50+ Important Indus Valley Civilization MCQs Objective Questions Answers

Indus Valley Civilization Objective Questions

Indus Valley Civilization Objective Questions Answers: The Indus Valley Civilization is one of the four earliest civilization of the world along with the civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. R. B. Dayaram Sahni first discovered Harappa (on Ravi) in 1921. R.D. Banerjee discovered Mohenjodaro of 'Mound of the Dead' in 1922. Sir John Marshal played a crucial role in both these. Indus Valley Civilization Objective Questions are helpful to crack competitive exams SSC, UPSC, Railways, IAS Exams.

1. The earliest city discovered in India was : [SSC CPO SI 2003]
(A) Harappa (B) Punjab
(C) Mohenjo Daro (D) Sindh

2. The Social System of the Harappans was : [SSC CGL 1999]
(A) Fairly egalitarian (B) Slave-Labour based
(C) Colour Varna based (D) Caste-based

3. The Harappan Civilization was discovered in the year : [SSC CGL 2004]
(A) 1935 (B) 1942
(C) 1921 (D) 1922

4. Which among the following has not been found in the excavation of Harappan sites? [SSC Sec. Officer (Audit) 2003]
(A) Drains and well (B) Fort
(C) Reservoirs (D) Temple with Shikhar 

5. Which was the only Indus site with an artificial brick dockyard? [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Lothal (B) Kalibangan
(C) Harappa (D) Mohenjo Daro

6. What was the strength of Indus economy? [SSC CHSL 2014]
(A) Agriculture (B) Business
(C) Pottery (D) Crockery

7. Which was the only Indus city without a citadel? [SSC CGL 2005]
(A) Kalibangan (B) Harappa
(C) Mohenjodaro (D) Chanhudaro

8. The essential feature of the Indus Valley Civilization was : [SSC CGL 2007]
(A) worship of forces of nature (B) organised city life
(C) pastoral farming (D) caste society

9. The people of the Indus Valley Civilization usually built their houses of : [SSC Sec. Officer (Audit) 2008], [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Burnt bricks (B) Stone
(C) Wood (D) All of the above

10. The first metal used by man was : [SSC Investigator 2010]
(A) Aluminium (B) Copper
(C) Iron (D) Silver

11. The striking feature of the Indus Valley Civilization was : [FCI Assistant 2012]
(A) Urban Civilization (B) Agrarian Civilization
(C) Mesolithic Civilization (D) Paleolithic Civilization

12. Which of the following scholars, who was the first to discover the traces of the Harappan Civilization? [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]
(A) Sir Johan Marshall (B) R.D. Banerjee
(C) A. Cunningham (D) Daya Ram Sahani

13. Kalibangan is situated in : [Combine Metric Level 1999, 2002]
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Sindh
(C) Rajasthan (D) Gujarat

14. Who amongst the following is associated with the study of the Harappan Civilization? [SSC Combined Matric Level 2000]
(A) Charles Mason (B) Cunningham
(C) M. Wheeler (D) M.S. Vats

15. The Harappans were the earliest people to produce : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2001]
(A) Seals (B) Bronze implements
(C) Cotton (D) Barely

16.  The people of the Indus Valley civilization worshipped. [SSC CGL 2016]
(A) Vishnu (B) Pashupati
(C) Indra (D) Brahma

17. The language from which the term ‘India’ is derived is : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2006]
(A) English (B) Greek
(C) Persian (D) Arabic

18. Harappa is situated on the bank of the river : [SSC Steno. Grade C and D 2010]
(A) Ganga (B) Ravi
(C) Yamuna (D) Sindhu

19. The Great Bath of Indus Valley Civilization is found at : [SSC CHSL 2011]
(A) Harappa (B) Mohenjodaro
(C) Ropar (D) Kalibangan

20. Which was the backbone of Indus Economy? [SSC CHSL 2014]
(A) Agriculture (B) Trade
(C) Wheel Made (D) Carpentry

21. Name the oldest civilization : [SSC CHSL 2014]
(A) Indus Valley civilization
(B) Mesopotamian civilization
(C) Egyptian civilization
(D) Chandragupta Vikramaditya

22. One of the following Indus Valley sites is in Pakistan : [SSC CGL 2015]
(A) Lothal (B) Kalibangan
(C) Alamgirpur (D) Harappa

23. The people of the Indus valley civilization worshipped : [SSC CGL Tier-I 2016]
(A) Vishnu (B) Pashupati
(C) Indra (D) Brahma

24. How were the streets of cities in Indus Valley Civilization? [SSC FCI 2012]
(A) Wide and Straight (B) Narrow and Unhygienic
(C) Slippery (D) Narrow and Curved

25. Which of the following has not been found in the excavation in Terracotta of Indus Valley sites? [SSC CGL 2015]
(A) Buffalo (B) Sheep
(C) Cow (D) Pig

26. Which is the script of Indus Valley Civilization? [SSC CHSL 2013]
(A) Tamil (B) Kharshthi
(C) Unknown (D) Brahmi

27. Which was the only city of the Indus without fortification? [SSC CGL 2005]
(A) Kalibangan (B) Harappa
(C) Mohanjodaro (D) Chanhudaro 

28. Which was the biggest building in Mohanjodaro? [SSC FCI 2012]
(A) Great Bath (B) Granary 
(C) Huge Hall (D) Two Story Building

29. The Great Bath was found at : [SSC CHSL 2015]
(A) Harappa (B) Lothal
(C) Chanhudaro (D) Mohanjodaro 

30. Whose statue was an important creation of the people of Indus Valley Civilization? [SSC CHSL, 2006]
(A) Natraj (B) Dancing Girl
(C) Buddha (D) Narasimha

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