Animal Husbandry MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF Download

Animal Husbandry Question Bank – Essential and important part of animal husbandry agriculture in India, most of the population is dependent on animal husbandry, so let us know important information related to animal husbandry - Important questions and answers related to Animal Husbandry–

1. Genus of goat is–
(A) Ovis (B) Capra
(C) Bos (D) Bubalus

2. Spleenic fever is another name for–
(A) FMD (B) Anthrax
(C) Cowpox (D) Mastitis

3. Which element is deficient in milk?
(A) Mg (B) Ca
(C) Fe✓ (D) P
4. Cattle disease transferred to man is–
(A) FMD (B) Anthrax
(C) Rinderpest (D) Footrot

5. Expulsion of placenta should be within–
(A) 2 - 3 hr (B) 4 - 8 hr
(C) 6 - 8 hr✓ (D) 10 - 12 hr

6. Roughage contain moisture up to–
(A) 15 - 20% (B) 5 - 10%
(C) 10 - 15%✓ (D) 20 - 25%
7. Dual purpose breed of goat–
(A) Barbari (B) Jamnapari
(C) Marwari (D) Beetul

8. Gestation period of cow is days–
(A) 283 - 285✓ (B) 290 - 292
(C) 142 - 145 (D) 152 - 154

9. Mating of the related individual with 4-6 generation is known as–
(A) Inbreeding✓ (B) Linebreeding
(C) Close breeding (D) Outcrossing

10. The largest part of ruminant stomach–
(A) Omasum (B) Abomasum
(C) Rumen✓ (D) Reticulum

11. Casein form of total milk proteins–
(A) 60 - 65 % (B) 70 - 71 %
(C) 42 - 45 % (D) 80 - 83 %

12. Galactopiosis is–
(A) Milk secretion (B) Maintenance of lactation
(C) Milk let down (D) Ceasing of lactation

13. Castration done at the age of in goat–
(A) 2 - 4 weeks✓ (B) 3 - 5 weeks
(C) 4 - 6 weeks (D) 3 - 4 weeks

14. World's No.1 egg producer–
(A) New Hempshire (B) Leghorn
(C) English class (D) Rhode Island Red

15. Most popular fine wool breed of world–
(A) Rambouillet (B) Lincoln
(C) Corriedale (D) Merino

16. Two humped camel is known as–
(A) Cantelus bacterianus✓ (B) Canielus lamr
(C) C. dromedarius (D) None

17. Horse is a–
(A) Ruminant hoofed (B) Non ruminant hoofed
(C) Even toed hoofed (D) Odd toed hoofed

18. Immunity is caused by–
(A) Lymphocytes✓ (B) Basophils
(C) Eosinophils (D) All

19. Best pH for semen preservation–
(A) 6.4 (B) 7.4
(C) 7.2 (D) 6.8

20. Shortest period of estrous cycle is–
(A) Estrus✓ (B) Procesturs
(C) Metestrus (D) Diestrus

21. The fat content of double toned milk is–
(A) 0.5 % (B) 1.5 %
(C) 3.0% (D) 4.5%

22. Milk share consumed for whole milk purpose is–
(A) 1/2 (B) 3/4
(C) 2/3 (D) 1/3

23. Heat in camel is known as–
(A) Musth✓ (B) Heat
(C) Goulla (D) Pali

24. The major advantage of weaning in cows–
(A) To get clean milk✓(B) To get strong calves
(C) To get continuous milk (D) Increase milking efficiency

25. Rinderpest is caused by–
(A) Bacteria (B) Virus
(C) Parasite (D) Mould

26. Estrogen, progestron and relaxin hormones are secreted from–
(A) Ovary✓ (B) Adrenal
(C) Pituitary (D) Thyroid

27.  Thick horns, broad dished forehead and short face are present in–
(A) Haryana (B) Kankrej
(C) Tharparkar (D) Nagori
28. Oogenesis and spermatogenesis are a major physiological action of (hormone released from pituitary gland)–
(A) Thyrotropin (B) Prolactin
(C) Follicle stimulating hormone✓ (D) Oxytocin

29. Which type of the ligament is primarily responsible for the udder 'breaking down' ?
(A) Lateral suspensory (B) Median suspensory
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

30. Failure of the retractor penis muscles to relax and to allow the penis to extend from the sheath is known as –
(A) Cyptorchidism (B) Scrotal hernia
(C) Importentia coeundi (D) Free martin (neuter)

31. The number of pre molar teeth in cattle–
(A) 6 (B) 8
(C) 10 (D) 12

32. Life span of cattle–
(A) 10 - 15 yr (B) 15 - 20 yr
(C) 20 - 25 yr✓ (D) 25 - 30 yr

33. Ongole is a breed of–
(A) Cow✓ (B) Buffalo
(C) Goat (D) Sheep

34. Cow milk's protein is called–
(A) Zein (B) Lactalbumin
(C) Casein✓ (D) Albumin

35. Morocco leather produced from skin of–
(A) Camel (B) Horse
(C) Sheep (D) Goat

36. Maximum producer of wool–
(A) Rajasthan✓ (B) Haryana
(C) U.P. (D) Punjab

37. Average period of lactation in buffalo–
(A) 145 days (B) 175 days
(C) 281 days✓ (D) 332 days

38. Toda is a breed of–
(A) SheeI (B) Goat
(C) Cattle (D) Buffalo

39. Paneer is a–
(A) Concentrated milk product (B) Fermented milk product
(C) Coagulated milk product✓ (D) Dried milk product

40. Methylene Blue Reduction Test (MBRT) is conducted to know the efficiency of–
(A) Toned milk (B) Double toned milk
(C) Sterilized milk (D) Pasteurized milk

41. Buffer value of milk is due to–
(A) Protein✓ (B) Fat
(C) Lipid (D) Carbohydrate is

42. Average fertile life of an egg–
(A) 12 - 24 hr✓ (B) 1 - 2 days
(C) 3 - 4 days (D) Ij2 day

43. Browsing is common feature of–
(A) Horse (B) Sheep
(C) Cow (D) Goat

44. Angora is a native of–
(A) Europe (B) Turkey
(C) Holland (D) India

45. The fat content of cream should to be less than–
(A) 25 %✓ (B) 35 %
(C) 45 % (D) 55 %

46. Which of the following vitamins remains ram is most resistant on heat treatment of milk–
(A) Vitamin A✓ (B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin BI (D) Vitamin BI2

47. 'White revolution' is related to–
(A) Cotton (B) Milk
(C) Rice (D) Sheep

48. Enzyme coagulated milk product is–
(A) Paneer (B) Dahi
(C) Cheese✓ (D) Chhana

49. Colostrum feeding necessary for–
(A) Increasing protein (B) Easy to digest
(C) Disease resistance (D) All

50. Mainly draught breed of cattle is–
(A) Gir (B) Sahiwal
(C) Amrit Mahal✓ (D) Kankrej

51. Temperature required for artificial vagina–
(A) 41°C (B) 39 °C
(C) 45°C (D) 32 °C

52. Toggenberg is native of–
(A) Europe (B) Switzerland
(C) Africa (D) USA

53. National Dairy located at Research Institute is located at–
(A) Kamal✓ (B) New Delhi
(C) Varanasi (D) Jhansi

54. Tharparkar is native of–
(A) Haryana (B) Rajasthan
(C) Pakistan✓ (D) Gujarat

55. Tallest breed of sheep–
(A) Deccani (B) Bikaneri
(C) Nellore✓ (D) Nilgiri

56. 'Operation flood' is related to–
(A) Opium (B) Cotton
(C) Rice (D) Milk

57. Body temperature of cow is–
(A) 98.2°P (B) 45.6°P
(C) 101°P✓ (D) 34°P

58. Curled toe paralysis caused due to–
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin B2✓ (D) Vitamin B12

59. Egg shell made up of–
(A) Ca(OH)2 (B) Ca3(P04)2
(C) CaC03✓ (D) CaO

60. Salted meat of pig is known as–
(A) Bacon✓ (B) Beef
(C) Pork (D) Chicken

61. Dorset horn ias native of–
(A) USA (B) England
(C) France (D) Denmark

62. Temperature for LTLT pasteurization–
(A) 61 - 63°C✓ (B) 42 - 49°C
(C) 62 - 65°C (D) 51 - 65 °C

63. Cattle plague another name for–
(A) Anthrax (B) Rinderpest
(C) FMD (D) Cowpox

64. Most popular poultry in USA–
(A) Plymouth Rock✓(B) New Hempshire
(C) Rhode Island Red (D) Brahma

65. Longest phase of oestrus cycle–
(A) Proestrus (B) Estrus
(C) Metestrus (D) Diestrus

66. Gestation period in buffalo is–
(A) 280 days (B) 310 days
(C) 270 days (D) 420 days

67. Finest wool in Rajasthan produced by–
(A) Magra (B) Sonadi
(C) Nali (D) Chokla

68. Jersy is native of–
(A) Denmark (B) England
(C) Holland (D) USA

69. Egg production starts in poultry at the age of–
(A) 5 1/2 months✓ (B) 3 1/2 months
(C) 4 months (D) 6 months

70. Large white Yorkshire is breed of –
(A) Sheep (B) Goat
(C) Pig✓ (D) Horse

71. Sheep breeding depends mainly on–
(A) Season✓ (B) Age
(C) Environment (D) None

72. When two breeds are crossed alternatively is known as–
(A) Criss crossing✓ (B) Triple crossing
(C) Back crossing (D) None

73. Initiation of milk secretion is called–
(A) Lactogenesis✓ (B) Galactogenesis
(C) Galactopiosis (D) None

74. Which part lacking in stomach of camel ?
(A) Abomasum (B) Omasum
(C) Rumen (D) All

75. For production of 1 ml of milk .... ml of blood 'passes through udder–
(A) 200 (B) 100 - 120
(C) 400 - 500✓ (D) 300 - 450

76. Chemical used for dehorning is
(A) Na CI (B) Caustic potash
(C) Oxalic acid (D) a OH

77. Gestation period for swine–
(A) 120 days (B) 105 days
(C) 114 days✓ (D) 100 days

78. Goat's share in milk production in India is–
(A) 2.9 %✓ (B) 5 %
(C) 10 % (D) 15 %

79.  Saanen breed is native of–
(A) U. S. A. (B) Switzerland
(C) Africa (D) U. K

80. Hormone secreted from pancreas and lower blood sugar levels is–
(A) Glucagon (B) Insulin
(C) Epinephrine (D) Relaxin

81. Goat tissue vaccine (GTV) is used' against–
(A) FMD (B) Rinderpest
(C) HS (D) Black quarter

82. Pashmina is produced from–
(A) Chegu (B) Changthangi
(C) Both (A) and (B)✓ (D) Gaddi

83. Synchronisation of heat (controlling heat) is desired in–
(A) Goat (B) Sheep
(C) Cow (D) Buffalo

84. Ergosterol is a precursor of vitamin
(A) A (B) n,
(C) D2✓ (D) E

85. Which of the following glands secretes oxytocin?
(A) Thyroid (B) Ovary
(C) Pituitary✓ (D) Adrenal

86. Milk vein in cows contains–
(A) Water (C) Blood
(B) Milk (D) Milk and blood

87. To remove milk stone, is used–
(A) Alkali (B) Alcohol
(C) Acids✓ (D) Acetone

88. The best age of dehorning is–
(A) 1 week✓ (B) 4 weeks
(C) 8 weeks (D) 16 weeks

89. Ash content of human milk is–
(A) 0.2 %✓ (B) 0.5 %
(C) 0.7% (D) 0.8%

90. Better quality khoa is prepared from–
(A) Buffalo milk✓ (B) Cow milk
(C) Sheep milk (D) Camel milk

91. The optimum dahi is–
(A) 10°C (B) 18°C
(C) 22 °C✓ (D) 28 °C

92. Which animal have single stomach with large caecum, unable to ruminate ?
(A) Sheep (B) Camel
(C) Buffalo (D) Donkey

93. TDN in legume fodder is–
(A) 10 - 15% (B) 15 - 30%
(C) 30 - 40%✓ (D) 40 - 50%

94. Hormone for milk secretion–
(A) Oxytocin (B) ACH
(C) Prolactin✓ (D) TSH

95. Undescended condition of the testes into the scrotal sac is known as–
(A) Cryptorchidism✓ (B) Free martin
(C) Scrotal hernia (D) Importautia coeundi

96. Buffalo share in total milk production in India–
(A) 55 %✓ (B) 42 %
(C) 60 % (D) 65 %

97. NRC for Horses is located at–
(A) Hisar✓ (B) Ludhiana
(C) Kamal (D) New Delhi

98. Marek's disease found in–
(A) Cattle (B) Poultry
(C) Sheep (D) Goat

99. Yellow colour of egg the is due to–
(A) Carotene (B) Anthocyanin
(C) Vitamin B (D) Xanthophyll

100. The moisture content of paneer is not less than–
(A) 70 %✓ (B) 65 %
(C) 60 % (D) 55 %