Essay on Work is Worship in English for Students (400 Words)

Work is Worship Essay

“Work is Worship” is the popular proverb which means that work is worship in the true sense. We can understand that work is truly the worship of the man because without work he cannot survive on the earth. If we do not do anything in our life, our life will be dull, uninteresting, idle and monotonous. Man is the most intelligent and capable creation of God on the earth who can do anything possible through the hard work. Man has an intelligent mind using which he can decide the right work to reach the logical conclusion.

Lord Krishna says to Arjun in Geeta that “Action is thy duty and reward is not thy concern” is very lesson to us. As we sow so shall we reap. So we should do our work as our duty not for any result. If we do anything, we will get its result definitely but it is not sure that it will be in your favour or out of favour. So we should do our work honestly thinking it is our duty. Work is the only concerns with men while the reward of his work is the concern in the hands of God. Fortunes favor the brave. Brave persons are always famous and rewarded. Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayananda and Mahatma Gandhi all sacrificed themselves on the altar of work. Certainly work was worship for them.

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A lazy man who does not involve in his work keenly, generally becomes an unhappy person. It is well said that a lazy mind becomes a devil’s workshop. Until we make an effort we cannot even eat our food. Without work, one cannot get a worth living. If we do not work our life will be full of laziness. Laziness and dullness are the curses of our life. There is no personality without life. The successful industrialists have understood the value of work. They always devoted themselves to their work in their life. Our country becomes stronger when its manpower is fully and suitably employed in the interested field.

If we do our work with full of interest, it gives us real peace and satisfaction which leads us towards success. Continuous work makes us more capable day by day which develops lots of confidence. We should work for development and stability within us and not for awards and fame. We should be active and work in harmony with the great desire to progress.

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