All Words related to Agriculture with list of Noun Words for Agriculture

A-Z Words related to Agriculture: Friends, if you are preparing or participating in the ASRB, ARS, SRF, JRF/NET and various Agricultural Universities including Bank exams. So do not forget to read and remember Agriculture related words.

Here is the complete list of related words for Agriculture–

Latin words
Agriculture –  'ager' means 'soil' and 'cultura' means 'cultivation.
Horticulture –  'hortus' means 'garden' and 'cultura' means 'culture or growing'.
Pomology (Latin-Greek word) – Combination of Latin word 'ponum' means 'fruit' and Greek word 'logy' or 'logos' means 'discourse or science'.
Olericulture – 'oleris' means 'pot herb' and English word 'culture' means 'cultivation'.
Floriculture – Origin from Classical Latin flos (gen. floris)
Extension – 'ex' means 'out' and 'tensio' means stretching".
Soil – 'solum' means 'ground'.
Soil Science – 'catena' means 'chain'.
Evolution – 'evolutio' means 'unrolling or rolling out'.
Society – 'societas' derived from noun 'socius' means 'comrade, friend, ally'.
Cell – 'cellula' means 'small compartment'.
In-vivo and In-vitro – 'In-vivo' means 'within the living' and 'In-vitro' means 'within the glass'.
Fungicide – 'fungus' means 'fungus' and 'caedo' means 'to kill'.

Greek words
Agronomy – 'agros' means 'field' and 'nomos' means 'manage'.
Biodynamics – 'bios' means 'life' and 'dynamics' means 'energy'.
Nematode – 'nema' means 'thread' and 'toid' means 'form'.
Enzyme – 'en' means 'in' and 'zyme' means 'ferment/living'.
Pedology – 'pedon' means 'soil or earth'.
Plastid – 'plastikas' means 'formed or moulded'.
Ecology – 'oikos' means 'house/dwelling place' and 'logos' means 'study'.
Entomology – 'entomo' means 'insect' and 'logos' means 'discourse'.
Meteorology – 'meteoro' means 'above the earth's surface' and 'logy' means 'indicating science'.
Arthropoda – 'arthros' means 'segmented' and 'podus' means 'legs'.
Phytopathology – 'phyton' means 'plants', 'pathos' means 'ailment' and 'logus' means 'knowledge'.

Here are the Noun Words for Agriculture–
● Axe
● Barn
● Barren land
● Bucket
● Bran
● Bund
● Canal
● Chaff
● Clay
● Cultivation
● Dryland
● Fallow land
● Field
● Harvest
● Hay
● Hedge
● Hoe
● Husbandry
● Irrigation
● Manure
● Nursery
● Pasture
● Picot
● Plough beam
● Plough drill
● Plough handle
● Ridge
● Seeding
● Spade
● Uncultivated land
● Wasteland
● Weeding hook
● Wilderness
● Yoke

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