Seed Technology Objective MCQs Questions and Answers Download

Seed Technology Objective Questions
Seed Science and Technology Objective Questions: Agricultural students specializing in Seed Science and Technology are writing many competitive examinations like ASRB, Agricultural Officer, JRF, SRF, UPSC and Bank examinations. The Seed Technology MCQs Questions has not only enriched the knowledge but also helps in a successful winner of the tests.

1. Seed drying is very important to maintain its–
(A) Viability and vigour✓ (B) Protein content
(C) Oil content (D) Chemical composition

2. The equipment used to apply chemicals that involves suspension and wettable powder treatment material in water is
(A) Slury treaters✓ (B) Direct treaters
(C) Panogen treaters (D) Mist-o-matic treaters

3. Fungi and Bacteria usually enters through–
(A) Stomata✓ (B) Wounds
(C) Hydathodes (D) Insect puntyre

4. Haryali Yojna is related to–
(A) Soil management (B) Water management✓
(C) Crop management (D) Air management

5. Stripe rust is due to–
(A) P. graminis striformis✓ (B) P. grantiuis tritici
(C) P. graminis recondita (D) None

6. Average diameter of bulbet of onion (seed standard) shall not be less than
(A) 2.5 cm (B) 1 cm
(C) 3 cm (D) 2 cm✓

7. Indian cotton is–
(A) G. herbaceiuni (B) G. arbore um✓
(C) G. hirsuium (D) G. barbadense

8. Sugar turu out from cane in India–
(A) Leachate test✓ (B) GADA test
(C) ATPase test (D) Exhaustion test

9. Which of the following vigour test method estimates decarboxylation activities?
(A) Leachate test (B) GADA test
(C) ATpase✓ (D) Exhaustion test

10. For seed samples kept in an incubator for germination test, light is–
(A) Alwasy essential (B) Never essential
(C) Not harmful✓ (D) Harmful

11. Seedlessness in fruits is called as–
(A). Parthenogensis (B) Parthenocarpy✓
(C) Apomixis (D) None

12. Centre of origin of rice is–
(A) SW Asia (B) SE Asia✓
(C) South America (D) North America

13. The Got is done for verification of–
(A) Physical purity (B) Genetic purity✓
(C) Germination % (D) None

14. Flaring of square in cotton is due to–
(A) Pink boll worm (B) Spotted boll worm✓
(C) American boll worm (D) All

15. Possible reasons for seed dormancy is–
(A) Presence of pathogens (B) Cracking of hulls
(C) Immature embryo✓ (D) Green distoration

16. Middle layer of fruit wall is called
(A) Mesocarp✓ (B) Mericarp
(C) Meristem (D) Microbyle

17. Mite don't survive below–
(A) 5°C✓ (B) 7°C
(C) 10°C (D) 15°C
18. ISTA was established in the year–
(A) 1871 (B) 1876
(C) 1921 (D) 1924✓

19. While sampling from a seed lot of 50 bags, the minimum number of primary sample should be–
(A) 5 (B) 10✓
(C) 15 (D) 20

20. Certified seed of cotton should have minimum germination of–
(A) 50% (B) 60%✓
(C) 70% (D) 80%

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