50 Agricultural Engineering MCQ Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

agricultural engineering multiple choice questions and answers

Agricultural Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers: Most important Agricultural Engineering Objective Questions and Answers useful for General Agriculture for preparation of SRF, ARS, Ph.D., M.Sc. IBPS, AFO, AO, IFS, NABARD, SSC, Banks, IBPS, CAT-MAT, Railways, Police & many more competitive examinations & entrance tests.

1. The size of a seed drill is expressed by–
(A) amount of seed sown per unit time
(B) length x width of the machine
(C) the number of furrow openers x distance between two furrow openers✓
(D) Area covered per unit time

2. The size of the planter is given by–
(A) Area covered per unit time
(B) Number of furrow openers x spacing between them✓
(C) Length x Width of the machine
(D) Amount of seed sown per unit time

3. In precession planter the height of drop of seed from a hopper to ground should be about –
(A) 30 cm (B) 25 cm
(C) As close to the ground as possible✓ (D) None of the above

4. The type of furrow opener recommended for use in hard and trashy ground and also in wet, dry soil in–
(A) single disc type✓ (B) curved runner type
(C) hoe type (D) stub runner type

5. Most suitable furrow opener for seeding In a trashy and hard seedbed is–
(A) hoe type (B) shovel type
(C) disc type✓ (D) runner type

6. Accurate and inclined placement of seeds to provide rows in two perpendicular directions is known as–
(A) Drilling (B) Planting
(C) Precision Seeding (D) Check-row Planting✓

7. Power operated Paddy transplanter is being manufactured in India by–
(A) M/s Escorts Ltd.
(B) M/s Mitsubishi Ltd.✓
(C) M/ s Eicher t..ractors Ltd.
(D) None of the above

8. In an offset harrow, the number of gangs is–
(A) 1 (B) 2✓
(C) 3 (D) 4
9. The recommended peripheral speed of a spike tooth cylinder for a wheat crop is __ m/s–
(A) < 20 (B) 20 - 25
(C) 25 - 30✓ (D) 30 - 35

10. Hand operated sprayers are operated at ____ kg/cm2–
(A) 1 - 7✓ (B) 7 - 10
(C) 10-20 (D) 20-25

11. for spray application, the quantity to be applied in a field will depend upon–
(A) Forward speed (B) No. of nozzles
(C) Pressure (D) All of the above✓

12. Specific fuel consumption of tractor diesel engine is from __ to __ kg/ bhp-hr–
(A) 0.10-0.15 (B) 0.18-0.25✓
(C) 0.26- 0.3 (D) 0.33-0.4

13. A tractor seat suspension should have its natural frequency in the range of ___ CPC.
(A) 0.5 - 2 (B) 2 - 4 ✓
(C) 4 - 6 (D) None of the above

14. With increase in a stroke-bore ratio of an engine, the frictional horsepower of the engine–
(A) increases (B) decreases
(C) remain same (D) None of the above ✓

15. The requirement of air for full combustion of 1 kg fuel in 5.1. 'engine is about _ kg–
(A) 12.5 (B) 14.2
(C) 15.1✓ (D) 17.6

16. In the hydrostatic transmission drive having a variable displacement pump and a fixed displacement motor, the output torque–
(A) increases with motor speed
(B) decreases with motor speed
(C) is almost constant with motor speed
(D) first increases and then decreases with motor speed✓

17. The maximum torque can be increased by–
(A) increasing the stroke-bore ratio
(B) increasing the volumetric efficiency✓
(C) decreasing the stroke-bore ratio
(D) decreasing the volumetric efficiency

18. While designing the tractor seat suspension, the ratio of the tractor frequency to seat frequency is kept–
(A) 0.5✓ (B) 1
(C) 1.4 (D) None of the above

19. In a combine harvester, the ratio of reel peripheral speed to forwarding speed (reel speed index) should normally be in the range of–
(A) 1.25 to 1. 50✓ (B) 1.50 to 1.75
(C) 1.75 to 2.00 (D) None of the above

20. An indigenous plough is–
(A) a multipurpose implement
(B) a primary tillage implement✓
(C) a secondary tillage implement
(D) a wetland puddler

21. The differential lock in a tractor is used to give–
(A) high speed to outer wheel on turn✓
(B) lower speed to inner wheel on turn
(C) different speed to drive
(D) when two wheels have different traction

22.  Correlation coefficient–
(A) is less than -1 (B) is more than +1✓
(C) lies between -1 and +1 (D) lies between a and 1

23. Maximum number of tractor being manufactured in India are in the hp range of–
(A) 15 - 24 (B) 25 - 36✓
(C) 37 - 50 (D) 51 - 60

24. Tilt angle of a disc plough is generally
(A) 0o (B) 15o
(C) 20o (D) 45o

25. If the exact speed ratio does not require, which combination of teeth on a spur gear be preferred?
(A) 16 : 32✓ (B) 14: 32
(C) 15: 31 (D) 14 : 30

26. Length of stroke in the engine is 1000 mm, running at 1000 rpm, piston of engine will be __ m / min–
(A) 200 ✓ (B) 300
(C) 400 (D) 500

27. Most commonly transmission system used in India is–
(A) Synchronous (B) Planetary gear
(C) Selective gear✓ (D) Hydrostatic

28. The four-cylinder engine at 180 rpm, the firing interval will be as–
(A) 1/60 S✓ (B) 1/45 S
(C) 1/90 S (D) 1/10 S

29. The speed of a belt is 12 Mis and it transmitting 80 hp, the difference of tension on the sides of the belt will be–
(A) 400 kg (B) 425 kg
(C) 475 kg (D) 500 kg✓

30. The Lowest unit draft is obtained in a disc plough, when disc is operated at ........... depth of its diameter.
(A) 1/3 (B) 1/2
(C) 1/4 (D) 3/4✓

31. The two types of cylinders used on power wheat threshers are–
(A) Spike tooth and wire loop type
(B) Serrated disc and rasp bar
(C) Spike tooth and hammer mill✓
(D) Hammermill and flails

32. An implement attached to swinging drawbar of the tractor will offer–
(A) Increase in turning radius (B) Decrease in turning radius✓
(C) Increase inside draft (D) None of the above

33. The unit draft of an indigenous plough making a 20 em wide and 10 em deep V-shaped furrow in 70 kg per sq. cm–The draft is–
(A) 50 kg (B) 60 kg
(C) 70 kg✓ (D) 80 kg

34. Total grain losses in a combined increase with–
(A) Increase in forwarding speed
(B) Decrease in stubble height
(C) Increase in concave clearance
(D) All of the above✓

35. Spiral gear is used to transmit power between two shafts placed at–
(A) An angle to each other
(B) In different planes
(C) Both (A) and (B) ✓
(D) None of the above

36. Width of cut of disc plough is increased by–
(A) Increasing disc angle ✓
(B) Increasing tilt angle
(C) Addition of more weight
(D) Decreasing disc angle

37. The horizontal component of pull perpendicular to the line of motion is called–
(A) Draft (B) Side draft✓
(C) Transverse component (D) Pull

38. For operating rotavator in trashy soils, which lines are better?
(A) L - shaped✓ (B) Hook shaped
(C) Backward curved (D) Straight blade

39. Soil strength is determined by–
(A) Penetrometer✓ (B) Micrometer
(C) Hydrometer (D) Dynamometer

40. Tandem wheels are preferred over dual wheels because–
(A) They lend to reduce load on an area by 50% ✓
(B) They tend to reduce soil contact pressure
(C) Reduces subsoil compactness pressure
(D) None of the above

41. The lower value of the ratio of drawbar height to length of tractor is better–
(A) variation in weight transfer increased
(B) variation in weight transfer decreased✓
(C) risk increases while ascending a gradient
(D) variation in lateral stability is reduced

42. Inflation pressure in rear wheel tractor is–
(A) 0 . 8 - L: 2 kg/ cm 2✓ (B) 1.2 - 2.0 kg/ cm 2
(C) 2.a - 2.5 kg/ em 2 (D) > 2.5 kg/cm 2

43. Turbochargers are driven by–
(A) Direct connection with engine power
(B) Exhaust gases from engine✓
(C) Electric current from battery
(D) None of the above

44. Number of piston rings on piston varies between–
(A) 1 - 3 (B) 3 - 7✓
(C) 7 - 12 (D) 12 - 15

45.Farm yard manure contains about ................ percentage of nitrogen.
 (A) 0.50✓ (B) 0. 75
 (C) 1'00 (D) 1'25

46. Improved uniformity is obtained if seed tube is inclined rearward at .......... with vertical–
(A) 5 - 15 ° (B) 15 - 30°✓
(C) 30 - 40° (D) 40 - 50°

47. Compression pressure in petrol engine cylinder is–
(A) 6 - 10 kg/cm2✓ (B) 10 - 20 kg/cm2
(C) 20 - 35 kg Zcm 2 (D) 35 - 45 kg/cm2

48. Injection pressure of the fuel nozzle in diesel engine is–
(A) 35 - 45 kg/cm 2 (B) 50 - 100 kg/cm2
(C) 100 - 200 kg/cm2✓ (D) 200 kg/ em 2

49. Nozzle spacing on the boom in power operated sprayer depends upon–
(A) Spray angle
(B) Height of the boom from the target
(C) Diameter of spray pattern
(D) All of the above✓

50. Size of tyre is generally represented as–
(A) Sectional width x rim dia✓
(B) Sectional dia. x rim width
(C) Tyre width x tyre dia,
(D) None of the above

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