Essay on Books in English for Students (500 Easy Words)

Essay on Books

Books are the collection of words that form different types of stories, poems, articles on different issues, topic wise essays, helpful guidelines or much other knowledge based information. Numerous books have been written and published for centuries. The man started writing from ancient times and this is one practice he hasn’t left even in today’s modern era. Good books are a real friend of ours which never demands anything from us. They provide us a lot of knowledge if we spend a little time with them.

Types of Books:
There are two major types of the books- (i) Fictional and (ii) Non Fictional. All categories of books come under these two types. Numerous scholars have written several books on different topics.

Fictional: In this category, the author creates a character by his own imagination and writes an interesting story in such a way that it connects with each and every person’s own life.

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Non-Fictional: In this category, generall books are some types of biographies or autobiographies that introduce us to the personal and professional life of a popular person.

Both fictional and non-fictional books have been written on many categories comprising science, astrology, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, history, culture, philosophy and technology. If we love to read the good books, we will never feel lonely or bored as books are always there for his rescue. These books provide knowledge about different topics and have been enlightening the readers.

Advantage of Reading Books
The habit of reading good books is one of the best habits of people. The Books provide us the best guidance, inspiration, moral supporter and also sometimes a turning point for the coming life. A habit of reading good books enables us to become well informed and educated people. They build our lifestyle with outstanding changes in physical and mental fitness and flexibility. We can carry books anywhere with us and read them at any time wherever we are free. Books do not only help kill spare time but also give us knowledge. The people who read different types of good books become learned and worldly-wise. They can handle many situations better compare to those who do not read good books.

Different Books for Different People
Generally, different age group of people likes different types of books. Religious people like historical stories books most. Students and professional people like educational books. New generation kids like stories and imagery books. General people like literature and novelistic books.

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The good books provide us the real joy or happiness that cannot be expressed in words that can only be felt when we read them. When we read the books we just flow into the world of imagination and feel like a character of the story. We should always read good books as when we read a book we get something new that is informatics and valuable in the future. Reading books make us confident and they reflect on our personality. People look up to a person who is well-read and well learned.

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