Latest Top 100 GK Questions and Answers from Rajasthan 2019

Rajasthan GK Questions with Answers in English - Here are the latest GK from Rajasthan. These are selected by our top level experts. And best for competitive exams.

1. What is the shape of Rajasthan ?
(A) Circular (B) Triangular
(C) Rectangular (D) Irregular Rectangular (Ans: D)

2. Area of Rajasthan is–
(A) 4,32,239 km2 (B) 3, 42,239 km2
(C) 2,42,239 km2 (D) 3,42,439 km2 (Ans: B)

3. How many districts are there in Rajasthan ?
(A) 52 Districts (B) 33 Districts (C) 30 Districts (D) 31 Districts (Ans: B)

4. In Rajasthan Kanak Sagar is situated at which river ?
(A) Kothari (B) Maiz (C) Banas (D) Khari (Ans: B)

5. Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary is in which district?
(A) Kota (B) Chittorgarh (C) Baran (D) Bhilwara (Ans: C)

6. Who was the founder of ‘ Jahazpur Nagar’ ?
(A) Jagmal Singh (B) Janmejay
(C) Janakraj (D) Rana Pratap (Ans: B)

7. What is the sign of Suhag ornament for women of Rajasthan ?
(A) Sheesh Phool (B) Timriya
(C) Punchi (D) Ivory and lac Chura (group of Bangles) (Ans: D)

8. By which Rajput Emperor of Bikaner estate the Ganga-canal was constructed in 1927 ?
(A) Rao Beeka (B) Karan Singh
(C) Sri Ganga Singh (D) Rao Jodha (Ans: C)

9. When Matsya Sangh was merged with Rajasthan ?
(A) 14th July, 1949 (B) 15th May, 1949
(C) 30th July, 1949 (D) 15th May, 1950 (Ans: B)

10. Which caste in Rajasthan has mostly contributed in art, literature and culture ?
(A) Rajputs (B) Bhils (C) Brahmins (D) Jains (Ans: A)

11. In which part of Rajasthan Godwar bird is found?
(A) Eastern Plain (B) Western Desert
(C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Rajasthan (Ans: B)

12. What type of oxes are used to carry maximum luggage in Rajasthan ?
(A) Nagauri (B) Kan Kare ji (C) Malvi (D) Geer (Ans: A)

13. Which is the main cereals of Ravi Crop in Rajasthan ?
(A) Barley (B)Gram (C) Moth (D) Wheat (Ans: D)

14. On 26 Jan., 1950 which among the following was included in Greater Rajasthan ?
(A) Sirohi (B) Ajmer (C) Jaipur (D) Kota (Ans: A)

15. When Rajasthan Handloom Development Corporation was established ?
(A) In 1976 (B) In 1984 (C) In 1954 (D) In 1958 (Ans: B)

16. In Rajasthan ‘Timaria’ ornament is worn in which part of body ?
(A) Waist (B) Hands (C) Neck (D) Head (Ans: C)

17. To which ancient name Bharatpur, Karauli and Dholpur region is known ?
(A) Sursen (B) Virat (C) Jangal (D) Shivi (Ans: A)

18. In which year efforts were made to start English education in Rajasthan ?
(A) In 1819 AD (B) In 1835 AD
(C) In 1848 AD (D) In 1857 AD (Ans: A)

19. Dance of Rajasthan which is most recognised in India is ?
(A) Dandia (B) Gair (C) Neja (D) Dhoomar (Ans: D)

20. What is the difficulty in tractor agriculture in Rajasthan ?
(A) Farmers are illiterate (B) Sandy land is more
(C) Paucity of diesel oil (D) Small holding (Ans: D)

21. By which name the period was known from 7th century to 12th Century ?
(A) Rajput period (B) Tuglaq period
(C) Bardhan period (D) Maratha period (Ans: A)

22. In which of the following Fair is particularly associated with Rajasthan ?
(A) Gangaur (B) Akshaya Teej
(C) Goga Navami (D) None of these (Ans: D)

23. From which the origin of Rajasthan Style is known ?
(A) Pal style (B) Gujarat style (C) Apbransh style (D) Guller style (Ans: C)

24. What is the important base of Bhagirathi Project started by Govt. of Rajasthan ?
(A) Economic Motivation (B) Self Motivation
(C) Spirit of Cooperation (D) Central Direction (Ans: B)

25. Where the Biri manufacturing factory is situated in Rajasthan ?
(A) Tonk (B) Kota (C) Jhalawar (D) Bundi (Ans: A)

26. Where the nuclear energy station is situated in Rajasthan ?
(A) Rawat Bhata (B) Bersing Sar (C) Jahazpur (D) Palana (Ans: A)

27. In which form of mis-spelt the origin of Rajasthan Language is ?
(A) Nagar (B) Bacchar (C) Upnagar (D) None of these (Ans: A)

28. Which is the biggest fair of Rajasthan ?
(A) Pushkar fair (B) Mata Kundalini fair
(C) Kasheriya ji (D) Ram Dev ji (Ans: A)

29. In which district of Rajasthan the irrigation is done by Gurgaon Canal ?
(A) Jhunjhunu (B) Sikar (C) Dholpur (D) Bharatpur (Ans: D)

30. Which city in Rajasthan was called Island of Glory by C. B. Raman ?
(A) Ajmer (B) Udaipur (C) Jaipur (D) Kota (Ans: C)

31. Which among the following cereals is produced maximum in Rajasthan ?
(A) Barley (B) Maize (C) Jowar (D) Bajra (Ans: D)

32. ‘Bisalpur Dam’ has been constructed in–
(A) Tonk district (B) Ajmer district
(C) Nasirabad (D) Beawar (Ans: A)

33. Which is the only aboriginal tribe known in Rajasthan ?
(A) Saharia (B) Sansi (C) Kanjar (D) Garsia (Ans: A)

34. Well off district of Rajasthan is–
(A) Jodhpur (B) Sri Ganganagar(C) Nagaur (D) Bikaner (Ans: B)

35. Rajasthan is bordered by Pakistan to the–
(A) East (B) West (C) North (D) South (Ans: B)

36. What is the main cause of lack of forest in Rajasthan ?
(A) Climatic change (B) Deforestation for building wood
(C) Deforestation for fuel wood (D) Animal grazing (Ans: A)

37. Who was the founder of Jat State in Bharatpur ?
(A) Gokul (B) Jawahar Singh (C) Badan Singh (D) Raja-Ram (Ans: C)

38. In 1844 which estate of Rajasthan declared ‘Satipratha’ as illegal ?
(A) Jaipur (B) Udaipur (C) Jodhpur (D) Kota (Ans: A)

39. Famous dance of India emerged from Rajasthan is–
(A) Kathak (B) Bharat Natyam
(C) Kucchipudi (D) None of these (Ans: A)

40. What was the name of the main freedom fighter of Jaipur ?
(A) Teeka Ram Paliwal (B) Jai Narain Vyas
(C) Madan Mohan Sharma (D) Arjun Lal Sethi (Ans: A)

41. Which among the following composition is not in Rajasthani Language ?
(A) Ram Raso (B) Ratan Jas (C) Bisaldeo Raso (D) Kubleymal (Ans: D)

42. From where the Rajasthan Canal has been constructed ?
(A) Ravi (B) At the end of Rajasthan feeder
(C) Harika Barrage (D) None of the above (Ans: B)

43. Where the Rajasthan State Chemical (Sodium Sulphate) factory is–
(A) Lunkaransar (B) Phalodi (C) Deedwana (D) Sambhar (Ans: C)

44. When Udai Singh, established the Udaipur ?
(A) 1559 (B) 1659 (C) 1569 (D) 1549 (Ans: A)

45. In Rajasthan for cloth printing, famous is–
(A) Pali (B) Jaipur (C) Jodhpur (D) All of these (Ans: D)

46. In Rajasthan Ganeshji fair is arranged–
(A) Sawai Madhopur (B) Kota
(C) Jaisalmer (D) Pandupol (Ans: A)

47. In Rajasthan where Dadu Dayal had more devotees ?
(A) Kardala, Sambhar, Aamer (B) Kishangarh, Beawar, Churu
(C) Parwatsar, Hanumangarh (D) Nagaur (Ans: A)

48. According to area which is the biggest district in Rajasthan ?
(A) Jaisalmer (B) Barmer (C) Bikaner (D) Jodhpur (Ans: A)

49. Which animal is maximum in Rajasthan ?
(A) Cow (B) Sheep (C) Goats (D) Camels (Ans: C)

50. In Rajasthan at which place glass manufacturing industry is ?
(A) Bharatpur (B) Karauli (C) Dholpur (D) Kota (Ans: C)

51. In Rajasthan what is the per centage of irrigated land to total land ?
(A) 24 (B) 20 (C) 22 (D) 18 (Ans: A)

52. In Rajasthan where the Tungsten reserve are found ?
(A) Degana (B) Dariba (C) Singhana (D) Sonu (Ans: A)

53. As per 2011 census of India what is the per centage of Rajasthan population in India ?
(A) 18.6 (B) 20.8 (C) 5.67 (D) 9.47 (Ans: C)

54. The Headquarter of Rajasthan Sahitya Academy is–
(A) Jaipur (B) Jodhpur (C) Jaisalmer (D) Udaipur (Ans: D)

55. Which is known to be Glory of Rajasthan ?
(A) Manvar (B) Jaipur (C) Chittorgarh (D) Ajmer (Ans: C)

56. Who was the Second Chief Minister of Rajasthan ?
(A) Haridev Joshi (B) Mohan Lal Sukharia
(C) Heera Lal Shastri (D) Jai Narain Vyas (Ans: D)

57. For protection of forests who is the ‘Amar Saheed’ Woman of Rajasthan ?
(A) Kalibai (B) Amrita Devi (C) Sita Ram (D) Janki Devi (Ans: B)

58. Which ruler made Ajmer its Capital ?
(A) Kokildev (B) Dulherai (C) Jaisingh (D) Man Singh (Ans: A)

59. Which Rajput dynasty had supremacy in Rajasthan from 8th to 10th century ?
(A) Chawar dynasty (B) Pratihar dynasty
(C) Bhati dynasty (D) Parmar dynasty (Ans: B)

60. Kanak Virindravan is at Jaipur, who made its construction ?
(A) Sawai Jai Singh (B) Sawai-Madho Singh
(C) Sawai Man Singh (D) Ajaidev (Ans: A)

61. Which species of trees are maximum in the forested area of Rajasthan ?
(A) Sagwan (B) Khair (C) Dhak (D) Khejri (Ans: C)

62. Which Rajput ruler is known as the founder of Architect ?
(A) Rana Pratap (B) Rana Sanga
(C) Raja Udai Singh (D) Rana Kumbha (Ans: D)

63. Who made the construction of ‘Hawa-Maha’ ?
(A) Raja Man Singh (B) Mirza Raja Man Singh
(C) Sawai Jai Singh (D) Sawai Pratap Singh (Ans: D)

64. Where the Headquarter of Rajasthan Cooperative Consumer store is situated in the state?
(A) Udaipur (B) Ajmer (C) Jodhpur (D) Jaipur (Ans: D)

65. During the muslim period, the script of Rajasthan was—
(A) Urdu (B) Nagari (C) Persian (D) Prakrat (Ans: B)

66. Where the mosque of Allaudeen is ?
(A) Ajmer (B) Jalore (C) Alwar (D) Dausa (Ans: B)

67. From which project Jodhpur, Pali and Sumerpur get drinking water ?
(A) Meja Dam (B) Jakham Project
(C) Jawai Dam (D) Som-Kamla-Amba Project (Ans: C)

68. Which mineral has been found from Tannot (Jaisalmer) ?
(A) Copper (B) Zinc (C) Natural Gas (D) Lead (Ans: C)

69. In which district of Rajasthan, female literacy is minimum ?
(A) Barmer (B) Jalore (C) Nagaur (D) Sikar (Ans: A)

70. Which place has been selected by state government to establish Industrial Park for export promotion ?
(A) Bhilwara (B) Jodhpur (C) Jaipur (D) Udaipur (Ans: C)

71. At which place Rajasthan Agriculture University established in 1987 is situated ?
(A) Udaipur (B) Bikaner (C) Ajmer (D) Jodhpur (Ans: B)

72. Which in the main Centre of salt production in Rajasthan ?
(A) Sambhar (B) Panchbhadr (C) Jaipur (D) Barmer (Ans: A)
73. Which animal gets harm from the vegetation of western Rajasthan ?
(A) Sheep (B) Camel (C) Cow (D) Ox (Ans: A)

74. What is the length of Rajasthan feeder canal constructed in the first step of Indira Gandhi Project ?
(A) 204 km (B) 240 km (C) 108 km (D) 150 km (Ans: A)

75. In which district of Rajasthan in maximum quantity wheat is produced ?
(A) Sri Ganga nagar (B) Pali (C) Baran (D) Kota (Ans: C)

76. Which is the hottest district of Rajasthan ?
(A) Jhalawar (B) Jaipur (C) Kota (D) Bikaner (Ans: D)

77. Minimum part of Rajasthan is–
(A) Hilly Region (B) Plateau Region(C) Plain area (D) Deserted area (Ans: B)

78. Where the Rajasthan State Salt undertaking is situated ?
(A) Lunkarsar (B) Deedwana (C) Jaipur (D) Chittorgarh (Ans: B)

79. In which Place of Rajasthan, in 1833 Dayanand Swarswati died ?
(A) Jaipur (B) Ajmer (C) Udaipur (D) Nagaur (Ans: B)

80. Which Mauryan ruler established the Chittorgarh?
(A) Bappa Raval (B)Man (C) Ashoka (D) Chitrangad (Ans: D)

81. Which among the Rajasthan estate is worshipper of Eklingji ?
(A) Mewar (B) Marwar (C) Bikaner (D) Jaipur (Ans: A)

82. Where the maximum wheat is produced in Rajasthan ?
(A) Udaipur (B) Sri Ganganagar(C) Ajmer (D) Alwar (Ans: B)

83. Which mineral has maximum reserves in Rajasthan ?
(A) Gypsum (B) Mica (C) Rock-Phosphate (D) Copper (Ans: C)

84. In which of the following district Quartize is produced in Rajasthan ?
(A) Alwar (B) Bharatpur (C) Dausa (D) Ajmer (Ans: D)

85. When was the Rajasthan cultivators Act passed?
(A) In 1965 (B) In 1966 (C) In 1955 (D) In 1975 (Ans: C)

86. In which district maximum urban population is found in Rajasthan ?
(A) Ajmer (B) Jaipur (C) Kota (D) Bikaner (Ans: B)

87. George Peyerson firstly used the Rajasthani language words in the volume of its language shrrey in year :
(A) 1930 (B) 1919 (C) l912 (D) 1819 (Ans: C)

88. In Rajasthan which fair is known as Lakhi Fair ?
(A) Kewla Devi (B) Pushkar (C) Gogamedi (D) Urs (Ans: A)

89. When Bharmal was made ruler of Amer ?
(A) 1547 AD (B) 1557 AD (C) 1567 AD (D) 1552 AD (Ans: A)

90. Which industry can more flourish in Rajasthan?
(A) Forest based (B) Cloth based (C) Mineral based (D) Electric based (Ans: B)

91. Which rank Rajasthan has in the production of copper in India ?
(A) First (B) Second (C) Third (D) Fourth (Ans: B)

92. In Rajasthan which Physical Division has the maximum area ?
(A) Eastern plain (B) West Desert
(C) Ghaggar plain (D) Harothi plateau (Ans: B)

93. Average area of the fields in Rajasthan is–
(A) 4 hectare (B) 4.2 hectare (2) 3.38 hectare (D) 4.4 hectare (Ans: C)

94. Who is the founder of Jasnathi Sect ?
(A) Jambhi ji (B) Dadu Dayal ji (C) Jasnath ji (D) Sant Pipa ji (Ans: C)

95. Which city of Rajasthan is known as Sun City ?
(A) Bikaner (B) Bharatpur (C) Jodhpur (D) Ajmer (Ans: C)

96. How much per centage camel of country is found in Rajasthan ?
(A) 65% (B) 75% (C) 55% (D) 45% (Ans: A)

97. The first Chauhan state of Rajasthan was—
(A) Kota (B) Ranthambore (C) Ajmer (D) Bundi (Ans: C)

98. In which district of Rajasthan is ‘Panchbhadra Lake situated ?
(A) Barmer (B) Pali (C) Jaipur (D) Nagaur (Ans: A)

99. Which is the biggest Sweet water Lake of Rajasthan ?
(A) Jaisamand (B) Silisher (C) Annah Sagar (D) Nakki (Ans: A)

100. Which is the main river flowing to Sambar lake in district Jaipur ?
(A) Khandel (B) Rupangarh (C) Meda (D) Khari (Ans: C)