Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay in English (500 Easy Words)

Practice makes a Man Perfect

It is quite right that Practice makes a man perfect. The meaning of “Practice” is use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic powers continuously. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and excellent’. Proper planning and practice or exercise develops perfect performance. There is no alternative to hard work and success; we just have to practice in a particular field on a regular basis in which we want to get success.

To be a perfect man we should have some qualities such as hard work, strong good power, faith, tolerance, positive approach, self confidence and dedication. We should not stop practicing and be satisfied until one achieves perfection. Daily Practice or exercise is the best method by which one can achieve perfection. The more we practice, the more errorless we become. One doesn’t repeat the mistakes that were done previously.

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Practice never ends in our life It starts in our childhood and ends in the grave. Right from childhood, man practices many activities like talking, reading, writing, eating, cooking etc. The child practices speaking first by learning the alphabets, then the words, sentences and finally the speech. The child through repeated practice reaches perfection in speaking. We can’t learn how to use a bicycle or other vehicle at the very first instance. We need practice until we achieve perfection in the same. The same method applies to other areas too.

There is no end of practicing while learning fine arts namely music, dance, drama, painting etc. Musicians put their imagination into songs. They express their emotions feelings and ideas by singing. The perfection in their style of singing is somehow dependent on practice or riyaaz. So, practice is the only thing we can get mastery in any field because it brings perfection into the action.

Music can’t flourish without ‘riyaaz’. Every good musician takes proper education from his teacher or guru. He practices a lot daily then he able to create good music. The painter expresses his thoughts and ideas on a canvas with the help of colors. A single curve can change the expression of the painting. Practice making a painter perfect. But it is not always true about an artist. They are some inborn. They are god gifted that without practice they can draw very well. Still, practice makes their work better.

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No one has any short-cut method to get success in any field such as trade, art, sport, academic area, etc. Only regular practice can make us able to get success through perfection in any field of activity. Practice makes us eligible to reach the heights of success of life. It develops outstanding qualities in our character. We can not be perfect in every sphere of life. But we should practice repeatedly to lessen the mistakes. We may face difficulties at the time of practice. We should not feel depressed in such a case, we should overcome them in order to achieve perfection. Thus, it is a practice that makes a man perfect who can face every challenge in his life.

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