy of Bihar by the formation of Jharkhand State? (RAS, 1999)

109. What are the possible solutions for the present problems of rail ways? (IAS, 2000)

110. Should Railways be privatised or not or why? (IAS, 2000)

111. What are the benefits of computerisation in administration? (IAS, 2000)

112. In what ways can an employee in government be motivated? (IAS, 2000)

113. Who should be superior—an officer or a political leader ? (IAS, 2000)

114. Due to what reasons did terrorism exist in Punjab? (IAS, 2000)

115. How can corruption be prevented? (UPPCS, 2000)

116. Are the women able to fulfill their responsibilities in comparison to their male counterparts? (UPPCS, 2000)

117. Who is better among males and females? (MPPCS, 2000)

118. How can the problems of unemployment be solved? (MPPCS, 2000)

119. What is the difference between fundamental rights and fundamental duties? What was the need to make provision for the fundamental duties? (MPPCS, 2000)

120. Tell the measures of a Bigha an acre and a hectare. What is the relation between them? (RAS, 1999)

121. Why do land related disputes arise? (RAS, 1999)

122. Tell us about the computerisation of revenue Deptt. ? (RAS, 1999)

123. The river Ganges is known by what name in Bangaladesh ? (RAS, 1999)

124. Name the states and countries through which the river Ganga passes from its origin to end ? (RAS, 1999)

125. What is N.T.P.C.? (RAS, 1999)

126. What is Binary system? (IAS, 2000)

127. Tell us about the history of computers? (IAS, 2000)

128. What do you understand by gravity and Negative gravity? (IAS, 2000)

129. What do you know about G.S.L.V. ? (IAS, 2000)

130. What has been the contribution of Scartra and Kafka in Literature? (IAS, 2000)
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