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Agriculture Entomology Questions - Dear Aspirants, Most important Agricultural Entomology Objective Questions and Answers useful for General Agriculture for preparation of SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc. IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD, SSC, Banks, IBPS, CAT-MAT, Railways, Police & many more competitive examinations & entrance tests.

1. Rangeeni strain is related to–
(A) Bee (B) Silkworm
(C) Lac insect✓ (D) None of these

2. Number of nymphal stages is Acarina is–
(A) 3✓ (B) 4
(C) 5 (D) 6

3. Excreta of the earthworm is–
(A) Vermicompost (B) Verni manure
(C) Vermicastin✓ (D) None of these

4. The process of leaving off the colony by the queen is known as–
(A) Absconding (B) Swarming✓
(C) Supersedure (D) Queen Excluder

5. The process of killing pupa without changing the cocoon shell layer is known as–
(A) Stiffling✓ (B) Denier

(C) Dupion (D) Hatching
6. Nudus wing is present in the order–
(A) Protura (B) Coleoptera

(C) Diptera (D) Odonata✓
7. Work on GM mustard is carried out by–
(A) Monsanto (B) Syngenta

(C) Mahyco (D) Proagro✓

8. Transgenic crop which has the highest area in the world is–
(A) Soybean✓ (B) Maize
(C) Cotton (D) Mustard

9. Which energy is utilized for making fog, smoke and vapour sprays?
(A) Hydraulic (B) Gaseous
(C) Centrifugal/ electrical (D) Thermal✓

10. Fumigant insecticides includes–
(A) Methyl bromide (B) Ethylene dichloride
(C) Chloropicrin (D) All of these✓

11. The non-preference plant resistance to insects is also known as–
(A) Antibiosis (B) Antixenosis✓
(C) Tolerance (D) None of these

12. Juvenile hormone (JH) is a terpene secreted by–
(A) Corpora cardiaca (B) Corpora allata✓
(C) Culticle  (D) Accessory glands

13. Sterile insect technique was first time proposed in the year 1937 by–
(A) Knipling✓ (B) H.S. Pruthi
(C) Lefroy (D) Frisch

14. Flooding of the fields will help in control of–
(A) White grubs (B) Termites
(C) Cutworms (D) All of these✓

15. Which one of the following pest is an introduced pest of coffee?
(A) Green bug (B) Berry borer✓
(C) Stem borer (D) Mealybug

16. Bt cabbage is developed against–
(A) Diamond Back Moth✓ (B) Cabbage butterflies
(C) Aphid (D) Painted bug

17. Stripping of sugarcane leaves minimizes the attack of–
(A) Mealybugs✓ (B) Pyrilla
(C) Early shoot borer (D) Top shoot borer

18. Bagging of anar fruits with polythene cover is done to avoid' damage from
(A) Butterfly sucking moth✓ (B) Fruit borer
(C) Shoot hole borer (D) Fruit fly

19. Flared squares (Flare-up) is the damage symptoms of–
(A) Earias vitella✓ (B) Helicoverpa armigera
(C) Pectinophora gossypiella (D) None of these

20. Which bacteria is responsible for staining of the cotton fiber?
(A) Azotobacter sp (B) Clostridium botulinum✓
(C) Nematospora gossypii (D) Bacillus sp

21. Scientific name of banana aphid is–
(A) Thrips florum (B) Pentalonia nigroneruosa✓
(C) Cosmopolites sordidus (D) Yirachola isocrates

22. The pest which attack both in field and storage of pulses is–
(A) Pulse beetle✓ (B) Cram pod borer
(C) Red gram pod fly (D) Pod borer

23. In paddy, the elongation of leaf sheath, when infested by gall fly (Orseolla oryzae) is due to a chemical known as–
(A) Allethrin (B) Ecdysone
(C) Cecidogen✓ (D) Allomone

24. The bushy appearance with dead heart in sugarcane at 6th inter-node is due to–
(A) Excess irrigation (B) Top borer✓
(C) Excess nitrogen (D) Mealy bug

25. The last segment in the abdomen of male cockroach in addition of cerci will have a pair of–
(A) Caudal filament (B) Anal styli✓
(C) Clasper (D) Paraprocts

26. Example of an exopterygote insect order with a pupal instar in its life cycle–
(A) Thysanoptera✓ (B) Heteroptera
(C) Odonata (D) Cepidoptera

27. Example of an insect order in which nymphs are called naids–
(A) Thysanura (B) Odonata✓
(C) Diptera (D) Hymenoptera

28. Supra oesophagial ganglion is also called–
(A) Brain✓ (B) Abdominal ganglia
(C) Thoracic ganglia (D) None of these

29. The holes at the base of sorghum peduncle are due to–
(A) Chilo partellus✓ (B) Atherigona soccata
(C) Contarinia sorghicola (D) Calocoris angustata

30. Cosmopolites sordi du s the banana rhizomes weevil belong to–
(A) Pyralidae (B) Cucurlionidae✓
(C) Thripidae (D) Aphidae

31. Indicate which one is the ear head midge–
(A) Contarinia sorghicola✓ (B) Calocoris anguistata
(C) Orseolia oryzea (D) Chilo partellus

32. Celphos tablets are used for the management of–
(A) Coconut mites (B) Cotton bollworm
(C) Rice stem borer (D) Storage pests✓

33. The insecticide which is used in mosquito mats is–
(A) Endosulfan (B) Diazinon
(C) Malathion (D) Allethrin✓

34. The spiralling whitefly infesting the leaves of many crops is–
(A) Bemesia tabaci (B) Aleurolobus sp.
(C) Aleurodicus dispersus✓ (D) None of these

35. The mustard sawfly (Athalia proximal lays eggs near–
(A) Flower (B) Leaf margin✓
(C) Soil surface (D) Roots

36. Which pest of potato attacks the tuber both in field and storage? 
(A) Potato aphid (B) Ladybird beetle
(C) Potato tuber moth✓ (D) Potato black cutworm

37. Which of the following repellent is used against termites?
(A) Oil of citronella (B) Deet
(C) Pentachlorophenol✓ (D) Bordeaux mixture

38. Father of host plant resistance is–
(A) Kogan & Ortman (B) R.H. Painter✓
(C) Zeidler (D) Paul Muller

39. Crease painting in mango trees is done to control–
(A) Mango hoppers (B) Mealybug✓
(C) Fruit fly (D) Stone weevil

40. Pest which occurs regularly and in a serious manner is known as–
(A) Epidemic✓ (B) Pandemic
(C) Endemic (D) Sporadic

41. In honey bee pollen basket is present in–
(A) Foreleg (B) Hindleg✓
(C) Both (A) & (B) (D) None of these

42. The pebrine disease of silkworm is caused by–
(A) Bacteria (B) Fungi
(C) Virus (D) Protozoa✓

43. Major waste of terrestrial insect is–
(A) Uric acid✓ (B) Ammonia
(C) H2S (D) None of these

44. Pterostigma is a character of the order–
(A) Protura (B) Coleoptera
(C) Odonata✓ (D) None of these

45. Most serious pest of wheat is–
(A) Termite✓ (B) Thrips
(C) Cutworms (D) Leafhoppers

46. The inner core of silk filament, fibroin is/an–
(A) Protein✓ (B) Amino acid
(C) Carbohydrate (D) Lipid

47. Scientifically lac insect is known as–
(A) Laccifera lacca✓ (B) Apis dorsata
(C) Artocarpus heterophyllous (D) Zizijphus spp

48. In honey bees, the queen substance is secreted by–
(A) Mandibular glands✓ (B) Acid glands
(C) Pharyngeal glands (D) Wax glands

49. The number of generations an insect completes in one year in its natural condition is known as–
(A) Voltinism✓ (B) Denier
(C) Grainage (D) None of these

50. Insect vector of African sleeping sickness caused by Trypanosoma gatnbienses is–
(A) House flies (B) Sandflies
(C) Human lice (D) Tsetse flies✓

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