MP Vyapam Jail Prahari Vanrakshak Solved Question Paper 2017

The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board Jail Prahari / Van Rakshak Recruitment Exam 2017 was conducted on 28 July 2017. The solved question paper provided here covers all segments namely General English, General Science, General Knowledge, General Hindi and General Maths. solve the questions now and be better prepared for upcoming government exams 2017-18.

General Knowledge Solved Paper
1. As per the Census 2011, the population of Madhya Pradesh is almost–
(a) 7.7 crore (b) 7.3 crore (c) 7.5 crore (d) 7.1 crore (Ans : b)

2. On which of the following dates did Jayant Mallayya present the annual State budget of the financial year 2017-18 in the Legislative Assembly?
(a) February 28 (b) March 3 (c) March 1 (d) March 2 (Ans : c)

3. Ahmed Sher Khan is associated with the game of–
(a) Hockey (b) Shooting (c) Archery (d) Football (Ans : a)

4. Parsili is situated in the district of–
(a) Sldhi (b) Indore (c) Bhopal (d) Mandsaur (Ans : a)

5. In which year was the Narmada Valley Development Authority established?
(a) 1988 (b) 1987 (c) 1985 (d) 1986 (Ans : c)

6. In which year was the Madhya Pradesh State Forest Development Corporation established?
(a) 1973 (b) 1975 (c) 1979 (d) 1977 (Ans : b)

7. In which village is the Fair of Nagaji held?
(a) Bhamavad (b) Ghoghara (c) Sanwara (d) Porsa (Ans : d)

8. Where was the second capital of Chandragupta II?
(a) Vidisha (b) Ujjayini (c) Sanchi (d) Maheshwar (Ans : b)

9. Who has been recently appointed as the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Neeru Chadha (b) Sahithi Pingali (c) Basant Pratap Singh (d) Raja Girinder Chari (Ans : c)

10. Which of the following Mahal/Temple is located in Gwalior?
(a) Jahangir Mahal (b) Sahastrabahu Temple (c) Rani Roopmati Mahal (d) Madan Mohan Palace (Ans : b)

11. Which of the following rivers originate from the same plateau?
(a) Narmada and Sone (b) Narmada and Betwa (c) Shipra and Narmada (d) Shipra and Sone (Ans : a)

12. Which of the following cities was earlier called Narmadapuram?
(a) Jabalpur (b) Hoshangabad (c) Bhopal (d) Gwalior (Ans : b)

13. Which of the following stadiums is not in Indore?
(a) Nehru stadium (b) Holkar stadium (c) Abhay Khel Prashal (d) Thakur Ranmat Singh stadium (Ans : d)

14. Which of the following States doesn't border Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Karnataka (b) Uttar Pradesh (c) Gujarat (d) Rajasthan (Ans : a)

15. Which department does the Madhya Pradesh Water and Land Management Institute come under?
(a) Home Department (b) Panchayat and Rural Development Department
(c) Department of Mineral Resources (d) Public Works Department (Ans : b)

16. Who was the first Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly?
(a) Kashi Prasad Pandey (b) Ishwardas Rohani (c) Pt. Kunjilal Dubey (d) Dr. Sitasharan Sharma (Ans : c)

17. Who was the first Governor of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Kailash Joshi (b) Pattabhi Sitaramayya (c) Sarala Greval (d) Ravi Shankar Shukla (Ans : b)

18. Who was the first Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court?
(a) Rohan Sachdeva (b) Dayashankar Naag (c) M. Hidayatullah (d) HS Kamath (Ans : c)

19. Which poet is know for the poem 'Rasik Priya'?
(a) Padmakar (b) Bhushan (c) Ghananand (d) Keshavdas (Ans : d)

20. The Kaytha sites related with Chalcolithic culture is in the district of–
(a) Indore (b) Bhopal (c) Ujjain (d) Guna (Ans : c)