300 Words Essay on My Classroom in English for Student & Kids

My Classroom Essay

I have got admission to a popular school in the city. It is very big and its building consists of four stories. My classroom lies on the ground floor. My class-room is not far from the administrative block. It has a big verandah on two sides. It has two doors that ensure cross ventilation. There are also two windows on the wall.

There are small passages and then grassy lawns beyond the verandahs which also have some flower plants growing in flower pots. My classroom is airy and well-ventilated. It has four ceiling fans and on AC (Air Conditioner). There are thirty chairs and desks which are installed in the room, which are sufficient to sit all the students. There are pictures of famous persons, students’ paintings, maps and Himalayan scenery bedeck the walls of my classroom.

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There is a small dais just beside the blackboard in my classroom. One chair and a table are placed on the dais for the teacher. There is a blackboard for the teacher to write on with chalk. This blackboard fronts the students sitting on chairs. Students are the most important ‘things’ in the classroom if any learning is going to happen. No learning happens without students present. There are different kinds of students in classroom. The students, who are dullards and shirkers hate it. Those who are intelligent or are devoted to studies love it. Fortunately, I belong to the intelligent students.

All the teachers are very good in my class. In addition to providing academic knowledge, they give us moral support. All the students come to my class in school dress. I sit in the classroom most attentively. It is only the foolish, noisy few who sometimes spoil the real taste of studies, as they can’t appreciate the value of studies that’s why they repent in future life.

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