Unemployment Essay in English for Students (400 Words)

unemployment essay

The situation, in which the people who are willing to do a job but could not be able to get it according to their requirements and qualifications, called unemployment. unemployment does not comprise people who are voluntarily unemployed as well as those who are unable to seek jobs due to certain physical or mental health problems. A number of youth is facing this problem for many years due to a big increase in population in India. We say that generally the people are attracted to the same profession which has limited availability of employment so the situation of unemployment arises.

There are many causes that lead to the problem of unemployment in the country. These are as follows :
• Rapid Increase in Population
• Slow Industrial Growth
• Fall in Cottage Industries
• Focus on Theoretical Education
• Technological Advancement

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Not only individuals are affected by unemployment but also the development of the country. It has a negative effect on the social and economic development of the country. The men who are unemployed, have to face a number of problems like physical and mental harassment and depression, social abuse (not good respect in society), forced to choose or accept the wrong way of getting money in form of crime and violence, or sometime the dangerous results come like suicide commitment by people because of being unemployed.

Unemployment is one of the most overlooked issues in India. The government has taken a number of steps to handle the problem; however, these have not been very effective. The government should not start programs to handle this problem but also keep a check on their effectiveness and revise them if need be. The solution to unemployment in India can be found by doing some kind of effort through government and the responsible citizens of India. The development of education system should be in such a way that students would get practical and technical knowledge while pursuing professional studies from any professional educational institutes. The government should encourage the industrial and agricultural sectors to attract people as a desiring working area.

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It is not possible to solve the problem of unemployment without doing some essential efforts in any field. In spite of letting unemployment be the reason for the downfall of the nation, we should manage this issue in such a way that everyone gets a suitable job and helps in increasing the economy of the country.

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