Animal Husbandry Objectives Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Important Questions related to Animal Husbandry: Questions from animal husbandry are also frequently asked in the examinations of general knowledge besides agricultural examinations. Since animal husbandry is an important part of India. Therefore it is important for you to be updated on Animal Husbandry General Knowledge. For your success, we are giving useful objective questions related to animal husbandry. The study of which will make you easily successful.

1. Ovum produce–
(A) Fertilizin✓ (B) Zona lysin
(C) Hyaluronidase (D) All

2.  Blue revolution is related to–
(A) Crops (B) Oilseeds
(C) Fisheries✓ (D) Energy source

3. India's rank in livestock population–
(A) I✓ (B) II
(C) III (D) IV

4. Surathi buffalo breed is a native of–
(A) Orissa (B) W. B.
(C) U. P. (D) Gujarat

5. Maximum fat (%) in milk of–
(A) Murrah (B) Mehsana
(C) Bhadawari✓ (D) Zafrabadi

6. Highest milk yielder is–
(A) Murrah✓ (B) Mehsana
(C) Zafrabadi (D) Bhadawari

7. FMD is caused–
(A) Virus✓ (B) Bacteria
(C) Fungus (D) None of these

8. Dual purpose breed of cow is–
(A) Tharparkar✓ (B) Sahiwal
(C) Sindhi (D) Gir

9. Yellow colour of cow presence of–
(A) Carotene✓ (B) Anthocyanin
(C) Vitamin B (D) None

10. Milk sugar is–
(A) Lactose✓ (B) Maltose
(C) Glucose (D) Sucrose

11. Rathi is a common breed in–
(A) Bihar (B) Punjab
(C) Rajasthan✓ (D) U. P.

12. First clone Dolly was made in of–
(A) Sheep✓ (B) Goat
(C) Cow (D) Buffalo

13. Lactose in milk exists in the form of–
(A) Colloidal (B) Emulsion
(C) Solution (D) None of these

14. Fat in separated milk is not more than–
(A) 0.1 %✓ (B) 0.5 %
(C) 1.0% (D) 1.5%

15. Total egg production in India is–
(A) 66 billion✓ (B) 60 billion
(C) 80 billion (D) 100 billion

16. The solid not fat (SNF) content of toned milk is–
(A) 6.0 % (B) 7.0 %
(C) 8.5 %✓ (D) 9.0 %

17. Gerber method is used for testing–
(A) Fat✓ (B) Protein
(C) Lactose (D) Vitamins

18. A good quality dahi should have acidity less than–
(A) 0.8 %✓ (B) 1.0 %
(C) 1.5 % (D) 2.0 %

19. Buffalo milk is rich source of following minerals–
(A) Iron and copper (B) Phosphorus and copper
(C) Calcium and iron of (D) Calcium and phosphorus

20. Polenske value of milk fat is due to–
(A) Water soluble fatty acids (B) Water insoluble fatty acids
(C) Protein nitrogen is (D) Fats

21. Lactose is a disaccharide made of–
(A) Glucose and fructose (B) Glucose and glucose
(C) Maltose and glucose (D) Galactose and glucose

22. Average pH of normal milk is–
(A) 4.6 (B) 5.6
(C) 6.6✓ (D) 7.6

23. Most variable of all constituent present in milk is–
(A) Protein (B) Fat
(C) Carbohydrate (D) Minerals

24. Humpless cattle belong to group–
(A) Bas tauras (B) Bas indicus
(C) Bas bubalis (D) Bas ami

25. Nasal septum in bull calves be punctured for pulling a rope or nose ring at the age–
(A) 12 months✓ (B) 18 months
(C) 24 months (D) 30 months

26. Strip cup is used–
(A) Just before milking✓ (B) Just after milking
(C) At the middle of milking (D) Any time during milking
27. For breeding, the number of ewes per ram is–
(A) 20 - 30 (B) 40 - 50
(C) 60 - 80 (D) 80 - 100
28. Docking in sheep is done at the age of–
(A) 7 - 14 days✓ (B) 1 month
(C) 111z months (D) 2 months
29. Beetal goats are found in–
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Rajasthan
(C) Punjab✓ (D) Gujarat

30. The lightest body weight goat is–
(A) Jamnapari (B) Beetal
(C) Togganburg✓ (D) Barbari

31. Castration of male pigs is done by which method–
(A) Elastrator (B) Knife✓
(C) Burdizzo (D) Hot iron

32. Minimum weight of extra large A grade eggs is–
(A) 45 gms (B) 55 gms
(C) 60 gms✓ (D) 70 gms

33. Austerlop birds come in category–
(A) American (B) Mediterranean
(C) Asiatic (D) English

34. The animal gets swelling on hind quarters, shoulders and neck, limps and on pressing the affected parts, makes crepitating sound in the disease–
(A) Black quarter (B) Haemorrhagic septicaemia
(C) FMD (D) Rinderpest

35. One buck is sufficient to breed does–
(A) 20 - 30 (B) 30 - 40
(C) 50 - 60✓ (D) 80 - 100

36. The egg should be candled on day of incubation–
(A) 2nd (B) 3rd
(C) 4th (D) 5th

37. Ringworm is caused by–
(A) Bacteria (B) Fungi
(C) Algae (D) Virus

38. Which of the following is a non reducing carbohydrate ?
(A) Glucose (B) Maltose
(C) Lactose (D) Sucrose

39. What is the chemical nature of Estrogen ?
(A) Fatty acid (B) Amino acid
(C) Protein (D) Steroid

40. Minerals in the feed are–
(A) Feed supplement✓ (B) Concentrates
(C) Medicine (D) None of these
41. Which one of the hormone carbohydrates ?
(A) FSH✓ (B) Prolactin
(C) Oxytocin contains (D) Androgen

42. What is the shape of ovary in buffaloes?
(A) Almond shaped (B) Berry shaped
(C) Kidney shaped✓ (D) Oval shaped

43. Dagnala disease in animals is caused due to the deficiency of –
(A) Sodium (B) Silicon
(C) Selenium✓ (D) Magnesium

44. Livestock census is done after every ..... years–
(A) 5✓ (B) 10
(C) 12 (D) 14

45. Average heart beats per minute of cow is–
(A) 72 (B) 90
(C) 55✓ (D) 75

46. Thyroxine and calcitocinhelp in increased rate of cellular metabolism and decreased blood calcium, respectively are released from–
(A) Pituitary (B) Thyroid
(C) Parathyroid (D) Kidney

47. Wallowing is a common behaviour of–
(A) Cow (B) Buffalo
(C) Goat (D) Sheep

48. Ovulation may be defined as the discharge of the egg from–
(A) Graafian follicle✓ (B) Corpus luteum
(C) Uterus (D) Vagina

49. The uterine glands secrete 'Uterine milk' under the infl uence of estrogen and progesterone hormone, composed of–
(A) Protein (B) Fat
(C) Glycogen (D) All of these

50. refers to the undescended condition of the testes into the scrotal sac–
(A) Cryptorchidism✓ (B) Scrotal hernia
(C) Free martin (D) White heifer disease

51. When a female calf is born as a twin to a male calf, a sterile female known as a–
(A) Importentia coeundi (B) Free martin (neuter)
(C) Rigs✓ (D) White heifer disease
52. The condition of persistent hymen is known as–
(A) Metritis (B) Vaginitis
(C) Pyometra (D) White heifer disease

53. Initiation of milk secretion is known as–
(A) Lactogenesis✓ (B) Galactogenesis
(C) Milk let down (D) Involution

54. Out of total body calcium, bone and teeth have–
(A) 79 % (C) 95 %
(B) 89 % (D) 99 %

55. Fat soluble vitamins includes–
(A) A, D, E & K✓ (C) Band C
(B) A and D (D) A, D and C

56. Length of dry period in well fed cows should be days–
(A) 20 - 40 (B) 40 - 80
(C) 60 - 100 (D) 90 - 120

57. Which one of the following is not a bacterial disease?
(A) Rinderpest✓ (B) Haemorrhagic septicaemia
(C) Anthrax (D) Black quarter

58. Barbari breed of goat is a native of–
(A) East Africa✓ (B) Punjab
(C) Banner (D) Surat

59. Minorca breed of fowl includes in class–
(A) American (B) English
(C) Mediterranean✓ (D) Asiatic

60. Incubation period (days) .in chicken (Gallus gallus) is–
(A) 11 (B) 21
(C) 24 (D) 28