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RSMSSB Question Paper

RSMSSB Industry Inspector Previous Year Question Papers: Rajasthan SSC Industry Inspector Exam of the year 2018 held on dated 24 June 2018. We are giving 100 Questions of General Awareness of this exam with answers. These questions not only develop your I.Q. but will useful for upcoming RSMSSB government exams also.

1. Kho-Dariba belt is known for–
(A) Copper mines✓ (B) Iron ore mines
(C) Lime stone deposits (D) Coal mines

2. 'Nathra-Ka-Pal' is having deposits of which of following metal?
(A) Lead (B) Tungsten
(C) Iron✓ (D) Copper

3. Which one of following is not a breed of sheep?
(A) Megra (B) Malpuri
(C) Bagri (D) Nachna✓

4. 'Sei Project' is related to which of following dam?
(A) Jawahar Sagar dam (B) Harike dam
(C) Jawai dam✓ (D) Gandhi Sagar dam

5. Which one of the following is not a reason for Desertification?
(A) Extreme weather conditions (B) Increasing population
(C) Deforestation (D) Use of Acidic land✓

6. Which of following region of Rajasthan is having of Bshw type of climate as perKoppenn's classification?
(A) North to Aravali (B) South to Aravali
(C) East to Aravali (D) West to Aravali✓

7. "Rotu" 1s reserved forest area of district of Rajasthan.
(A) Bikaner (C) Churu
(B) Chittorgarh (D) Nagaur✓

8. Auguncha-Gulabpura mining area is famous for which of following couple of minerals?
(A) Zn-Pb✓ (B) Mg-Mn
(C) Fe-Ni (D) Ag-Au

9. Nohar Canal project receives water from which of following source?
(A) Ravi-Beas✓ (B) Satluj
(C) Bisalpur (D) Panchna

10. What is the main objective of water auditin state of Rajasthan?
(A) Efficacy, maintenance and safety ofwater structures✓
(B) Urban water conservation
(C) Municipal and industrial waterconservation
(D) Rural and agricultural water conservation

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11. Which one of the following plateau lies below the main peak of Guru Shikhar at a distance of about 8 km from Mt. Abu station?
(A) Bhorat plateau (B) Mesa plateau
(C) Oriya plateau✓ (D) Deccan plateau

12. Western cyclonic disturbances in Rajasthan is known as–
(A) Loo (B) Thunder shower
(C) Mavath✓ (D) Hail storm

13. 'Kalpvriksh' of Rajasthan is–
(A) Dhak tree (B) Sall tree
(C) Khejari✓ (D) Pallas

14. Which of the following National Park is the smallest National Park in Rajasthan?
(A) Keoladeo National Park✓ (B) National Desert Forest
(C) Ranthambore National Park (D) Mukandra Hills National Park

15. Which one of the following multipurpose project is the largest project in the State?
(A) Beas project (B) Indira Gandhi Canal Project
(C) Bhakra Nangal project✓ (D) Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project

16. Which ecosystem has the maximum biomass?
(A) Lake (B) Pond
(C) Forest✓ (D) Grassland

17. At what time after childbirth is the DPT vaccine administered to a newborn?
(A) 6 weeks✓ (B) 6 months
(C) 6 days (D) 6 hrs

18. Which of the following organs do not produce digestive juices?
(A) Stomach (B) Liver
(C) Pancreas (D) Urinary bladder✓

19. Which blood group is known as UniversalDonor?
(A) 'A' (B) 'B'
(C) 'AB' (D) '0'✓

20. Which hormone is produced in insufficient amounts· in Type-1 diabetes?
(A) Glucagon (B) Insulin ✓
(C) Somatostatin (D) Both (A) and (B)

21. DNA fragments separated on an Agarose gel can be visualised after staining with–
(A) Aniline blue (B) Ethidium Bromide✓
(C) Acetocarmine (D) Bromophenol blue

22. A genetic disorder in which blood doesn't clot normally is–
(A) Cystic fibrosis (B) Thalassemia
(C) Sickle cell anaemia (D) Hemophilia✓

23. Based upon the type of excretory substance, the human species is–
(A) Uricotelic (B) Ureotelic✓
(C) Ammonotelic (D) Ureotelic and Uricotelic, both

24. The 'reaction in which multiple copies of the gene of interest is synthesized in vitro is known as–

25. Which of the following is the largest part of the human brain?
(A) Cerebrum✓ (B) Cerebellum
(C) Brain stem (D) Corpus callosum

26. In a certain code 'TAKE' is written as '#2$5' and 'BEND' IS written as '1%@4'.How will 'BANK' write in that code?
(A) 21@$ (B) 12@$✓
(C) 12$@ (D) 21$@

27. The sum of the place values of both the 29 threes in the natural number 43836 is -
(A) 6 (B) 33
(C) 330 (D) 3030✓

28. A passage is followed by an inference Which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage. You have to examine the inference in the context of the passage, decide upon its degree of truth or falsity and choose your answer accordingly. Though the state cultivates only 3.2 lakh tonnes of mangoes, they are of premium quality and with mangoes becoming second most consumed fruits iQ.the world after grapes. The government has been trying to export it through sea rqute"which is cheaper. An experiment which was done in this regard last year ha.s proved successful. Inference: Quality of mangoes is an important factor in exports.
(A) The inference is definitely true✓
(B) The inference is probably true
(C) The inference is probably false
(D) The inference is definitely false

29. A person buys apples at 4 for Rs. 3 and sells them at 5 for Rs. 4. The gain or loss per cent is -
(A) gain 6✓ (B) loss 6-%
(C) gain 16 (D) loss 16-%

30. To complete some work, A takes half time than B. C complete same work in same time in which both A and B complete together. If all three together complete this work in 7 days, then in how many days will C complete this work alone?
(A) 14 days✓ (B) 21 days
(C) 35 days (D) 42 days

31. The sum of Rs. 12,000 deposited at 35 compound interest, becomes double in reading the line graph given below and answer the question–
5 years. In 20 years it will become :
(A) Rs. 1,20,000 (B) Rs. 1,24,000
(C) Rs. 1,92,000✓ (D) Rs. 96,000

32. One day Tom left home and walked 50 m towards south, turned right and walked 25m, turned right and walked 50 m and turned left and walked 50 m. How many meters will he have to walk to reach his home straight?
(A) 50 (B) 75✓
(C) 60 (D) 150

33. Identify the single letter, which when removed from the following words form new words.
(A) A (B) R
(C) M (D) L

34. (893 + 786)2- (893- 786)2 / (893.786) = ?
(A) 2 (B) 4✓
(C) 8 (D) 16

35. Read the line graph given below and answer the question 5 years. In 20 years it will become–
(A) Rs. 1,20,000 (B) Rs. 1,24,000
(C) Rs. 1,92,000 (D) Rs. 96,000✓

36. P, Q, R, S, T and U are sitting around a round table. P is between T and U. T is opposite to S and R is not in either of the neighbouring seats of T. The person opposite to Q is–
(A) R (B) S
(C) U✓ (D) T

37. The number 2 3√ is -
(A) a natural number (B) an integer
(C) an irrational number✓ (D) a rational number

38. How many squares are there in the following figure?
(A) 4 (B) 5
(C) 9 (D) 10✓

39. If the mean of a, b, c is M1, and the mean of a2, b2, c2, than is M2, then one means of ab, bc and ca is–
(A) M12-3M2 /3 (B) 3M12-2M2 /2
(C) 3M12-M2✓ /2 (D) 3M12-M2 /3

40. The age of a man is twice the square of the age of his son. Eight years hence the age of the man will be 4 years more than three times the age of his son. The present age of the man is–
(A) 48 years (B) 42 years
(C) 36 years (D) 32 years ✓

41. Who wrote "Kanhad De Prabandhi'?
(A) Padmanabh✓ (B) Beesaldev Raso
(C) Khuman Raso (D) Pratap Singh

42. Accb'tding to 'Vir Vinod', in the battle of Haldighati, what was the strength of the Mugal forces?
(A) 80,000✓ (B) 10,000
(C) 40,000 (D) 16,000

43. "Pichhwai Paintings" are related to which of the following?
(A) Merta (B) Vrindavan
(C) ,f'ushkar (D) Nathdwara✓

44. 'Netal.Ka Bhartar' sung in Rajasthani Folk Song refers to which folk deity of Rajasthan?
(A) Harbhuji (B) Pabuji
(C) Ramdevji✓ (D) Tejaji

45. Temples of Vimla and Luna Vasati were built at which of the following places?
(A) Delwada✓ (B) Jhalana
(C) Chittorgarh (D) Bhilwara

46. "Anjuman - Khadim- Ul- Islam" was established in which of the following Riyasat ?
(A) Ajmer (B) Jaipur
(C) Jodhpur (D) Alwar✓

47. "Atarkin-Ka-Darwaza" is situated in which of the following district of Rajasthan?
(A) Nagaur✓ (B) Ajmer
(C) Jalor (D) Chittorgarh

48. Ravan Hattha is made of which of the following?
(A) Coconut✓ (B) Steel vessel
(C) Glass vessel (D) Neem wood

49. For contribution to which Handicraft of Rajasthan, has Kudrat Singh been bestowed with the Padamshree Award?
(A) Textile Printing (B) Meenakari Art✓
(C) Moradabadi Work on Bra (D) Blue Pottery

50. The names of Mother and Father of which folk God of Rajasthan was Hansa Devi and Lohatji respectively?
(A) Pipaji (B) Dhannaji
(C) Jambhoji✓ (D) Siddha Jasnthji

51. Which organisation was founded by Govind Giri in 1883 to organise the Bhils and Girasias of Mewar, Dungarpur, Gujarat and Malwa ?
(A) Samp Sabha✓ (B) Neemra Sabha
(C) Meena Kshetriya Mahasabha (D) Paroparini Sabha

52. "Vansh Bhashkar" was written by which of the famous writer?
(A) Krishna Rukmani (B) Man Singh
(C) Rai Singh (D) Surajmal Mishra✓

53. Which among the following was not a supporter of Arya Samaj's ideology?
(A) Desh Hiteshi (B) Janhitkarak
(C) Paropkarak (D) Rajputana Gazette✓

54. Deepdan tradition is related to the sacred city of–
(A) Pushkar✓ (B) Salasar
(C) Khatu Shyam (D) Gogamedi

55. How many princely states were there in Rajputana at the time of Indian independence?
(A) 25 (B) 19
(C) 22✓ (D) 29

56. Natural rubber is a polymer of–
(A) Neoprene (B) Isoprene✓
(C) Chloroprene (D) 1, 3-butadiene

57. Structurally biodegradable detergent should contain–
(A) Normal alkyl chain (B) Branched alkyl chain✓
(C) Phenylside chain (D) Cyclohexylside chain

58. Which of the following does not exhibit allotropy?
(A) Carbon (B) Silicon
(C) Lead✓ (D) Tin

59. Which of the following is the most abundant metal?
(A) Fe (B) Al✓
(C) Ti (D) Cu

60. The oxidation number of chromium in chromyl chloride is–
(A) 0 (B) +4
(C) +2 (D) +6✓

61. Which among the following metal's oxide provide amphoteric nature?
(A) Sodium (B) Silver
(C) Aluminium✓ (D) Calcium

62. Old paintings can be restored through an oxidizing agent–
(A) H2S (B) H2O2✓
(C) H2PO4 (D) H3O+

63. What property stays the same during physical and chemical changes in a closed system?
(A) Density (B) Shape
(C) Mass✓ (D) Arrangement of particle

64. Which radioactive element is used in heart pacemaker?
(A) Uranium (B) Deuterium
(C) Plutonium✓ (D) Radium

65. Bleaching action of moist S02 is because of its–
(A) Reducing power✓ (B) Oxidising power
(C) Acidic property (D) Basic property

66. Number of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in 2016-17 was–
(A) 5.53 crore (B) 2.53 lakh
(C) 5.53 thousand (D) 5.53 lakh✓

67. Under Jaipur Street Light System Project, how many LED lights were installed in Jaipur city up to December 2017 ?
(A) 26,626✓ (B) 45, 000
(C) 30,035 (D) 15, 526

68. Which scheme has been launched in Rajasthan to reduce the IMR and MMR and provide free medical and other services to pregnant women
(A) Rajasthan Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojna✓
(B) Asha Sahyogini
(C) Mother and Child Health and Nutrition Day
(D) National Health Mission

69. Which city of Rajasthan was declared India's best city in 'citizens' feedback' in the category of more than 10 lakh population under Swachh  Survekshan 2018 awards?
(A) Jaipur (B) Kota✓
(C) Ajmer (D) Jodhpur

70. In which department of Rajasthan government public-private partnership cell has been created as the State Nodal agency to coordinate efforts of state Government regarding PPP projects?
(A) Planning Department✓ (B) Industry Department
(C) Finance Department (D) Commerce Department

71. The monetary measure of the volume of goods and services produced, within the boundaries of the state, during a given period of time,  account without duplication is known as–
(A) National Income (B) Gross National Product
(C) Gross State Domestic Product✓ (D) Net State Product

72. The average size of land holding in; Rajasthan in 2015-16 was–
(A) 10.07 hectare (B) 5.0? hectare
(C) 2.73 hectare✓ (D) 3.07-hectare

73. Under Smart Village Scheme, how many villages have been selected to be developed as smart village in Rajasthan?
(A) 3275✓ (B) 4550
(C) 5025 (D) 6015

74. Which of the following is not included under non-tax revenue receipts for the Budget?
(A) Interest receipts (B) Stamp and Registration fee✓
(C) Grants-in-aid (D) Receipts from social services

75. Contribution of services sector m Rajasthan's Gross State Value Added at basic constant (20 11-12) prices in 2017-18 was–
(A) 45.07%✓ (B) 55.07%
(C) 35.07% (D) 25.07%

76. The head of the State of Rajasthan prior to 1 November 1956 was known as–
(A) Excellency (B) Royal Highness
(C) Governor (D) Raj Pramukh✓

77. Which one of the following Chief Minister's tenure has been the shortest in the State of Rajasthan ?
(A) Shri Jagannath Pahadia (B) Shri Haridev Joshi
(C) Shri Hiralal Devpura✓ (D) Shri Barkatullah Khan

78. What is the tenure of members of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission?
(A) 6 years (B) 6 years or 62 years of age, whichever is earlier✓
(C) 62 years (D) 6 years or 65 years of age, whichever is earlier

79. 'Mangarh Dham' known as Jallianwala Bagh of Rajasthan, is situated at–
(A) Rajsamand (B) Banswara✓
(C) Alwar (D) Bikaner

80. When was Rajasthan State Election Commission established?
(A) 1991 (B) 1992
(C) 1993 (D) 1994✓

81. The members of State Information Commission are appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of a Committee not consisting of–
(A) Chief Minister
(B) The leader of the opposition party in State Legislative Assembly
(C) A Cabinet Minister nominated by the Chief Minister
(D) A judge from the High Court✓

82. Which of the following statement/s is correct related to State Information Commission of Rajasthan?
(1) It is a Statutory body.
(2) It is an autonomous body.
(3) 1twas established on 18, April 2005.
Choose the correct code –
(A) Only (1) (B) Only (1) and (2)✓
(C): (l), (2) and (3) (D) Only (3)

83. In which one of the following State assembly elections NOTA button was used in EVM for the first time ?
(A) 11th State Assembly Elections 1998
(B) 12th State Assembly Elections 2003
(C) 13th State Assembly Elections 2008
(D) 14th State Assembly Elections 2013✓

84. After the state reorganization in 1956, on the recommendation of which committee, the Rajasthan Public Service Commission was transferred to Ajmer?
(A) Satyanarayana Rao Samiti✓ (B) Administrative Reforms Commission
(C) Sadiq Ali Committee (D) None of the above

85. Who convenes the meeting of Gram Sabha in absence of Sarpanch and Upsarpanch?
(A) Collector (B) Panchayat Secretary
(C) BDO (D) Member of Gram Sabha to be elected for the purpose of the majority of members✓

86. Who was the first elected Chief Minister of Rajasthan?
(A) Heeralal Shastri  (B) Mohanlal Sukhadia
(C) Tika Ram Paliwal✓  (D) Haridev Joshi

87. Which constitutional amendment limits the size of the Council of Ministers in Rajasthan?
(A) 42nd Constitutional Amend-ment
(B) 44th Constitutional Amend-ment
(C) 91st Constitutional Amend-ment✓
(D) 122nd Constitutional Amen-ment

88. Jaipur Metro became operational in the year-
(A) 2014 (B) 2015✓
(C) 2016 (D) 2017

89. Which state became the first state to fix a minimum educational qualification for contesting elections in Panchayati Raj institutions?
(A) Rajasthan✓ (B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Karnataka

90. Where is HPCL, Rajasthan Refinery Limited situated?
(A) Barmer✓ (B) Jodhpur
(C) Jalore (D) Bundi

91. Unit of magnetic flux is-
(A) Tesla (B) Gauss
(C) Weber✓ (D) Coulomb

92. Electric motor works on the principle of-
(A) Electromagnetic induction✓ (B) Newton's law
(C) Ohm's law (D) Bio-Savart's law

93. Which of the following can produce a virtual image which is always smaller than the object?
(A) a plane mirror (B) a convex lens
(C) a concave lens✓ (D) a concave mirror

94. The resistance of a conductor depends upon-
(A) its length (B) its cross-sectional area
(C) its temperature (D) all of the given options✓

95. The order of colours in a rainbow from lower edge to top edge is- (Here R = Red, 0 = Orange, Y = Yellow, G = Green, B = Blue; I = Indigo, V = Violet)

96. Which of the following is not correct for the image formed by a plane mirror?
(A) Image is always virtual (B) Image is always real✓
(C) Image is always erect (D) Size of image is equal to that of object

97. When an object is at infinity, the position of the image formed by a concave mirror is at–
(A) Focus of the mirror✓ (B) Centre of curvature of the mirror
(C) Infinity (D) Behind the mirror

98. The splitting of light into its component colours is called–
(A) Reflection (B) Refraction
(C) Dispersion✓  (D) Polarization

99. In human eye, the image of an object is formed at–
(A) Cornea (B) Iris
(C) Retina✓ (D) Pupil

100. The charge on an electron is-
(A) + 1.6 x 10-19 Coulomb (B) - 1.6 x 10-19 Coulomb✓
(C) + 1.9 x 10-16 Coulomb (D) - 1.9 x 10-16 Coulomb

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