My Birthday Essay in English for Students (500 Easy Words)

My Birthday Essay in English

Every one of us is eager to celebrate his birthday. It comes only once in a whole year. Every year we celebrate our birthdays with great joy and happiness. I want to share my birthday celebration which I celebrated last year. My birthday was on 11th Feb. I celebrated my birthday on a Sunday as it is a holiday. My parents were very humble to ask me for anything on that day. I said to them about my wish and asked them to arrange a good party for my friends. They agreed to fulfill all my wishes.

My mother helped me to make the invitation cards and fill them with names whom to invite to a birthday party. She made a list of all my friends. I invited all my friends at my school and gave them an invitation card for each of them. I went to the market along with my mother and brought balloons and streamers, masks and caps, other things to decorate the house. We ordered a big cake and bought wrapping paper along with the return gifts. At last, I purchased new clothes for myself and we came back home.

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After coming from the market I started to decorate my house. I had decorated the hall with the streamers and balloons all over the walls and on the fans and doors and windows. On that day my mother was very busy so she could help me more in decorating the house. She spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking for all my friends. Thus, I lonely decorated my house.

It has been evening, all my friends and relatives started coming and the cake also arrived in the evening.  At my birthday party there were many people. I was surprised to see my friends, relatives, neighbors etc at my birthday party. All my friends were having fun at my birthday party. My father arranged the games for everyone and he became the referee for all the games. We played many games such as musical chairs, passing the parcel, follow the leader, dumb charades, etc. and all the friends enjoyed themselves.

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The cake cutting was the best part for me. Having played much game, the party started the cake was put on the table in the center of the veranda. Everybody wished me a happy birthday after candles were blown by me, then I cut the cake and I offered the cake first to my mom and dad then to all my friends and they also feed me. The cake was in the beautiful shape of Barbie doll it was my choice. I was given gifts by everyone.  I received many gifts, surprises etc on my birthday. I also gave the return gifts to all my friends. After that we all had dinner. My friends and parents served everyone the food, drinks etc. The food was ordered from a restaurant. The party ended at 9:00. Then my all friends returned their homes. After going to my friend I opened each gift of my friends. Thereafter, I went to bed with the satisfaction of having enjoyed the birthday party.

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  2. great information about the surprise party really amazing post for a surprise party. i saw one more site as per your information