Nickname of Rajasthan Cities in English

Nickname of Rajasthan Cities is the important part of Rajasthan general knowledge. On which the questions like ‘nickname of Jaipur’ ‘nickname of Kota’ ‘new Manchester of Rajasthan’  etc are being asked. All the questions are also very useful and important for the examinations conducted by the others state governments and central government besides the examinations conducted by the Rajasthan government.

Therefore, Here we are giving brief examination material on Nickname of Rajasthan Cities. So that you can save your time and can learn easily. On the topic of Nickname of Rajasthan Cities lists are taken which are being asked frequently or there is most probably to ask these questions in upcoming examinations.

All the nephew of pilgrimage – Machkund, Dholpur
Ancient Rajasthan Tata – Red, Tonk
Andaman Rajasthan – Jaisalmer
Asbestos market – Bhilwara 
Bawdion City (City offs were Step Wales) – Bundi 
Beauty of the desert / desert Beauty – Rohidha
Blue City – Jodhpur 
Boar city – Baran 
City of Bells – Jhalrapatan 
City of lakes – Udaipur 
City of mountains – Dungarpur
City of Nawabs – Tonk
City streets – Jaisalmer 
Cotton city – Suratgarh 
Counter magnet of Rajasthan – Alwar
Desert / Desert Rose – Jaisalmer
Desert city of Rajasthan – Bikaner
Desert gateway – Jodhpur 
Desert triangle – Jodhpur– Jaisalmer–Bikaner
Devotion / power and the city of Silence – Merta City
Devotion and power of the city – Chittaurgarh
Dhatunagri Rajasthan – Nagaur
East Paris / Paris of India – Jaipur
East Venice – Udaipur
Educational capital of Rajasthan – Ajmer
Encyclopedia of Indian sculpture – Victory Column
Food bowl – Shri Ganganagar
Freedom lovers shrines – Haldighati
Gem City – Jaipur 
Golden Triangle – Delhi-Agra-Jaipur
Granite City – Jalore 
Haridwar of Mewar – Matrikundia
Havelis city – Jaisalmer
Hundred Dvipon the city – Banswara
Indian corn – Ajmer 
Indian tiger’s home – Ranthambore
Jlmahlon the city – Deeg 
The judicial capital of Rajasthan – Jodhpur 
K of eastern Rajasthan – Alwar 
Kanpur Rajasthan – Kota
Kashmir to Rajasthan – Udaipur
Khawaja’s city – Ajmer 
Lav–Kush of the city – Sitabadi, Baran

Maharaja of Rntidev city – Keshoraypath
Manchester Rajasthan – Bhilwara
Minuten Fountain and the city – Udaipur 
Modern development shrine in Rajasthan – Suratgarh
Molecule city of Rajasthan – Rawatbhatta
Museum City – Jaisalmer 
Of Marwar Amrit Sarovar – Jawai Dam
Of Marwar teak – Rohidha 
Parks / Garden City – Udaipur 
Pink City – Jaipur 
Pride of Rajasthan – Chittaurgarh
Queen of the Mountains – Dungarpur
Rajasthan Bhubaneswar – Osian 
Rajasthan Cherrapunji – Jhalawar 
Rajasthan gateway (Gateway offs were Raj.) – Bharatpur 
Rajasthan Gibraltar – Taragarh, Ajmer
Rajasthan granary – Ganganagar
Rajasthan Haridwar – Matrikanudia, Chittaurgarh
Rajasthan Mruganga – Indira Gandhi Canal
Rajasthan Nagpur – Jhalawar
Rajasthan Naka / estuary – Ajmer
Rajasthan New Manchester – Bhiwadi 
Rajasthan old door – Alwar
Rajasthan open heart – Ajmer
Rajasthan Orange City – Jhalawar
Rajasthan Purwidwar – Dholpur 
Rajasthan Rajkot – Lunkrnsr 
Rajasthan Shimla – Mount Abu
Rajasthan Taj Mahal – Jaswantthdha, Jodhpur
Rajasthan, Punjab – Sancar
Rajasthan’s Golden City (Gold City) – Jaisalmer
Rajputana Kunji – Ajmer
Red Diamond – Dholpur
Salt City of Rajasthan – Sambar 
Shrine of education / educational city – Kota
Scotland of Rajasthan – Alwar
Small Kashi / other Kashi – Bundi 
Statues jackpot – Karauli
Stones city – Jodhpur 
Suburb of the gods – Pushkar
Sun City (Sun City offs were ‘Rajasthan’) – Jodhpur
Textile city – Bhilwara 
Textile city of Rajasthan – Bhilwara 
Thar pot – Lavender tubewell, Jaisalmer 
Tools city – Nagaur
Tourist city – Jaisaimer
Tribal town – Banswara
Water, stone and mountains Puri – Udaipur
West Rajasthan River – Luni River
Wool home – Bikaner 
Yellow stones of the city – Jaisalmer