Essay on Poverty in English for Students (500 Easy Words)

Essay on Poverty

Poverty is a condition in which people remain devoid of the basic needs of life. Poverty is most prevalent in developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, Africa, Latin America, etc. The basic needs of people are food, clothes and shelter. They do not get proper and healthy nutrition, medicines and other necessary things. In urban India, poverty is rising because of the rise in urban population as people from rural areas people are coming to the cities and towns to get employment. A number of people are living in a slum. Although the government is trying to eradicate poverty from India yet there are no satisfactory results shown regarding the reduction of poverty.

The main cause of poverty in India is the increasing population. Besides the increasing population, there are some other causes such as corruption, poor agriculture, old customs, a huge gap between poor and rich people, unemployment, illiteracy, epidemic diseases, etc. Normally we face a shortage of food due to poor agriculture and unemployment. The population of the country is growing day by day that’s why people need more food, money and houses. In the lack of basic needs poverty grows more hurriedly.

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The life of people is affected by poverty in many ways. There are many effects of poverty such as child labor, illiteracy, poor diet, poor housing, poor lifestyle, unemployment, poor hygiene etc. Poor cannot get healthy food, proper education, maintain a good lifestyle, home, nice clothes, etc. This is the result of a lack of money which creates a large difference between rich and poor. This difference leads to an undeveloped country. Because of poverty, small children are forced to do work at low cost in the factories.

It is very necessary to eradicate the problem of poverty from the country for the goodness of people. Some of the solutions that can play a great role in eradicating poverty are as follows :

• The youth, who is illiterate should be given required training for the betterment of life.
• There should be equal opportunity and empowerment of women so that they can contribute economically towards the well-being of their families.
• Farmers should be provided proper and required support for good agriculture as well as to make it profitable.
• Each and every child should be sent for school and take proper education.
• The people should be convinced to reduce the increasing population of the country.
• Corruption should be ended all over the country to reduce poverty.
• The government should build ways of employment where people of all categories can work together.

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The poverty is not only a problem of any person, area, state or country, But It is also a worldwide problem. It must be solved on an urgent basis by implementing some effective solutions. Many steps have been taken by the government to eradicate poverty however no clear results are seen. Eradication of poverty is necessary for the regular growth of people, economy, society and country. Reducing poverty can be done effectively by the united effort of each and every man of the country.

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