India Ranking in Different Indexes 2017-18 (Latest Update)

India's Rank in Various Indexes 2017-2018- This globally India's Position in various indexes is very important for the Competitive exams. Which was one of the most important GK topic for upcoming UPSC, RRB, SSC IBPS PO/Clerk exams 2018. Candidates can make use of it.

Index India's Rank Top Ranked Country
Published By
1. Ease of Doing Business-2018 100 New Zealand (1st), Singapore (2nd), Denmark (3rd) World Bank Group.
2. Global Climate Risk Index, 2018 6 Haiti (1st), Zimbabwe (2nd), and Fiji (3rd) German watch
3. Global Competitiveness Index (GCI),2017 40 Switzerland (1st), United States (2nd), Singapore (3rd) World Economic Forum
4. World's most Valuable Nation Brand, 2017 8 United States (1st), China (2nd), Germany (3rd) Brand Finance, a specialist in consultancy.
5. Press Freedom Index, 2017 136 Norway (1st), Sweden (2nd), Finland (3rd) Reporters without borders (Reporters Sans Frontiers)
6. Global Peace Index,2017 137 Iceland (1st), New Zealand (2nd), Portugal (3rd). Institute for Economics and Peace, Sydney
7. Intellectual Property Index, 2017 43 United States (1st), United Kingdom (2nd), Germany (3rd). United States Chamber of Commerce
8. Climate Change PerformanceIndex,2017 20 First three spots in the l1st of 2017 CCPI rankings were left vacant. France (4th) Sweden (5th) and UK (6th) German watch, an independent German NGO and Climate Action Network Europe
9. Human Development Index, 2017 131 Norway (1st), Australia (2nd), Switzerland (3rd). Compiled by United Nations
10. Global Hunger Index, 2017 100 South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara have the highest levels of hunger The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
11. Global Innovation Index (GII),2017 60 Switzerland (1st), Sweden (2nd), Netherlands (3rd) Cornell University (INSEAD) in collaboration with World Intellectual Property Organization.
12. World Happiness Report, 2017 122 Norway (1st), Denmark (2nd), Iceland (3rd) United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
13. Legaturn Prosperity Index, 2017 100 Norway (1st), New Zealand (2nd), Finland (3rd). London-based Legatum Institute
14. Global Resilience Index, 2017 60 Switzerland (1st), Luxembourg (2nd), Sweden (3rd) FM Global
15. Global Talent Competitiveness Index, 2017 92 Switzerland (1st), Singapore (2nd), United Kingdom (3rd) World Economic Forum
16. Remittance Index, 2016 1 India (1st), China (2nd), Philippines (3rd) United Nations
17. Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index 2017 2 China (1st), India (2nd), USA(3rd) Ernst & Young
18. Global Retail Development Index,2017 1 India (1st), China (2nd), Malaysia(3rd) A.T. Kearney, an American Management consultant company
19. Sustainable Development Goals Index, 2017 117 Sweden (1st), Denmark (2nd), Finland (3rd) United Nations
20. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, 2017 40 Spain (1st), France (2nd), Germany (3rd) World Economic Forum
21. FDI Confidence Index, 2017 8 USA(1st), Germany (2nd), China (3rd) A.T. Kearney, an American Management consultant company
22. Global Human Capital Report-2017 103 Norway (1st), Finland (2nd), Switzerland (3rd). World Economic Forum
23. Global Gender Gap Index, 2017 108 Iceland (1st), Norway (2nd), Finland (3rd) World Economic Forum
24. Economic Freedom index, 2017 143 Hong Kong (1st), Singapore (2nd) and New Zealand (3rd) Heritage and the Fraser indices
25. Healthcare index, 2017 154 Switzerland (1st), Sweden (2nd), Norway(3rd) Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD)
26. Global Energy Architecture Performance Index,2017 87 Switzerland (1st), Norway (2nd), Sweden (3rd) World Economic Forum
27. Crude Oil Consumption Index,2017 4 United States (1st) China (2nd) Japan (3rd) Index Mundi
28. Good Country Index,2017 59 Netherlands (1st), Switzerland (2nd), Denmark (3rd) British Government Bi- Annually
29. Global Connectivity Index, 2017 43 United States (1st), Singapore (2nd), Sweden (3rd) Huawei
30. Crony-capitalism Index, 2016 9 Russia (1st) Malaysia (2nd) Philippines (3rd) The Economist newspaper
31. Military Expenditure, 2016 5 United States (1st) China (2nd) Russia (3rd) Forbes
32. Logistics Performance Index (LPI), 2016 35 Germany (1st), Luxembourg (2nd) Sweden (3rd) World Bank generates this report Bi-Annually
33. Corruption Perception Index (CPI)-2016 79 Denmark and New Zealand were tied in the first place as the world's most non-corrupt countries. Finland, Sweden and Switzerland are following them in the list. Transparency International Headquartered in Berlin
34. Networked Readiness Index, 2016 91 Singapore (1st) Finland (2nd), Sweden (3rd) World Economic Forum
35. Global Slavery Index, 2016 4 North Korea (1st), Uzbekistan (2nd), Cambodia (3rd) International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation

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