My Father Essay in English for Students (Short 300 Words)

My Father Essay in English

My father is my hero and my best friend. I do my every work after asking my father. He helps me with ally difficulties. He has taught me a lot and continues to shower his words on wisdom.

My father leads a simple life and advises me to be in the same lifestyle. Although he earns well and can afford a luxury car yet he still continues to drive his scooter. His needs are limited and he has taught me the same values. He spends a good amount of his salary in social works. He takes part in non-profit organizations that are dedicated to providing food and education to the underprivileged children. All people in our society respect him. Every Sunday I along with my father go to the place where underprivileged children live. I see there that my father distributes fruits and other eatables among them. He also gives them free Hindi Classes to these students in the charity school.

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He teaches me how to share and care. I have inculcated this value from him. This act of my father gives an inner smile to these children. Seeing this I also become so happy that no amount of toys, holiday trips and visits to restaurants can not give me such a joyful feeling.

I have understood from my father that “needs can be fulfilled but greed cannot”. I do not pressurize my father to buy new bags, clothes and accessories every now and then. I only ask him to buy things when I really need them. I often go with my father to the places he visits for his charity work and wishes to join one such non-profit organization as I grow old.

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I love my father very much. He is a noble person who is devoted to supporting others. His teachings and values influence me to become a gentleman.

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