Importance of Trees Essay in English for Students (400 Words)

Importance of Tree Essay

Tree plays a great role for all of us as well as for animals, insects, birds etc. in improving our quality of life in the urban atmosphere and this is acknowledged in the Governments Sustainable Development Strategy. As we know the popular phrase “Save trees, Save a life”. So, we accept it and be a part of the plantation. The trees not only have a phenomenal quality but also they improve the atmosphere in less obvious ways. Trees are also used as food for man and all herbivorous animals and birds. Insects also eat the leaves of trees to complete their life cycle.

Trees are very important to live on earth. They give us shade. They give beauty to any place. They bear beautiful and colourful flowers. Trees enhance air quality by acting as natural air filters removing dust, smoke and fumes from the environment. Trees are home to many animals, birds and insects. When trees are cut, these creatures will be homeless. Only 1 hectare of beech woodland can extract 4 tonnes of dust per year from the atmosphere.

Trees and forests support in holding monsoon cycles and rainfall patterns. They also bind the soil and prevent the top layer of the soil from getting washed away in rains and floods. Trees are also an influence sound barrier and can limit noise pollution.

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In the process of photosynthesis the trees above carbon-dioxide from and releases oxygen into the air. Like this, the trees give us the oxygen that we depend on to breathe and live. By consuming the carbon-dioxide in the air trees also help in checking the level of the greenhouse gas in the air. They reduce the 'Greenhouse' effect by removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen.

Trees have great ecological importance. They in themselves benefit the atmosphere and the landscape, but they are also an integral part of the ecosystem providing benefits to wildlife and biodiversity. Trees, especially very old trees and those in groups or woodlands, create habitats for native ground flora like bluebells and fauna, particularly bats, red squirrels and invertebrates.

As trees are important for the earth and the atmosphere, we must protect them. The planting of trees can go a long way to making Trafford a great place to live, work learn and relax. Tree plantation is an important activity to make our environment green, clean and healthy.

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