Essay on Newspaper in English for Students (500 Easy Words)

Essay on Newspaper

A newspaper plays a very important role in our life. Now-a-days the newspaper has been a basic necessity of people. The full form of News is North, East, West, South. Reports from Four directions are provided the name ‘News’. The paper on which reports are printed is called ‘newspaper’. Its main purpose is to supply news and information with different views through comments, articles and editorials. Different newspapers in the market cost differently according to their news details and popularity. The newspapers having current daily affairs are printed daily however of them gets printed twice a week, once a week or once a month.

Different nations have their own news publication agencies. Earlier, newspapers were published with only news details however, currently it contains news and views about various subjects almost everything. We get up-to-date information about important political events and topics of general interest. We get the knowledge of current problems that affect us so much if we neglect them. We get the knowledge of all the notable events which occurred in distant lands only the day before. The advertisement column of newspaper tells us where we can find work for ourselves. We can review the books with the help of the newspaper.

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The Newspaper makes a platform from which advocates of social reform can press their causes on public attention. If anything wrongs are done by the Government to the people, a cry against them can be raised in newspapers. Newspapers are a good means of advertisement. There is news about the manufactured articles, quotations of prices and rates of commodities. We can get all types of news from- social, political, commercial and educational. Businessmen give their advertisements in newspapers as per their requirements. Newspapers help unemployed people very much The unemployed persons come to know about the vacancies. They apply for the posts suitable to them.

The newspaper has great power in the country because it deeply influences public opinion. The newspaper can become a power for evil only when it distorts the truth. So the editors of newspapers have therefore a heavy responsibility for the presentation of truth.

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A newspaper is useful for every person in society. The newspapers print also matrimonial. This news helps people to solve the problem of finding suitable matches people select matches of their choice. It is beneficial to every age man such as child, youth, old. All take interest in newspaper. They can read different kinds of advertisements, religious doctrines, political speeches, legal opinions, short stories, historical events, sports, lost and found, admission, test dates and let, property, services etc.

According to above description we can say that newspapers sever the society in different ways. It also helps in shaping the fate of a country and its misuse may lead to great harm to society. It refreshes us mentally daily. When we do not get the newspaper to read because of any cause, it affects us. We recall again and again to have a reading. We can say that a good newspaper is a watchdog of democracy.

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