Motilal Nehru Short Biography (300 Words) - Family, Son, Wife, Books

Motilal Nehru was born on 6 May,1861 in Agra, India. He was an Indian freedom fighter and leader of the Indian National Congress. Gangadhar Nehru and Jeevarani Nehru were his Parents and Lakshmi Narayan Nehru, his grandfather. Swarup Rani Nehru was his Spouse. He had three children: Jawaharlal Nehru, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, Krishna Hutheesing. He was one of the first Indians to receive ‘Western’ education in India. He got admission into Muir College at Agra but failed to appear for his Bachelor of Arts degree examinations. He then enlisted himself as a lawyer in the English courts. He became an advocate (barrister) and settled in Allahabad. As a successful lawyer, he got the honor of appearing in the Privy Council of Great Britain.

Motilal Nehru was an active freedom fighter. The British police captured him during the Non-Cooperation agitation (movement). Motilal Nehru was close to Mahatma Gandhi, later on he developed some differences with him and joined the Swaraj Party which tried to enter the British backed councils. The Swaraj Party proved unsuccessful and Nehru came back to the Congress. He was the chief mover of the Nehru Commission in 1928. Nehru Commission was the first Indian constitution written by Indians which explored a supremacy status for India within the British Empire. It was rejected Indians who saw it as an unfair document not representing the varied interests of the native Indian population.

Motilal Nehru served as the Congress President twice, 1919–1920 and 1928–1929. His lousy health kept him out of the pre-independent Indian politics when Mahatma Gandhi began the Salt Satyagraha. He was captured by British soldiers in 1930, but was freed soon due to his failing physical condition. This independence activist and a popular figure in the Indian National Congress passed away on February 6, 1931.