Teacher's Day Essay for Students & Kids in English (500 Words)

Teacher's Day Essay in English

Teachers’ Day is celebrated worldwide for the admiration of teachers for their special contribution to society. It is celebrated on the 5th of September annually. It is celebrated with great zeal across various schools in India. Each year students come up with different innovative ideas to celebrate this day and make their teachers feel special. On this day, the students are not taught by their teachers. On this day, teachers along with their students have relaxed and done various fun activities on the school premises. World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on September 7. However, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on different dates by different countries.

Students give bouquets and cards to the teachers to pay respect to them. Teachers are also given titles such as best dressed teacher, miss polite, miss cool, etc. They are given special prizes for the same. On this day, many students put on clothes as teachers. In most of the schools, the students from the senior classes put on clothes as teachers. Mostly, a student who is good at maths put on clothes as a maths teacher, someone who is good with English put on clothes as an English teacher and so on. These students-dressed-as-teachers go to the junior classes and teach the students. Beside it, they do many other activities during their classroom sessions. They play the role of teachers is quite exciting for these students and the experience is equally enjoyable for the junior wing students as well as they do not need to study much. All senior and junior student along with their teacher enjoy this occasion very much.

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In many schools the students from the junior classes are also asked to come dressed up as teachers. They are asked to learn some lines and play the role of their favourite teacher. This enactment of teachers is enjoyed very much by all.  The students who perform well are awarded. These performances add to the overall fun. After the inter bell many kind of performances is held. The teachers are invited to the school hall and are shown many performances held by the students from different classes. Singing performances, dance performances, poem recitation, plays and fancy dress competitions are organized. Some teachers also volunteer to perform dance or sing songs on this day.

Different types of games such as musical chairs, dumb charades and passing the parcel are played on this day. In most of the games teachers take part. It is a treat to see the teachers playing these games with full zeal. Students and teachers play these games together. This is a great way to build a bond between the two. In fact, Teachers’ Day is a day that offers much needed relief from the routine school activities. On the day all teacher and students feel very enthusiastic and happy. It is a fun-filled day for students as well as teachers and both of them look forward to it. Together, the teachers and students have a lot of fun on this special occasion.

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