24 Major Ports in India for UPSC IAS Exam

India has a total 24 major ports like Kandla port, Calicut port, Visakhapatnam port. Ports play a vital role in the overall economic development. 24 Major ports in India for UPSC IAS exam given blow–

1. Kandla – Tidal Port in Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. Free Trade Zone is being developed.

2. Okha – It is situated in the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat.

3. Porbandar – It lies on the western coast of Gujarat. It is famous for the cement industry and salt production.

4. Surat – Surat is a port city situated on the banks of the Tapi river.

5. Mumbai – Largest port of India from where maximum sea transport takes place. Nhawashewa Port (Jawaharlal Port) is developed to lessen the extra burden from this port.

6. Marmagao – It is an important port in Goa, lying on the Estuary of river Jhari. Iron-ore is exported to Iran from this port.

7. Mangalore – Important port in Karnataka coast, which has the special facility for the export of iron-ore from Kudremukh mines.

8. Calicut – Small port on Kerala coast, famous for fishing.

9. Kochi – Natural port in Kerala on Weinbnad lake. It is believed to be ‘Best Port of the East’.

10. Quilon – Small port on the western coast of Kerala.

11. Thiruvananthapuram – Small port on the South-West coast of Kerala.

12. Kanyakumari – It lies on the southernmost coast of Tamil Nadu.

13. Tuticorin – Major port on Tamil Nadu coast, and pearl-producing centre.

14. Rameshwaram – It lies on South-East coast of Tamil Nadu, known for its natural beauty. One of the four pilgrimages of India.

15. Nagapattinam – It lies on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu.

16. Puducherry – It lies on the east coast of Tamil Nadu.

17. Chennai – One of the oldest ports of India. It is an artificial port where 15-16 ships can stay.

18. MasulIpattnam – Port on the coast of Andhra Pradesh.

19. Kakinada/yenem – Small port of the North-West coast of Andhra Pradesh, exports tobacco.

20. Visakhapatnam – India’s best natural port (in Andhra Pradesh), believed to be one of the deepest ports. It has the facility of ship-building and repairing.

21. Paradeep – It is developed at Odisha coast in Mahanadi Delta. It is being developed as a ‘Free Trade Port’. Irone-ore and manganese are exported to Japan from the port.

22. Haldia – It is developed to lessen the work-load of Kolkata Port because Kolkata Port has a tendency of sedimentation problem.

23. Diamond harbour – It is a sea-harbor of Kolkata Port.

24. Kolkata – This port is 148 km from the seacoast, on the bank of river Hooglie.