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visual art question and answer

Best collection of important questions of Visual Arts. Which were asked in many previous examinations. Visual Art Question and Answer will also be very useful in terms of upcoming examinations. So start studying visual art Question and Answer–

1. Who is the painter of famous painting “Maids of Honour”?
(A) Francisco de Goya (B) Caravaggio
(C) Peter Paul Rubens (D) Diego Velasquez ✔

2. Chaunsath Yogini temple at Bhedaghat, Jabalpur is known for circular ground plan. To which dynastic reign it can be attributed?
(A) Gupta Dynasty (B) Pratihar Dynasty
(C) Chandella Dynasty ✔ (D) Solanki Dynasty

3. Who is the action painter?
(A) James Ensor (B) Degas
(C) Gose (D) Jackson Pollok ✔

4. Who painted the “Age of Innocence”?
(A) Reynolds ✔ (B) Renoir
(C) Picasso (D) Constable

5. In iconography of Vishnu ‘Gada’ is represented as :
(A) Female companion ✔ (B) Celestial being
(C) Male companion (D) A vehicle

6. “Man with Dog” is sculpted by :
(A) August Rodin (B) Aristide Maillol
(C) Dhruva Mistry ✔ (D) Raghav Kaneria

7. At Mahabalipuram which monolithic rock cut Ratha has apsidal plan?
(A) Bhima Rath (B) Dharmaraj Rath
(C) Draupadi Rath (D) Nakul-Sahdev Rath ✔

8. According to latest discovery where is found evidence of earliest use of oil in painting?
(A) Holland (B) Ajanta Caves
(C) Grottoes of Bamiyan ✔ (D) Altamira Caves

9. Yakshi Chandra, the famous stone relief is from :
(A) Sanchi (B) Bharhut ✔
(C) Amaravati (D) Udaygiri

10. Which one of these is not a form of outdoor advertising?
(A) Billboard (B) Bus shelter
(C) Dangler ✔ (D) Kiosk

11. In printmaking, drawing Impression is transferred from stone to which type of paper?
(A) Tracing paper (B) Gelatin paper
(C) French transfer paper ✔ (D) Poster paper

12. When was printing press introduced in India?
(A) 1450 (B) 1665
(C) 1556 ✔ (D) 1630

13. In which medium painting entitled ‘Karbala’ is painted by M.F. Husain?
(A) Oil (B) Acrylic ✔
(C) Water (D) Tempera

14. Who is famous for architectural design?
(A) Samsad Husain (B) Satish Gujral ✔
(C) Paritosh Sen (D) Jogen Chaudhury

15. Promotion is persuasive communication to sell all, except :
(A) Competition ✔ (B) Service
(C) Product (D) Concept

16. One advantage, publicity may enjoy over advertising, is :
(A) Credibility ✔ (B) Selectivity
(C) Control (D) Simplicity

17. The sculpture ‘Japanese War God’ is made by :
(A) Pablo Picasso (B) Michaelangelo
(C) Eduardo Paolozzi ✔ (D) Marino Marini

18. Debiprasad Roy Chaudhury used to teach at :
(A) Government College of Art &Craft, Calcutta (B) J. J. School of Art, Bombay
(C) Government College of Art, Madras ✔ (D) College of Art, New Delhi

19. Which provincial Indo-Islamic style is represented by the famous monument Jahaj Mahal?
(A) Imperial Delhi (B) Malwa ✔
(C) Deccan (D) Gujarat

20. In which museum famous Gupta sculpture Govardhandhari is housed?
(A) National Museum, New Delhi (B) Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal
(C) Bharat Kala Bhawan, Varanasi ✔ (D) Kala Bhawan, Shantiniketan

21. After the drawing on litho stone the washout solution is spread, so that :
(A) Stone gets smooth (B) Drawing black pigments come out and grease set in the stone ✔
(C) Drawing image carved (D) Stone becomes more sensitive

22. Aluminum is etched by :
(A) Caustic soda ✔ (B) Nitric acid
(C) Ferric chloride (D) Sulphuric acid

23. SWOT analysis is best appreciated in context of :
(A) Campaign planning (B) Public relations
(C) Profit performance (D) Marketing analysis ✔

24. The most important objective of an ad is :
(A) The promise it makes ✔ (B) Its originality
(C) Its ability to appeal (D) Its professionalism

25. The famous artist who painted ‘Three Women’ in oil :
(A) Jamini Roy (B) Amrita Shergil ✔
(C) Raja Ravi Verma (D) A.N. Tagore

26. What is the title of Pran Nath Mago’s painting?
(A) Catching Fish ✔ (B) Haldi Grinder
(C) Mother and Child (D) Autumn

27. ‘The Life of a Virgin’ is a :
(A) Painting (B) Mural
(C) Woodcut ✔ (D) Sculpture

28. Conte is used in :
(A) Painting (B) Lithography ✔
(C) Screen printing (D) Sculpture

29. Which part of the Stupa is called Hermika?
(A) Upper part of the pillar (B) Upper part of the gate
(C) Upper part of the parasol (D) Upper part of the and (hemisphere) ✔

30. Who is not Greek Sculpture of 4th century B.C.?
(A) Scopus (B) Lysippus
(C) Praxiteles (D) Phidias ✔

31. Who is the Sculptor of Gates of Hell?
(A) Arstide Maillol (B) August Rodin ✔
(C) Lipchitz (D) James Ensor

32. From the following whose paintings bear affinity with Manjit Bawa?
(A) Nilima Sheikh (B) Nalini Malani
(C) Arpita Singh (D) Arpana Caur ✔

33. “Vectorization” refers to process of converting :
(A) RGB into CMYK (B) Raster graphics into Vector graphics ✔
(C) Continuous tone to halftone (D) Hand drawn drawings to digital edition

34. “Inbetweening” helps to create the illusion of motion in animation, are the drawings between :
(A) 12 frames (B) 24 frames
(C) 4 frames (D) key frames ✔

35. Krishna Reddy belongs to :
(A) Delhi (B) Hyderabad ✔
(C) Mumbai (D) Chennai

36. In print making for viscosity process what type of surface of block is needed?
(A) Wooden (B) Metal ✔
(C) Rubber (D) Stone

37. Where was the first mosque constructed in India?
(A) Qutb complex, Delhi (B) Kodangallur, Kerala ✔
(C) Panipat, Haryana (D) Ajmer, Rajasthan

38. “Hunchback of the fishbone” is a painting by Abanindranath Tagore from his :
(A) Krishnaleela series (B) Omar Khayyam series
(C) Shahjadpur landscapes series (D) Arabian Nights series ✔

39. “Structures of meaning”, a 1998 installation at the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, was done by :
(A) Nalini Malani (B) Shibu Natesan
(C) Vivan Sundaram ✔ (D) Sheela Gowda

40. Piloo Pochkhanawala worked in which medium?
(A) Wood (B) Stone
(C) Paper pulp (D) Aluminium and Stone ✔

41. Which ad agency was proffered with the “Grands Prix” in 2008 Cannes Lions Int. Advertizing festival for “Lead India”?
(A) JWT ✔ (B) Mudra
(C) Contract (D) Gray Worldwide

42. “Chavand Ragamala” is an important painted manuscript from :
(A) Mewar ✔ (B) Kishangarh
(C) Bundi (D) Guler

43. False biting is used in :
(A) Litho stone (B) Wood block
(C) Silk screen (D) Metal plate ✔

44. The movable type was invented in :
(A) 1450 AD ✔ (B) 1480 AD
(C) 1550 AD (D) 1560 AD

45. Which ad personality directed the film “Cheeni Kum”?
(A) Prahlad Kakar (B) Aleque Padamsee
(C) Rituparna Ghosh (D) R. Balakrishnan ✔

46. Stonehenge is in which country?
(A) China (B) France
(C) Japan (D) Great Britain ✔

47. In which technique did Benode Behari Mukherjee paint his 1946-47 “Medieval Saints” mural?
(A) Fresco buono ✔ (B) Fresco secco
(C) Acrylic (D) Tempera

48. Which Surrealist painter painted the mural “The wall of the moon” on the UNESCO building in Paris?
(A) Joan Miro ✔ (B) Salvador Dali
(C) Rene Magritte (D) Paul Delvaux

49. Regarding the Kandariya Mahadeo Temple at Khajuraho, which characteristic does not fit in from the following options?
(A) Double Latin Cross (B) High Podium
(C) Sandhara Prakara (D) Latina type Shikhara ✔

50. Who painted “King, Vulture and Griffin”?
(A) Mansur ✔ (B) Basawan
(C) Bihzad (D) Mir Sayyad Ali

51. Ramkinkar Baij did sculptures mostly in which medium?
(A) Clay (B) Marble
(C) Cement Concrete ✔ (D) Graniteü

52. What is patina?
(A) Paint coating (B) Chemical reaction ✔
(C) Scrubbing of surface (D) Washing of surface

53. Who wrote the manifesto of Cubism?
(A) Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (B) Guillaume Apollinaire ✔
(C) Andre Breton (D) Georges Braque

54. Among the following who is not associated with Italian Renaissance?
(A) Bramante (B) Brunelleschi
(C) Petrarch (D) Giovanni Pisano ✔

55. Which of the following is known as “design area” in the screen printing process?
(A) Unexposed portion ✔ (B) Fabric
(C) Covered with brown tape (D) Exposed portion

56. Which liquid is used in Lino etching?
(A) Sulphuric acid (B) Nitric acid
(C) Sodium Hydroxide ✔ (D) Hydrochloric acid

57. What was the dominant visual element in Obama’s first Presidential poster “Hope”?
(A) An eagle (B) Stars & Stripes
(C) Image of Obama (D) Obama shaking hands with Dr. Manmohan Singh ✔

58. Sarnath Buddha image is made of which stone?
(A) Jodhpur Sandstone (B) Chunar Sandstone ✔
(C) Kashmir Limestone (D) Madras Granite

59. “Woman drying herself” by Edgar Degas employs the technique :
(A) Hatching ✔ (B) Blending
(C) Stippling (D) Shading

60. Who painted the “Blue nude” (1899-1900)?
(A) Georges Seurat (B) Andy Warhol
(C) Georges Rouault (D) Henri Matisse ✔

61. Who is attributed from the following to make powerful muscular female figure in action?
(A) Rodin (B) Bernini
(C) Maillol ✔ (D) Duchamp

62. Who is the author of famous work ‘Critique of Judgement’?
(A) Frederich Hegel (B) Immanuel Kant ✔
(C) Archibald Alison (D) David Hume

63. Basawan was court painter of which school?
(A) Pahari (B) Rajasthani
(C) Mughal ✔ (D) Pal

64. Who painted the “Celebration Triptych” in acrylic?
(A) Biren De (B) Satish Gujral
(C) Tayeb Mehta ✔ (D) Ramkumar

65. Stoneware is made of :
(A) Stone (B) Glass
(C) Clay ✔ (D) Plaster of Paris

66. Henry Moore was influenced by :
(A) Maya and Aztec sculpture ✔ (B) Etruscan sculpture
(C) African sculpture (D) Indian sculpture

67. A group of constructivist sculptors are :
(A) Malevich, Gabo, Rodchenko ✔ (B) Picasso, Malevich, Gabo
(C) Picasso, Tatlin, Pevsner (D) Tatlin, Boccioni, Jean Arp

68. Standard bronze consists of :
(A) 90% copper, 07% tin and 03% zinc ✔ (B) 90% copper and 10% tin
(C) 88% copper, 10% tin and 02% zinc (D) 95% copper, 02% silver and 03% zinc

69. Which advertising agency is owned by Reliance?
(A) Draft FCB Ulka (B) Lowe Lintas
(C) Economic Times (D) Mudra Communication Pvt. Ltd. ✔

70. Who is the man behind the latest Indian Rupee Symbol?
(A) Lakshya Raghuvanshi (B) D. Udaya Kumar ✔
(C) Rajdeep Ghoshal (D) R. Hiren Sardesai

71. Japanese applied colour on woodblock with :
(A) With brush ✔ (B) With plastic scraper
(C) Roller (D) Dabber

72. What is the life period of leno-cut print maker Chitta Prasad?
(A) 1913 – 1978 ✔ (B) 1891 – 1964
(C) 1902 – 1969 (D) 1945 – 1990

73. During whose reign Mughal architecture was predominantly influenced by Rajasthani architecture?
(A) Akbar ✔ (B) Jehangir
(C) Shahjahan (D) Aurangzeb

74. Name one of the following ideals which supported emergence of expressionism :
(A) Neoclassicism (B) Romanticism ✔
(C) Realism (D) None of the above

75. What is the medium of the painting entitled ‘The River’ painted by Probir Gupta?
(A) Iron oxide and Acrylic colours ✔ (B) Oil colours
(C) Acrylic colours (D) Oil and Acrylic colours

76. Name the painter of “Jallianwala Bagh-Symbol of Urge for Freedom” :
(A) F. N. Souza (B) K. S. Kulkarni
(C) Bimal Das Gupta (D) Pran Nath Mago ✔

77. In offset printing images are reproduced :
(A) Reduced (B) Upside down
(C) Reverse (D) Exactly the same ✔

78. Name one of these elements related to Print Making :
(A) Molding (B) Etching ✔
(C) Gouache (D) Weaving

79. Nat Mandap of Konark Sun Temple is located separately on a high plinth. Where is it?
(A) In front of Jagmohan ✔ (B) South of the Garbhgriha
(C) North of Garbhgriha (D) In the backyard of Garbhgriha

80. Who wrote the first review of art exposition called Salon de Refuser?
(A) Roger Fry (B) Le Roy ✔
(C) Claude Monet (D) Herbert Read

81. Soft ground process is used for :
(A) Fine drawing (B) Transfer the texture from textural material ✔
(C) Polishing plate (D) Separating grease from ink

82. First movable types was invented by :
(A) Homer (B) Eric Gill
(C) Carol Summer (D) John Guttenberg ✔

83. Campaign planning has been incorporated in adv. from :
(A) Military Planning ✔ (B) Social Planning
(C) Economic Planning (D) Political Planning

84. “Tag line” is also known as :
(A) Jawline (B) Punch line ✔
(C) Fix line (D) Thin line

85. Archaeological site Dholavira is situated in :
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Orissa
(C) Haryana (D) Gujarat ✔

86. Masaroor Rock cut monolithic temples are located in :
(A) Jammu (B) Kangra ✔
(C) Udaigiri (D) Nasik

87. Theodore Rousseau was a French Landscape painter of :
(A) 16th Century (B) 17th Century
(C) 18th Century (D) 19th Century ✔

88. Blue Horse painting belongs to :
(A) Emil Nolde (B) Franz Marc ✔
(C) Eduard Munch (D) Wassily Kandinsky

89. The term ‘Undercutting’ is related to :
(A) Sculpture (B) Etching ✔
(C) Painting (D) Woodcut

90. ‘Burr’ is an effect achieved on :
(A) Wood (B) Metal ✔
(C) Canvas (D) Stone

91. Famous Kusana Sculpture of Boddhiswattva from Mathura dedicated by Frian Balal is housed in which museum?
(A) National Museum, New Delhi (B) State Museum, Mathura
(C) Archaeological Museum, Sarnath ✔ (D) British Museum, London

92. Where is the temple called Teli Ka Mandir?
(A) Gwalior ✔ (B) Orchha
(C) Jaipur (D) Bhopal

93. Whose painting depicts photo realism?
(A) Vivan Sundaram (B) Bikas Bhattacharyaji ✔
(C) Ranbir Kaleka (D) Manu Parikh

94. Who has authored several books on Pahari Painting?
(A) Mulk Raj Anand (B) Karl J. Khandalawala
(C) M.S. Randhawa ✔ (D) Rai Krishna Das

95. Amongst following who is not sculptor?
(A) Girish Bhatt (B) Mrinalini Mukherjee
(C) Balan Nambiar (D) P.R. Daroz ✔

96. Which material provides strength to clay?
(A) Sand (B) Grog
(C) Leaves (D) Husk ✔

97. In printmaking aluminium plate is etched by which acid?
(A) Nitric acid ✔ (B) Hydrochloric acid
(C) Sulphuric acid (D) Caustic soda

98. Water is common factor in printing in :
(A) Lithography and Offset ✔ (B) Dry point and Mezzotint
(C) Silk screen and colography (D) Linocut and wood block printing

99. Aquatint dust-box is used to spread which of the following?
(A) Lime powder (B) French-chalk powder
(C) Pumice stone powder (D) Resin dust ✔

100. Who among the following is known for lithographic posters?
(A) Edvard Manet (B) Toulouse Lautrec ✔
(C) Edgar Degas (D) Pierre Auguste Renoir

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