Short Essay on Life in English for Students (400 Easy Words)

Essay on Life in English

Life is a precious gift. It is beautiful but not always, it has problems too. It is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problems. There is not even any person on Earth who is strong, powerful, wise or rich has not experienced, struggle, suffering or failure. It must be handled with care. It is God’s grace that he has sent us on Earth and has given us such beautiful surroundings to live in. We must be thankful to God for giving us life and also for making us physically and mentally fit to live a good life. The life of animals, birds and plants as well as human is equally precious and we must value it too.

We should pray to God to appreciate the good in our life and express thankfulness for the same. We see that many of us are not happy with the way things go on in their life. They criticize nearly everything and increase a negative outlook. They should understand the truth that they have been given a life to live is in itself a big thing.

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They should be thankfulness To God for that they are in good health. The fact that they are able and can work hard and make their life better is another reason to be grateful. They must applaud what they have and be thankful for it. They can achieve everything else with some effort.

Many people become habitual of bad habits like smoking, drinking and taking drugs. Many of us drink and run over their cars on innocent people killing them or injuring them badly. All these things have a negative effect on their health. In such a way they are cursed by the victims and face dangerous problems in their future life.

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We must understand that life is precious. We should lead a purposeful life and add value to it. Many of us realize the importance of life much later in life mostly after passing a big part of life. It is too late then and we cannot go back and relive our life properly. We must value this precious gift of God called life.

There is no doubt that life is beautiful and every moment is a celebration of being alive, but we should be always ready to face problems. We have been given a chance by God to live and enjoy the beauty of nature. We must express thankfulness and stay positive to make the most of this gift.

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