Essay on Cleanliness in English for Students (400 Easy Words)

Essay on Cleanliness

Cleanliness plays an important role in our life. It is one of the most important practices for a clean and healthy environment. It is necessary for everyone to learn about cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation and the different diseases that are caused because of poor maintenance of hygiene conditions. We all should follow all the essential ways to keep ourselves and our atmosphere clean. We should be aware of its importance.  A healthy atmosphere is essential if one wants to live healthy and fit. If the atmosphere is dirty, it affects the health of the people living around drastically.

Awareness of the cleanliness and personal sanitation is the need of our country where the disease like viral fever, Swine flu, Malaria, Chickenpox and Jaundice are fast spreading. We should understand the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene to prevent them from these diseases. The government should organize awareness camps for children and women.

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To keep our country clean, first of all, we will have to keep clean ourselves and our surroundings. The awareness programs can be organized at home, school, college, society, community etc. to spread a clean India revolution all over the country. The people must be given the knowledge to apply it in their daily lives. Among students in the schools, the Cleanliness can be developed through many activities like cleaning of the school campus, classrooms, labs. In school and colleges, students should be given lots of projects and home works on the topic of different types of cleanliness.

We should make sure that always throw waste in the dustbin instead of the road and open place. The biodegradable waste such as left-over food items, peels of fruits and vegetables and non-biodegradable waste such as plastic, the glass should be thrown separately in different dustbins. A shower bath should be taken care of us in the morning and at night. We should wash our hands before and after having the food. We should wash our face, hands and legs to let go of the dirt.

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Cleanliness should be taken as the first and foremost responsibility of everyone. To healthy and happy, we adopt habits of cleanness. Besides keeping safe our body from the different diseases everyone needs to develop the habit of regular cleaning. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has started a campaign called ‘Clean India’. We all as an Indian citizen should take part actively in completing the aim and objectives of this drive.

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