MPPSC PCS 2018 Exam Solved Question Paper with PDF Download

Madhya Pradesh P.S.C. (Pre.) Exam of the year 2018 held on dated 18 Febuary, 2018. We are giving 100 questions of General Studies of this exam with answers. For the solution of all the next questions from the link given below, see the solution downloading the PDF. PDF File is absolutely FREE. These questions not only develop of your I.Q. but will useful for upcoming government exams also.

General Studies Solved Questions
1. Name the State Bird of Madhya Pradesh–
(A) Peacock (B) Moorhen
(C) Paradise flycatcher (D) Parrot (Ans : C)

2. What is the full form of NGT?
(A) National Green Tribunal (B) National General Tribe
(C) New General Tribunal (D) National Green Tribe (Ans : A)

3. Name the first State of India which is dependent on organic farming.
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Kerala
(C) Sikkim (D) Arunachal Pradesh (Ans : C)

4. The main air pollutant(s) in metropolitan cities is/are–
(A) O3 (B) CO and SO2
(C) CO2 and NO2 (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

5. Which of the following is a medicinal crop?
(A) Sugarcane (B) Aloe vera
(C) Cotton (D) Mahua (Ans : B)

6. The sunlight energy used by green plants in photosynthesis is trans-formed into–
(A) Chemical energy (B) Physical energy
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

7. What is the audible range (hearing range) of humans?
(A) 20 Hz - 20000 Hz (B) 80 Hz -100 Hz
(C) 2 lac Hz - 4 lac Hz (D) 0 Hz -20 Hz (Ans : A)

8. Which of the following is a desert region?
(A) Sindhu area (B) Gangetic area
(C) Assam area (D) Central India area (Ans : A)

9. When is the 'International Earth Day' celebrated?
(A) 20th April (B) 5th June
(C) 22nd April (D) 3rd March (Ans : C)

10. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
Names of Books – Authors
(A) The Burning Forest – Nandini Sundar
(B) One Indian Girl – Chetan Bhagat
(C) Jinnah Often Came to Our House – Kiran Doshi
(D) Island of Lost Girls – Kunal Basu (Ans : D)

11. Who among the following women won the by-election in 2017 for the one Rajya Sabha seat from Madhya Pradesh?
(A) Jamuna Devi (B) Radha Devi
(C) Sampatiya Uikey (D) Kavita Uikey (Ans : C)

12. How many times India and Pakistan exchanged the list of their nuclear installations under an agreement that aims to prevent both sides from attacking uch installations till January 2018 ?
(A) 25 (B) 26
(C) 27 (D) 28 (Ans : C)

13. Who is appointed as the CEO of Infosys in place of Vishal Sikka ?
(A) Deepak Parekh (B) Salil Parekh
(C) Nandan Nilekani (D) N. R. Narayanmurty (Ans : B)

14. At present, how many countries are the members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ?
(A) 188 (B) 189
(C) 187 (D) 190 (Ans : B)

15. How many women were elected in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election, 2013 ?
(A) 20 (B) 22
(C) 25 (D) 28 (Ans : D)

16. In which year was the Madhya Pradesh Rajkoshiya Uttardayitva Evam Budget Prabandhan Adhiniyam passed?
(A) 2003 (B) 2004
(C) 2005 (D) 2006 (Ans : C)

17. On which date, President of the USA, Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?
(A) 6th January, 2018 (B) 6th November, 2017
(C) 6th October, 2017 (D) 6th December, 2017 (Ans : D)

18. Which two States have been jointly ranked first in the ease of doing business ranking issued by the World Bank and DIPP in October 2016 ?
(A) Gujarat and Telangana (B) Telangana and Chhattisgarh
(C) Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh (D) Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (Ans : D)

19. With which religion is Kalika Purana associated?
(A) Vaishnavism (B) Shaktism
(C) Buddhism (D) Jainism (Ans : B)

20. In ancient period, which Varna was also called as 'Sarthavaha' ?
(A) Brahmana (B) Kshatriya
(C) Vaishya (D) Shudra (Ans : C)