Essay on Rainy Days in English for Students 400 Easy Words

Essay on Rainy Days

When it starts raining brings a smile on our face and also gives a reason to celebrate. We enjoy playing in the rain very much. There is a very shallow stream near our house. Children invite our friends and celebrates with them on a rainy day is all the more enjoyable. When it rains, children come out from their houses to sail their paper boats and watch them being swept away.

The need for training is required to everyone, whether he is urban or rural. It is a special day for everyone however rains hold a special significance particularly for the farmers. The growth of their crops depends largely on the right amount of rain. If monsoon season gets delayed and rains become quite erratic. In this condition, the farmers wish and pray that the rain falls at the right time. When it rains on the first day, it rejoices the farmers very much. This is because it marks the starting of the monsoon season that develops the growth of harvest.

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Children enjoy a rainy day. They make full on this day. They are seen holding colourful umbrellas and wearing beautiful raincoats on rainy days. If the rain is heavy, many children get the privilege to go to school with their parents and not by auto rickshaws or buses. Sometimes it rains heavier, many parents refrain from sending their children to the school. At times, the schools also declare holiday on such a day. But small kids do not wish to go to school on this day so that they may get a chance to stay home and play in the rain with their siblings and friends.

During the rain, we also love to sit and watch the puddles of water in our garden. As pools of water are formed, our ducks start splashing about in them, quacking noisily. Sometimes, children run out in the rain, throw stones into the puddles of water. The water looks like rings of silver as the shining raindrops fall onto its surface. Once in a while, we enjoy ourselves playing ball games in the rain. This day is full of fun if we do not catch a cold. I like playing in the rain when there is no thunder or lightning. A rainy day is definitely a special day. It impacts our lives in some way or the other. It mostly brings a positive note.

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