Multiple Choice Questions on Transport and Communication
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1. Which one of the following is the longest National Highway in India? (CDS)
(A) NH 2 (B) NH 7 (C) NH 8 (D) NH 31 (Ans : B)

2. Which National Highway connects Delhi and Mumbai? (NDA)
(A) NH 6 (B) NH 8 (C) NH 10 (D) NH 12 (Ans : C)

3. Which one of the following pairs of States are connected by the National Highway No 4? (IES)
(A) Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh (B) Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
(C) Andhra Pradesh and Paschim Banga (D) Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra (Ans : D)

4. At which one of the following places, East-West Corridor connecting Silchar and Porbandar and North-South Corridor connecting Srinagar and Kanyakumari, intersect each other? (CDS)
(A) Jhansi (B)Agra (C) Jabalpur (D) Nagpur (Ans : A)

5. Which one of the following National Highways passes through Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Odisha? (IAS)
(A) NH 4 (B) NH 5 (C) NH 6 (D) NH 7 (Ans : C)

6. Which one of the following ports of India handles the highest tonnage of import cargo? (CDS)
(A) Kolkata (B) Kandla (C) Mumbai (D) Vishakhapatnam (Ans : D)

7. In which one of the following places is the headquarters of North-Eastern Railway located? (CDS)
(A) Guwahati (B) Gorakhpur (C) Kolkata (D) Bhubaneshwar (Ans : B)

8. When you travel in a car from Bhubaneshwar to Vishakhapatnam, which National Highway would you take? (IES)
(A) NH 4 (B) NH 5 (C) NH 6 (D) NH 7 (Ans : B)

9. Which among the following is the major item of export from Paradeep Port? (NDA)
(A) Rice (B) Tea (C) Fish (D) Iron ore (Ans : D)

10. Which one of the following pairs of National Highways crosses Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra? (IES)
(A) NH 4 and NH 6 (B) NH 5 and NH 7 (C) NH 6 and NH 7 (D) NH 7 and NH 9 (Ans : D)

11. The National Highway No 7 connects which of the following? (NDA)
(A) Mumbai with Varanasi (B) Mumbai with Bhubaneshwar (C) Delhi with Kanyakumari (D) Varanasi with Kanyakumari (Ans : B)

12. Which one of the following places is famous for production of railways coaches? (CDS)
(A) Nasik (B) Kapurthala (C) Kanpur (D) Kochi (Ans : B)

13. Which among the following National Highway routes is the longest?  (IES)
(A) Agra-Mumbai (B) Chennai-Thane (C) Kolkata-Hajira (D) Pune-Machilipatnam (Ans : C)

14. Which among the following Rajdhani trains covers the longest distance? (CDS)
(A) 2433 Chennai Central (B) 2431 Trivandrum Central (C) 2435 Dibrugarh Town (D) 2429 Bengaluru City Junction (Ans : B)

15. The National Highway from Amritsar to Kolkata via Delhi is numbered– (CDS)
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 4 (D) 8 (Ans : B)