Short Essay on My Grandmother in English (300 Easy Words)

Essay on My Grandmother

My grandmother is a very religious woman. She a perfect woman. She is fifty years old. She is also well educated. She always gets up early in the morning and takes her bath and absorbs herself in prayer. She is the busiest member of my family. She is a very caring lady of my family. She is the lady who nurses and looks after the children. She helps my mother in her work. She reads holy books and recites in a sing-song manner while sitting before the temple that she has set up in the house. She reads some verses from Geeta every day.

My grandfather returns from his morning walk. Both of them sit sipping their morning tea and talk about various things. She cooks very delicious food. She loves to prepare meals and serve all members of the family. She is busy all day. She works like a machine. She is a healthy and stout lady. She looks after every work of the house. She loves me very much. My parents consult her in all matters to the family. So our family affairs are running smoothly, there is not any problem before us.

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When my parents work in the office I spend most of my time with my grandmother. Every morning she wakes me up from my sleep. She goes to leave me in my school days and bring me from school when my school is over.

My grandmother is a very kind hearted lady. She always helps the poor and advises us to help the needy. She never wastes her spare time. In my spare time she taught and help us with homework given from school. Our family is enjoying a good life under her guidance. She takes care of us. She is not fond of showy clothes or ornaments. She has a great love for the motherland.

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