Mughal Empire Quiz Questions and Answers on Medieval History MCQs

mughal empire quiz
Mughal Empire Quiz : Important questions regarding the Mughal Empire are given in the answer given in India Medieval History with 20 objective Mughal Empire questions with answers. In India History GK, you will get the same which is more likely to question the General Knowledge of Mughal Empire in the upcoming examinations. If you are preparing for an SSC, Banking, and any other exam, definitely take it back.

1. What does Jahangir mean?
  • (A) National Monarch
  • (B) The Grand Monarch
  • (C) Conqueror of the world
  • (D) Hero of hundred battles
2. During Akbar’s reign who was the Finance Minister of the Mughal empire?
  • (A) Raja Todar Mal
  • (B) Man Singh I
  • (C) Birbal
  • (D) Tansen
3. In which century Bhakti movement began?
  • (A) 6th century
  • (B) 7th century
  • (C) 8th century
  • (D) 9th century
4. Who defeated Humayun in the battle of Chausa?
  • (A) Muhammad Adil Shah
  • (B) Firoz Shah Suri
  • (C) Sikandar Shah Suri
  • (D) Sher Shah Suri
5. When was the battle of Haldighati fought?
  • (A) 1776
  • (B) 1676
  • (C) 1576
  • (D) 1476
6. Which of the following Mughal monarchs has vividly described Indian flora & fauna, seasons, fruits etc. in his diary?
  • (A) Akbar
  • (B) Jahangir
  • (C) Babur
  • (D) Aurangzeb
7. Babur (1526-1530 AD) was the ruler of which dynasty?
  • (A) Mughal
  • (B) Nanda
  • (C) Maurya
  • (D) Haryanka
8. Which was the second capital of Akbar?
  • (A) Delhi
  • (B) Agra
  • (C) Fatehpur Sikri
  • (D) Patna
9. Who of the following was the biographer of Akbar?
  • (A) Abul Fazl
  • (B) Faizi
  • (C) Abdul Nabi Khan
  • (D) Birbal
10. Humayun (1530-1540 AD) was the ruler of which dynasty?
  • (A) Nanda
  • (B) Mughal
  • (C) Maurya
  • (D) Haryanka
11. Who among the following rulers abolished Jiziya?
  • (A) Aurangzeb
  • (B) Balban
  • (C) Akbar
  • (D) Jahangir
12. Which of the following writers has called Akbar’s Din-i-Ilahi as a monument of his folly, not of wisdom?
  • (A) Badayuni
  • (B) Vinset Smith
  • (C) Barni
  • (D) W. Haig
13. To whom did Akbar gave the title Miyan?
  • (A) Raja Todar Mal
  • (B) Man Singh I
  • (C) Birbal
  • (D) Tansen
14. Battle for Delhi was fought in the year :
  • (A) 1764
  • (B) 1526
  • (C) 1556
  • (D) 1857
15. Which one of the following Mughal buildings is said to possess the unique feature of being exactly equal in length and breadth?
  • (A) Agra Fort
  • (B) Red Fort
  • (C) Taj Mahal
  • (D) Buland Darwaza
16. Who of the following was sent as an ambassador to the royal court of Jahangir by James I, the king of England?
  • (A) John Hawkins
  • (B) Willia Todd
  • (C) Sir Thomas Roe
  • (D) Sir Walter Raleigh
17. The French East India Company was founded in :
  • (A) 1600
  • (B) 1620
  • (C) 1664
  • (D) 1604
18. What was the name of the Hall of Worship constructed by Akbar?
  • (A) Diwan-e-khas
  • (B) Diwan-e-Aam
  • (C) Ibadat Khana
  • (D) Buland Darwaza
19. Name the king who invaded Delhi and plundered the Kohinoor Diamond :
  • (A) Nadir Shah
  • (B) Firuz Shah
  • (C) Mohammed Shah
  • (D) Mohammed Ghori
20. The innovator of the Revenue settlement during the rule of Akbar was :
  • (A) Raja Mansingh
  • (B) Raja Bhagwan Das
  • (C) Raja Todarmal
  • (D) Raja Birbal

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