Essay on Doctor in English for Students (500 Easy Words)

Essay on Doctor

Doctors have been given a high status in our society. A doctor is considered as God on the earth. This profession is known as the noblest profession. It is also a profession that helps earn a profitable income.

The doctor plays an important role in our society. He is considered to be a life saviour. A doctor devotes his life to the service of the patients. In our daily life, we generally face health problems that are beyond our comprehension. We need help of a doctor to understand the problem and also to get rid of it. If we do not take proper steps on time, the condition may get worse without medical intervention. He or she relieves the sufferings and pain of mankind. He cures them of disease and illness. He works to prevent spread of the epidemics. Every now and then hazardous diseases grab the people. It is the doctor who cures them.

Doctors spend many years of their lives studying medical science. They have to pass through theoretical and practical knowledge about this field. Thereafter, they are given the training to handle the profession they are aiming to dive into.

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The medical profession has been evolving for centuries and is still evolving. A number of medicines for various diseases have been developed. Our scientists have developed many technologies to cure various dangerous diseases. If we have good doctors and medical facilities in our society it offers a sense of relief as we know we have immediate help at hand.

A doctor’s life is hard. Often, he has to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food. Sometimes the doctor has to work throughout the day and night attending to serious patients of war, epidemic or accident. Even in difficulties his duty is first towards his patient. He has to always treat his patients with a smile and cheer. He encourages sick people.

India is a country having one of the largest reservoirs of doctors. It has about 300 medical colleges, which produce about 30,000 doctors every year. A number of students aspire to take to the medical profession and become a doctor. To get the degree of doctor, The student is to appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). NEET exam is conducted annually to select students for MBBS and BDS courses in government and private medical institutes across the country. To appear in the NEET Exam, a student should possess physics, chemistry and biology as core subjects during your 11th and 12th standard. A minimum percentage criterion is also set. Those selected in this test are supposed to qualify in the counseling and interview round to secure a seat.

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While people trust their lives with doctors, certain cases in the past have lost their faith. It is important for doctors to be true in their profession. Indian doctors are well known for their charitable attitude, dedication, hard work and personal touch. They are in great demand all over the world. Many Indian doctors are working in famous hospitals abroad.

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