UKPSC ACF Pre Exam 2019 Solved Question Paper- 3 Nov 2019

Assistant Conservator of Forest Pre. Exam 2019

Assistant Conservator of Forest Pre. Exam 2019 - General Awareness Solved Paper: The complete paper for the post of Assistant Conservator of Forest Recruitment 2019 of Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) is given here along with the answer. In which many important questions have been asked. Which can prove very useful for you in the upcoming government exams 2020. Apart from this, you can also download Free PDF for this question paper.

1. Which one of the following fundamental rights is available only to the citizens of India but, not to foreigners living in India?
(A) Equality before law
(B) Freedom of speech and freedom of expression
(C) Right of life and personal liberty
(D) Right of religious freedom
Answer : (B) Freedom of speech and freedom of expression

2. Under Uttarakhand Right to Service Act, 2011, the second appellate authority may impose penalty on designated officer who has failed to provide service within prescribed time upto :
(A) Five Hundred to Five Thousand
(B) One Thousand to Five Thousand
(C) Tow Hundred Fifity to Five Thousand
(D) Five Hundred to Ten Thousand
Answer : (A) Five Hundred to Five Thousand

3. The Parliament of India consists of :
(A) Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
(B) President, Lok Sabha arid Rajya Sabha
(C) Lok Sabha, President and Council of Ministers
(D) Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, President and Council of Ministers
Answer : (B) President, Lok Sabha arid Rajya Sabha

4. Who amongst the following was Chairman of the inaugural session of the Constituent Assembly?
(A) Dr. BR Ambedkar (B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru (D) Dr. Sacchidanand
Answer : (D) Dr. Sacchidanand

5. Who among the following cannot be removed by the Governor?
(A) Members of the State Finance Commission
(B) Members of the State Public Service Commission
(C) Vice Chancellor of a State University
(D) Advocate General
Answer : (B) Members of the State Public Service Commission

6. Which one of the followings cannot be dissolved but can be abolished?
(A) Rajya Sabha (B) Lok Sabha
(C) State Legislative Assembly (D) State Legislative Council
Answer : (D) State Legislative Council

7. The Contingency Fund of India was created in :
(A) 1950 (B) 1952
(C) 1954 (D) 1962
Answer : (A) 1950

8. Which of the following amendments in the Indian Constitution has made the Right to Education a Fundamental Right?
(A) 86th (B) 91st
(C) 92nd (D) 95th
Answer : (A) 86th

9. Who among the following was not obtained Bharat Ratna in 2019?
(A) Pranab Mukherjee (B) Nanaji Deshmukh
(C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (B) Bhupen Hazarika
Answer : (C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

10. As per Constitution of India, which of the following rights cannot be suspended or curtailed during an emergency?
(A) Right to speech (B) Right of freedom to move in the country
(C) Right to life (D) Right to organise
Answer : (C) Right to life

11. Who was appointed as Chairman of 15th Finance Commission of India?
(A) Arvind Pangaria (B) Amitabh Kant
(C) NK Singh (D) Sindhushree Khullar
Answer : (C) NK Singh

12. How many countries are in Eurozone upto January, 2019?
(A) 18 (B) 19
(C) 20 (D) 22
Answer : (B) 19

13. Which country has opened first intercontinental under-sea railway?
(A) France (B) Turkey
(C) Russia (D) The UK
Answer : (B) Turkey

14. Who become the first person to make double century in any Cricket World Cup?
(A) Brendon McCullum (B) Rahul Dravid
(C) Chris Gayle (D) BA Sangakara
Answer : (C) Chris Gayle

15. Who among the following was President of Gymnastic Federation of India in 2019?
(A) Sudhakar Shetty (B) RS Sharma
(C) Rakesh Garg (D) Karnail Singh
Answer : (A) Sudhakar Shetty

16. Who was the winner of ‘Tour de France 2019’?
(A) Nairo Quintana (B) Egan Bernal
(C) Andreas Seppi (D) Andy Murray
Answer : (B) Egan Bernal

17. Among the following, who is the winner of Men’s Single of Wimbledon 2019?
(A) Novak Djokovic (B) Roger Federer
(C) Andy Murray (D) Andreas
Answer : (A) Novak Djokovic

18. During which year Aurangzeb reimposed Jeziya?
(A) 1660 CE (B) 1679 CE
(C) 1710 CE (D) 1757 CE
Answer : (B) 1679 CE

19. Kolam Samvat was started in :
(A) 425 AD (B) 650 AD
(C) 825 AD (D) 1200 AD
Answer : (C) 825 AD 

20. The Head Officer of the state treasury during reign of Chandra Gupta Maurya was known as :
(A) Samaharta (B) Karmantik
(C) Sannidhata (D) Douwarik
Answer : (C) Sannidhata

21. Which one of the following is the earliest temple of India?
(A) Teli Temple at Gwalior (B) Temple No. 17 at Sanchi
(C) Bairat at Jaipur (D) Jadiyal at Taxila
Answer : (C) Bairat at Jaipur

22. From which country did Subhash Chandra Bose give the call ‘March to Delhi’?
(A) Germany (B) Singapore
(C) Japan (D) Myanmar
Answer : (B) Singapore

23. Who were the first foreign invaders on the North-Western Frontier in ancient India?
(A) Sakas (B) Greeks
(C) Persians (D) Chinese
Answer : (C) Persians

24. How many persons are the winner of Green Nobel Prize in 2019?
(A) Two (B) Four
(C) Five (D) Six
Answer : (D) Six

25. At whose demise did Mahatma Gandhi say ‘A star from Indian Solar’ System has eclipsed’?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (B) Lala Lajpat Rai
(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (D) Mahadeva Govind Ranadey
Answer : (B) Lala Lajpat Rai

26. By what name is the point of origin of earthquake known?
(A) Focus (B) Epicentre
(C) Generation point (D) Earthquake point
Answer : (A) Focus

27. Tsunami is the result of which one of the following?
(A) Earthquake (B) Storm
(C) Hurricane (D) Avalanche
Answer : (A) Earthquake

28. Which one of the following district of Uttarakhand have highest population as per Census 2011?
(A) Champavat (B) Rudraprayag
(C) Hardwar (D) Dehradun
Answer : (D) Dehradun

29. On which river Obra Dam is constructed?
(A) Son (B) Gomti
(C) Rihand (D) Kosi
Answer : (C) Rihand

30. The maximum rubber producer State in India is :
(A) Karnataka (B) Kerala
(C) Tamil Nadu (D) West Bengal
Answer : (B) Kerala

31. Mac-Mahon line is in between :
(A) India and Pakistan (B) India and Bangladesh
(C) India and China (D) India and Myanmar
Answer : (C) India and China

32. Which part of the following is called the ‘rice bowl’?
(A) Ganga-Sindhu plain region
(B) North-Eastern region
(C) Krishna-Godavari delta region
(D) Kerala and Tamil Nadu
Answer : (C) Krishna-Godavari delta region

33. On which river is the Shiva Samudram water fall situated?
(A) Chambal (B) Krishna
(C) Cauvery (D) Godavari
Answer : (C) Cauvery

34. Malachite is a mineral of :
(A) Iron (B) Calcium
(C) Copper (D) Magnesium
Answer : (C) Copper

35. Name the chemical substance present in the bones and teeth.
(A) Calcium Sulphate (B) Calcium Phosphate
(C) Calcium Chloride (D) Calcium Borate
Answer : (B) Calcium Phosphate

36. Which of the following is not a natural polymer?
(A) Silk (B) Cellulose
(C) Rubber (D) Plastic
Answer : (D) Plastic

37. Fluoride pollution mainly affects to
(A) Kidney (B) Teeth
(C) Eyes (D) Nervous System
Answer : (B) Teeth

38. For evolutionary success mutation must occur in :
(A) somatic RNA (B) somatic DNA
(C) germplasm RNA (D) germplasm DNA
Answer : (D) germplasm DNA

39. The title of the book written by Marx and Engels, on the Revolt of 1857 is
(A) The First Indian War of Independence (B) Revolt of 1857
(C) First War of Independence (D) 1857
Answer : (A) The First Indian War of Independence

40. The first transgenic plant produced was :
(A) maize (B) rice
(C) tobacco (D) cotton
Answer : (C) tobacco

41. Which of the following causes Polio disease?
(A) Bacteria (B) Virus
(C) Fungus (D) Parasite
Answer : (B) Virus

42. In curd, which bacteria is found in abundance?
(A) Salmonella sps. (B) Lactobacillus sps.
(C) E. coli (D) All of these
Answer : (B) Lactobacillus sps.

43. Formation of hole in Ozone layer is maximum over which place?
(A) India (B) Africa
(C) Europe (D) Antarctica
Answer : (D) Antarctica

44. Which of the following gas is considered responsible for damage to the Taj Mahal at Agra?
(A) Sulphur Dioxide (B) Chlorine
(C) Fluorine (D) Carbon Fluoride
Answer : (A) Sulphur Dioxide

45. The main cause of algal blooming in an aquatic ecosystem is :
(A) global warming (B) salination
(C) eutrophication (D) bio-magnification
Answer : (C) eutrophication

46. Which of the following atmospheric layers is nearest to the Earth?
(A) Troposphere (B) Exosphere
(C) Stratosphere (D) Thermosphere
Answer : (A) Troposphere

47. Which of the following gas leaked during Bhopal Gas Tragedy?
(A) Methyl Isocyanide (B) Methyl Isocyanate
(C) Ethyl Isocyanide (D) Ethyl Isocyanate
Answer : (B) Methyl Isocyanate

48. Which scientist used the term ‘Ecology’ - for the first time?
(A) Charles Elton (B) Arthur Tansley
(C) Eugene Odum (D) Ernst Haeckel
Answer : (D) Ernst Haeckel

49. The maximum numbers of individuals that can be sustained in a given environment, is termed;
(A) Carrying Capacity (B) Biotic Potential
(C) Environmental Resistance (D) Population Size
Answer : (A) Carrying Capacity

50. pH of normal rain water is about
(A) 2.6 (B) 3.0
(C) 5.6 (D) 9.3
Answer : (C) 5.6

51. Working of a solar cell is based on which one of the following?
(A) Laser Technology (B) Tyndall Effect
(C) Thermal Emission (D) None of these
Answer : (D) None of these

52. Name that component of diet which is assimilated as such.
(A) Fats (B) Proteins
(C) Carbohydrates (D) Vitamins
Answer : (D) Vitamins

53. In which era of the Geological Time Scale did the humans’ appeared?
(A) Palaeozoic (B) Pre-Cambrian
(C) Cenozoic (D) Mesozoic
Answer : (C) Cenozoic

54. Which of the following is not a Greenhouse Gas?
(A) Water Vapour (B) Methane
(C) Carbon Dioxide (D) Oxygen
Answer : (D) Oxygen

55. Palaeoclimatic studies are done by studying
(A) Tree rings (B) Ice cores
(C) Lacustrine deposits (D) All of the above
Answer : (D) All of the above

56. Who is the winner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?
(A) India (B) England
(C) West Indies (D) South Africa
Answer : (B) England

57. Dobson unit is used to measure which one of the following?
(A) Thickness of Ozone layer.
(B) Pesticide contamination in water.
(C) Aerosol concentration in atmospheric column.
(D) None of the above
Answer : (A) Thickness of Ozone layer.

58. Which following districts is under the seismatically most active/sensitive zone, in Uttarakhand?
(A) Almora and Nainital
(B) Dehradun and Uttarkashi
(C) Bageshwar and Chamoli
(D) None of the above
Answer : (C) Bageshwar and Chamoli

59. Morbi dam burst incidence of Gujarat took place in which year?
(A) 1969 (B) 1979
(C) 1989 (D) 1999
Answer : (B) 1979

60. What type of Disaster occurred in Chernobyl in the year 1986?
(A) Volcanic (B) Earthquake
(C) Cloud burst (D) Uclear
Answer : (D) Uclear

61. Which year did the ‘Disaster Management Act’ of government of India came into force?
(A) 2001 (B) 2005
(C) 2013 (D) 2015
Answer : (B) 2005

62. Among the following, which is the most common form of glass?
(A) Pyrex glass (B) Soda glass
(C) Optical glass (D) Hard glass
Answer : (B) Soda glass

63. Near sightedness of vision is technically termed as :
(A) Hyper metropia (B) Presbyopia
(C) Myopia (D) Astigmatism
Answer : (C) Myopia

64. Which one of the following district of India have highest air pollution in 2019?
(A) Faridabad (B) Agra
(C) Kanpur (D) Varanasi
Answer : (C) Kanpur

65. Which of the following term denotes an error in a computer program?
(A) Bus (B) Bug
(C) Hybernate (D) None of these
Answer : (B) Bug

66. Which of the following is a water soluble vitamin?
(A) Vitamin-A (B) Vitamin-B
(C) Vitamin-D (D) Vitamin-E
Answer : (B) Vitamin-B

67. Which one of the following is a Web browser?
(A) LINUX (B) Facebook
(C) Mozilla Firefox (D) None of these
Answer : (C) Mozilla Firefox

68. Which one of the following is not a transmission medium?
(A) Telephone Lines (B) Coaxial Cable
(C) Modem (D) Microwave System
Answer : (C) Modem

69. Which of the following converts high level language into machine language?
(A) Compiler (B) Interpreter
(C) Assembler (D) None of these
Answer : (A) Compiler

70. How many Union Territories are at present in India?
(A) 6 (B) 8
(C) 7 (D) 9
Answer : (D) 9

71. Using which of the following, one can write a Webpage?
Answer : (D) HTML

72. To which of the following is one byte equivalent to?
(A) 32 bits (B) 16 bits
(C) 8 bits (D) 4 bits
Answer : (C) 8 bits

73. The laws of planetary motion were discovered by :
(A) Kepler (B) Copernicus
(C) Newton (D) Galileo
Answer : (A) Kepler

74. Which of the following statements is true for a Satellite moving round the Earth with a uniform speed?
(A) Its time period depends on its mass.
(B) Its motion has no acceleration.
(C) Its motion has an acceleration.
(D) Its time period is 24 hours.
Answer : (C) Its motion has an acceleration.

75. The first artificial satellite launched into space was :
(A) Vostok-I (B) Sputnik-I
(C) Pioneer-I (D) Suyaz-I
Answer : (B) Sputnik-I

76. The Indian space program began in the year :
(A) 1960 (B) 1962
(C) 1965 (D) 1969
Answer : (B) 1962

77. Halley’s Comet was last seen in the year
(A) 1972 (B) 1975
(C) 1982 (D) 1986
Answer : (D) 1986

78. Which of the following communication relies on radio-signal or infrared signals for transmitting data?
(A) Wireless (B) Wired
(C) Fiber optics (D) None of these
Answer : (A) Wireless

79. Who won two silver medals for Uttarakhand in the 16th National Open Para Badminton Championship held at Chennai in the last week of September, 2015?
(A) Prem Kumar (B) P. Kashyap
(C) Saina Nehwal (D) P. Padukone
Answer : (A) Prem Kumar

80. The only civilian to participate in Indian Air Force launched operation to rescue the victims of Kedarnath flash floods of 2013 is :
(A) Yogendra Rana (B) Yogesh Semwal
(C) Harinder Rawat (D) Prem Kumar
Answer : (A) Yogendra Rana

81. Where was the poet Viren Dangwal born?
(A) Faizabad (B) Lucknow
(C) Kirtinagar (Dist., Tehri-Garhwal) (D) Gairsain (Dist., Chamoli)
Answer : (C) Kirtinagar (Dist., Tehri-Garhwal)

82. Who won the ‘Miss Diva 2018’ title?
(A) Shilpa Saklani (B) Nehal Chudasma
(C) Tanya Purohit (D) Chitranshi Rawat
Answer : (B) Nehal Chudasma

83. The capital of the Katyuri rulers was :
(A) Srinagar (B) Almora
(C) Kartikeyapur (D) Mordhwaj
Answer : (C) Kartikeyapur

84. The last king of ‘Tehri State’ was :
(A) Sudarshan Shah (B) Narendra Shah
(C) Kirii Shah (D) Manvendra Shah
Answer : (D) Manvendra Shah

85. After Sindhushree Khullar, who has been appointed the CEO of NITI Aayog?
(A) Arvind Pangaria (B) Tarsem Gujral
(C) Arun Jaitley (D) Amitabh Kant
Answer : (D) Amitabh Kant

86. The fault line occurring at South of the Shiwalik ranges in Uttarakhand is known as :
(A) Trans-Himalayan Thrust (B) Main Central Thrust
(C) Main Boundary Fault (D) Himalayan Front Fault
Answer : (D) Himalayan Front Fault

87. Among the following which one is the main source of energy, in Uttarakhand?
(A) Thermal Power (B) Natural Gas
(C) Hydro Power (D) Geothermal Power
Answer : (C) Hydro Power

88. ‘Vandematram Yojana’ is related to
(A) Pregnant women (B) Ex-Army personnels
(C) State Andolankaris (D) Handicapped persons
Answer : (A) Pregnant women

89. Landslide Tragedy of Malpa (Pithoragarh) took place on
(A) August, 1992 (B) August, 1998
(C) July, 2004 (D) June, 2013
Answer : (B) August, 1998

90. Which one of the following criteria has been assigned 7.5% weight by the Fourteenth Finance Commission of India for tax sharing with the states?
(A) Population (B) Demographic change
(C) Area (D) Forest cover
Answer : (D) Forest cover

91. What is the share of Uttarakhand in the Union taxes received by states as recommended by the 14th Finance Commission of India?
(A) 1.05% (B) 2.50%
(C) 2.25% (D) 3.59%
Answer : (A) 1.05%

92. According to Census 2011, which of the following States in India has higher sex-ratio than in Uttarakhand?
(A) West Bengal (B) Odisha
(C) Assam (D) Jharkhand
Answer : (B) Odisha

93. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act was implemented in India in the year :
(A) 2000 (B) 2002
(C) 2006 (D) 2010
Answer : (C) 2006

94. Which of the following countries was the winner of ICC Women Cricket World Cup in 2018 ?
(A) South Africa (B) Australia
(C) India (D) England
Answer : (D) England

95. When was Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana launched in India?
(A) May, 2010 (B) August, 2012
(C) August, 2014 (D) October 2, 2015
Answer : (C) August, 2014

96. What is the amount of Life Insurance under Pradhan Mantri Jeewan Jyoti Bima Yojana?
(A) Rs. 50000 (B) Rs. 1.00 lakh
(C) Rs. 1.50 lakh (D) Rs. 2.00 lakh
Answer : (D) Rs. 2.00 lakh

97. Which one of the following authorities is authorised by the Constitution to impose reasonable  restrictions on Fundamental Rights?
(A) Parliament (B) Supreme Court
(C) President (D) Election Commission
Answer : (A) Parliament

98. According to the Constitution of India, the Upper House of State Legislature can be created or abolished by :
(A) State Legislature Assembly (B) Parliament of India
(C) Governor of State (D) Presidential Order
Answer : (B) Parliament of India

99. The Right To Information Act, 2005 aims at :
(A) promoting transparency in administration
(B) promoting efficiency and accountability of administration
(C) containing corruption in administration
(D) All of the above
Answer : (D) All of the above

100. Which one of the following agencies estimates the employment and unemployment in India?
Answer : (B) NSSO

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