50+ Most Important Bhakti Movement GK Questions and Answers Quiz MCQs

Medieval History MCQ Questions related to Bhakti Movement. History Questions asked in various competitive exams are included here. Practicing these Bhakti Movement Questions and Answers in online helps you to improve your ability to attend the real time competitive exams.

1. Kabir was the disciple of?
(A) Nanak (B) Ramanuj
(C) Shankaracharya (D) Ramananda

2. Who founded the four mathas (i.e. monasteries) in the four corner of India?
(A) Shankaracharya ✔ (B) Ramanujacharya
(C) Bhaskaracharya (D) Madhvacharya

3. Who among the following was the first Bhakti saint to use Hindi for the propagation of his message?
(A) Dadu (B) Kabir
(C) Ramananda ✔ (D) Tulsidas

4. Which of the following is associated with Sufi saints? [SSC Tax Assistant (Income & Central Excise 2004]
(A) Tripitaka (B) Oakhma
(C) Khanjah ✔ (D) Synagogue

5. Which philosophical system was founded by Vallabhacharya?
(A) Mahaeashta Dharma (B) Suddhadvaita
(C) Aanekantavada (D) Visistadvaita

6. Which philosophy is called the Advaita?
(A) Shankaracharya ✔ (B) Ramanujacharya
(C) Nagarjuna (D) Vasumitra

7. Who was the greatest Bhakti poet of Maharasthra? [SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax & Central 2005]
(A) Ramdas (B) Tukaram
(C) Namdeva (D) Eknath

8. What is meant by a 'Pir' in the Sufi tradition? [SSC MTS 2011]
(A) The Supreme God (B) The Guru of the Sufis
(C) The greatest of all Sufi saints (D) The orthodox teacher who contests the Sufi beliefs

9. Bhakti movement was started by :
(A) Alwar saints ✔ (B) Sufi saints
(C) Surdas (D) Tulsidas

10. Who was the Hindu saint to have as disciple both Hindu and Muslims?
(A) Sri Chaitanya ✔ (B) Ramanuja
(C) Ravidas (D) Namdev

11. The famous Bhakti Saint who be longed to the royal family of Mewar was : [FCI Asst. 2012]
(A) Chaitanya (B) Andal
(C) Meerabai ✔ (D) Ramabai

12. The first Bhakti Movement was organised by : [SSC Combined Matric Level 1999]
(A) Nanak (B) Meera
(C) Ramdas (D) Ramanujacharya

13. Who among the following was the saint of the Varkari Sect?
(A) Namadeva ✔ (B) Nimbarka
(C) Chakradhara (D) Ramdasa

14. Which one of the following gives equal importance to Jnana, Karma and Bhakti as a means of liberation?
(A) Advait Vedant (B) Visistadvaitvad Vedant
(C) Bhagvad Gita ✔ (D) Mimansa

15. The Sufi saint who maintained that devotional music was one way of moving closer to God was : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2002]
(A) Muin-ud-din-Chisti (B) Baba Farid
(C) Saiyid Mummed (D) Shah Alam Bukhari

16. The Bhakti cult spread in Maharashtra with the teaching of : [SSC Combined Matric Level 2002]
(A) Sant Tukaram ✔ (B) Sant Jnanesvar
(C) Samarth Guru Ramdas (D) Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

17. The mystic poet Mira Bai was?
(A) a Rajput noble woman who never married (B) from a Gujarati royal family married to a Rajput
(C) the daughter of priest from Madhya Pradesh (D) one of the wives of a rajput rulers

18. Which of the following aspects is not common to both Bhakti movement and Sufi movement? [SSC Sec. Officer 2002]
(A) Personal love for God (B) Worship of idols
(C) Mysticism (D) Visit to holy shrines

19. “Gita Gobinda” the famous poem was written by :
(A) Jayachandra (B) Jayadeva
(C) Jayasimha (D) Jayant

20. A common feature to all Bhakti Saints was that they?
(A) composed their verses in a language understood by followers ✔ (B) rejected the authority of the priestly class
(C) encourage woman to go to temple (D) encouraged idol worship

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