Essay on Time Management in English for Students (500 Words)

Time Management essay

Time is really precious and important for all of us. Time runs continuously without a stoppage. It never waits for anyone. So It should not be wasted. Our whole life revolves around time. We should understand the value of time because the time once has gone never returns. It’s better to follow and respect time-table instead of regretting afterward.

The meaning of time management is to utilize one’s time efficiently so as to be more productive and organized. Good time management is not something that everyone can do. It takes a lot of effort to achieve it. Self-discipline is the key to manage your time well. If we remain idle we waste our time and postpone things. Sometimes this procrastination is very bad. If we want to live a better life then we will have to make time management in our life. The people who understand the importance of time are always punctual as is also successful in life. Without punctuality, we would have to face many punishments and other consequences.

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To manage our time efficiently we should prepare a list of tasks to be accomplished during the day. We should set a time table to complete each of them and each task must be finished on time. Take out a short time for breaks or rest between the tasks. To do our work properly we should be fit mentally and physically, So do not forget to take 7-8 hours of sleep each day. Like this every person such as student, professional, laborer etc. will be able to manage his work efficiently and increase productivity.

Time management is very essential to run our life properly. We should learn the regularity, continuity and commitment from the time every single moment. We should always be on time. If we have some appointments we should always be on time and should not waste the time of another person. We also always try to go with time to get real success in life. It is like the best medicine to do as it helps to heel us all our wounds feelings and broken hearts. It helps to also forgive the person for his mistakes and hence said to be the best medicine.

Some of us give excuses like they do not have time for doing their works. It is why because they have not managed their time table properly. It’s not the thing that they do not have time but they don’t know how to manage time. If time is managed by us properly no one can stop us from being successful in our life. We should always understand the meaning of time and use it accordingly in a positive way to fulfill some purpose. Many people lose their hard work because of delaying their duties. Therefore we should manage our time in a proper way and achieve our goals in life.

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Time management keeps us motivated to work harder and increases the productivity of our work. It helps us attain more with lesser efforts. We can increase the quality and quantity of our work with the help of time management.

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