25 Important Words in the field of Agriculture with meaning

Here is the important list of Words for Agriculture–
Latin words
Agriculture –  'ager' means 'soil' and 'cultura' means 'cultivation.
Horticulture –  'hortus' means 'garden' and 'cultura' means 'culture or growing'.
Pomology (Latin-Greek word) – Combination of Latin word 'ponum' means 'fruit' and Greek word 'logy' or 'logos' means 'discourse or science'.
Olericulture – 'oleris' means 'pot herb' and English word 'culture' means 'cultivation'.
Floriculture – Origin from Classical Latin flos (gen. floris)
Extension – 'ex' means 'out' and 'tensio' means stretching".
Soil – 'solum' means 'ground'.
Soil Science – 'catena' means 'chain'.
Evolution – 'evolutio' means 'unrolling or rolling out'.
Society – 'societas' derived from noun 'socius' means 'comrade, friend, ally'.
Cell – 'cellula' means 'small compartment'.
In-vivo and In-vitro – 'In-vivo' means 'within the living' and 'In-vitro' means 'within the glass'.
Fungicide – 'fungus' means 'fungus' and 'caedo' means 'to kill'.

Greek words
Agronomy – 'agros' means 'field' and 'nomos' means 'manage'.
Biodynamics – 'bios' means 'life' and 'dynamics' means 'energy'.
Nematode – 'nema' means 'thread' and 'toid' means 'form'.
Enzyme – 'en' means 'in' and 'zyme' means 'ferment/living'.
Pedology – 'pedon' means 'soil or earth'.
Plastid – 'plastikas' means 'formed or moulded'.
Ecology – 'oikos' means 'house/dwelling place' and 'logos' means 'study'.
Entomology – 'entomo' means 'insect' and 'logos' means 'discourse'.
Meteorology – 'meteoro' means 'above the earth's surface' and 'logy' means 'indicating science'.
Arthropoda – 'arthros' means 'segmented' and 'podus' means 'legs'.
Phytopathology – 'phyton' means 'plants', 'pathos' means 'ailment' and 'logus' means 'knowledge.'.

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