HPSC Naib Tehsildar Solved Question Paper 2019 : General Studies

HPSC Naib Tehsildar Solved Question Pape

HPSC Naib Tehsildar Exam Paper 26 May 2019 : HPSC Naib Tehsildar Exam Paper held on 26 May 2019 available with solved paper. The exam paper of Naib Tehsildar conducted by HPSC has been completed in the state of Haryana on 26 May 2019.

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51. What is Artificial Intelligence?
(A) Making a Machine intelligence✓
(B) Programming with your own intelligence
(C) Putting more memory into Computer
(D) Putting your intelligence into Computer

52. In which of the following elections was VVPAT used for the first time in Haryana State?
(A) Panchayat Election - 2015
(B) Municipality Election - 2018
(C) Jind Assembly Election - 2019✓
(D) Lok Sabha Elections - 2014

53. Rita, an accomplished pastry chef who is well known for her artistic and exquisite wedding cakes, opened a bakery one year by ago and is surprised that busi-
ness has been so slow. A consultant she hired to conduct market, research has reported that the local population doesn't think of her shop as one they would visit on a daily basis but rather a place they'd visit if they were celebrating a special occasion.
Which of the following strategies should Rita employ to increase her daily business?
(A) Coupons available that entitle the coupon holder to receive a 25% discount on wedding anniversary or birthday cakes.
(B) Exhibiting at the next Bridal Expo and having pieces of one of her wedding cakes available for tasting.✓
(C) Placing a series of advertisements in the local newspaper that advertise the wide array of breads, muffins, and cookies offered at her shop.
(D) Moving the bakery to the other side of town.

54. Soniya, Rahul and Raman run around a circular track and they take 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 6 minutes respectively to complete one round. If they start running
together at 11 : 45 AM, when will they meet again at the starting point?
(A) 12: 15 PM✓
(B) 12: 25 AM
(C) 12: 15 AM
(D) 12: 25 PM

55. A bag contains 4 blue, 6 yellow and 4 green balls' and two balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that both the balls are blue?
(A) 6/91✓
(C) 5/81
(B) 4/90
(D) 3/7

56. Which among the following great revolutionaries was the brain behind the 'Chittagong Armoury Raid'?
(A) Ganesh Ghosh
(B) Chandra Shekhar Azad
(C) Surya Sen✓
(D) Bhagat Singh

57. The world's first human rights TV channel has been launched in which of the following cities?
(A) New Delhi
(B) London✓
(C) New York
(D) Tokyo

59. Find the difference in the amounts of compound interest and simple interest if Rs. 2000 is invested at a rate of 10% compounded annually for 3 years and the same amount invested at simple interest of 9% per annum for the same time period :
(A) Rs. 122 ✓
(B) Rs. 62
(C) Rs. 392
(D) Rs. 209

61. Which of the following Ministries publishes the Economic Survey of India ?
(A) Ministry of Finance✓
(B) Ministry of External Affairs
(C) Ministry of Home Affairs
(D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

62. Select the correct non-renewable source of energy :
(A) Hydel
(B) Thermal✓
(C) Solar
(D) Wind power

63. Which one of the following countries and state of India was chosen as partner country and state for Surajkund Mela 2019 in Haryana?
(A) Thailand and Maharashtra✓
(B) Kyrgyzstan and Maharashtra
(C) Thailand and Jharkhand
(D) Srilanka and Maharashtra

65. Crude density of population is also known as :
(A) Arithmetic density ✓
(B) Agricultural density
(C) Nutritional density
(D) None of the above

66. A train coach manufacturing plant can manufacture 7 train coaches in 45 days. How many days will be required for manu facturing seven trains with nine coaches each ?
(A) 315 days
(B) 405 days✓
(C) 395 days
(D) 365 days

67. The mode value of the age observations for 27, 34, 34, 10, 34, 12, 34, 18, 27, 34 is :
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 27
(D) 34✓

68. Identify the right order of highest to lowest irrigation coverage-
(A) Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar
(B) Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar✓
(C) Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar
(D) Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar

69. Which one of the following statement correctly refers to Corporate Social Responsibility ?
(A) Company's sense of responsibility to spend money on social issues
(B) Company's sense of responsibility to spend money on natural environment
(C) Company's sense of responsibility to spend money on community development
(D) Company's sense of responsibility to spend money on community and environment✓

71. Which script is used to write Haryanvi language?
(A) Sanskrit
(B) Hindi
(C) Devanagari✓
(D) None of the above

73. How many Panchayats are currently functioning in Haryana state as per January 2019 status?
(A) Less than 3500
(B) 3500 - 4500
(C) 4500 - 6000
(D) Above 6000✓

74. The SPECIAL tree, is an evergreen tree that grows in the Central India. The SPECIAL tree has a fleshy, poisonous fruit. Recently, Taxol, a substance found in the bark of the tree, was discovered to be a promising new anticancer drug.
Which of the following statements is most appropriate from the above text?
(A) Taxol is poisonous when taken by healthy people.
(B) Taxol has cured people of various diseases.
(C) People should not eat the fruit of the SPECIAL tree.✓
(D) The SPECIAL tree was considered worthf~ss until Taxol was discovered.

75. Look at this series :
FAG GAF HAllAH KAJ, fill the gap :
(A) JAK ✓
(D) JAl

76. The Asian empire of Portuguese was divided into three indepen- dent presidencies. Identify the correct set of these presidencies from the given options :
(A) Goa, Mozambique, Malacca✓
(B) Goa, Madagascar, Mauritius
(C) Goa, Mozambique, Mauritius
(D) Goa, Reunion, Malacca

77. Mrs. Amita took a taxi to meet her three friends for lunch. They were waiting for her outside the restaurant when she pulled up in the car. She was so excited to see
her friends that she left her purse in the taxi. As the taxi pulled away, she and her friends took notice of the license plate number so that they would be able to identify the car when they called the taxi company. The four license plate numbers below represent what each of the four women thinks they saw. Which one is most likely the license plate number of the taxi?
(A) JXK 12L✓
(B) JYK 12L
(C) JXK 121
(D) JXX 12L

79. In certain code RANDOM is written as ODKGLP, how will PARDON be written in that code?

81. Which one of the following is a large blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart to the lungs?
(A) Vein
(B) Artery✓
(C) Capillary
(D) Nerve

82. In which of the following historical sites of Haryana did excavation indicate 4500 year old Civilization relics?
(A) Rakhigarhi✓
(B) Siswal
(C) Rohtak
(D) Kamal

83. Site of a place in geography refers to the :
(A) External features of a place
(B) Precise location of the centre of a city
(C) Proximity to natural resources or transportation routes
(D) Internallocational attributes of a place✓

84. Which one of the following is correct definition of Wide Area Network (WAN)?
(A) It is a programming language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer.
(B) It is a collection of computers interconnected with each other through cables to share their data, information and other common hardware resources.
(C) A computer network that covers a broad area (i.e., any network, whose communications links cross metropolitan, regional or national boundaries)✓
(D) Computer network covering a small physical area like a home, office or small groups of buildings, such as a school or an airport.

85. Which of the following statements correctly depicts 'Take off stage' in an economy?
(A) It means steady growth begins.✓
(B) It means economy is stagnant.
(C) It means all controls are removed from economy.
(D) It means economy is about to collapse.

86. In 1945, the new organization called the United Nations pledged "to promote social progress and better standards of life", because :
(A) It was competing with other international organizations like the World Bank.
(B) The colonized countries had started to exert pressure on the international community.
(C) The founders of UN considered it to be a white man's burden.
(D) The UN Charter draws a link between international security and global poverty and development.✓

87. Which one word does not belong with the others?
(A) Cornea
(B) Retina
(C) Pupil
(D) Vision✓

88. One of the warmest winters on record has put consumers in the mood to spend money. Spending is likely to be the strongest in thirteen years. During the month of February, sales of existing single-family homes hit an annual rate of 4.75 million.
This paragraph best supports the statement that :
(A) consumer spending will be higher thirteen years from now than it is today.
(B) more people buy houses in the month of February than in any other month.
(C) there were about 4 million homes for sale during the month of February.
(D) warm winter weather is likely to affect the rate of home sales.✓

89. Which one of the following is estimated by the radio carbon dating?
(A) Age of the human being
(B) Age of the fossils✓
(C) Disease of the human body
(D) Purity of the metals

90. Length, width and height of a room are 6 metre, 5 metre and 6 metre respectively. What is the total cost to whitewash the four walls and the ceiling Rs. 5 per square meter?
(A) Rs. 660
(B) Rs. 960
(C) Rs. 1060
(D) Rs. 810✓

92. Who among the following is considered as the 'Father of Artificial Intelligence' ?
(A) Charles Babbage
(B) Lee De Forest
(C) John McCarthy✓
(D) Microsoft

93. What was the name of the first newspaper to announce the partition of Bengal on July 6th 1905 ?
(A) Swaraj
(B) Sanjivani✓
(C) Kalantar
(D) Anandabazar Patrika

94. National Bird Sanctuary of Sultanpur is located in which one of the following Districts of Haryana?
(A) Gurugram✓
(B) Yamunanagar
(C) Panchkula
(D) Ambala

95. Look at this series-
75 65 85 55 45 85 35 .............next two numbers of this series is :
(A) 25 15
(B) 25 85✓
(C) 35 25
(D) 25 55

96. World Water Day is celebrated on :
(A) March 22✓
(B) May 11
(C) May 22
(D) June 05

97. Which one of the following is the correct meaning of Suffrage?
(A) The freedom to speech
(B) The right to vote✓
(C) Freedom from any suffering
(D) The right to education

98. Which one of the following statements is incorrect about the different generations of mobile communications?
(A) Only one subscriber at any given time is assigned a channel in the first generation (IG).
(B) In second generation (2G) mobile communication, 5 MHz multi-carrier system is used.✓
(C) For third generation (3G) voice call and data is an important feature.
(D) Global roaming across multiple networks and multimedia is provided to users anytime and anywhere at a much higher speed in Fourth generation (4G) mobile communication.

99. The Structure of Disaster Management in India has been an outcome of :
(A) A Parliamentary Ordinance of 2005
(B) Disaster Management Act, 2005✓
(C) The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986
(D) The National Green Tribunal Act, 1986

100. If First December 1991 was the first Sunday, which date was the fourth Tuesday of December of 1991 ?
(A) 17-12-91
(B) 24-12-91✓
(C) 27-12-91
(D) 31-12-91

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