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If you are preparing for Bank exams and want to get strong catching on Marketing Aptitude questions, then don’t forget to study of these questions on Marketing Aptitude given below–

1. ‘Making a Call’ means–
(a) Calling on a prospective customer (b) Explaining product details (c) Negotiating a deal
(d) Arguing with a customer (e) All of these (Ans : a)

2. Marketing is the combined study of–
(a) Buyer’s behaviour and consumer tasks (b) Product demand and product supply (c) Brand building and Publicity
(d) Sales force abilities and customer responses (e) All of these (Ans : a)

3. Selling is function undertaken by–
(a) All the sales persons (b) All the employees (c) Entire organization
(d) Outsourced agencies (e) All of these (Ans : a)

4. A ‘Lead’ means–
(a) A buyer (b) A seller (c) Employee (d) Employer (e) None of these (Ans : b)

5. ‘Relationship’ in marketing means–
(a) Relation between salesperson (b) Relation between buyer and seller
(c) Relation between company and consumer (d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : d)

6. Effective Marketing helps in–
(a) Boosting the sales (b) Boosting the purchases (c) Boosting the demand and supply
(d) all of these (e) None of these (Ans : a)

7. Find the correct statement–
(a) Selling is same as marketing (b) Selling is more than marketing (c) Selling is part of marketing
(d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : c)

8. DSA means–
(a) District Sales Authority (b) Direct Selling Agent (c) Distributor and Sales Agents
(d) Distributor and State Agent (e) None of these (Ans : b)

9. Marketing of services is known as–
(a) Transaction marketing (b) Door-to-door marketing (c) Relationship marketing
(d) Internal marketing (e) None of these (Ans : c)

10. Market size means–
(a) Size of the sales teams (b) Size of the company (c) Scope for profit
(d) Scope for marketing (e) None of these (Ans : d)

11. Bank marketing is same as–
(a) Transaction marketing (b) Service marketing (c) Indoor marketing
(d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : b)

12. A DSA’s main function is–
(a) To boost customer contacts (b) To boost emails (c) To boost telemarketing
(d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : d)

13. ‘Referrals’ means–
(a) Reference books (b) Leads provided by operation staff
(c) Sales persons (d) Front-office staff (e) Management (Ans : b)

14. Market share means–
(a) Share Market (b) Sensex (c) Market changes
(d) Market demands (e) Share of business among pears (Ans : e)

15. Leads can be provided by–
(a) Friends and relatives (b) Websites (c) Directories (d) Colleagues (e) All of these (Ans : e)

16. A ‘Prospect’ menas–
(a) Company’s Prospectus (b) Company’s Memorandum of Association
(c) A likely buyer (d) A likely seller (e) None of these (Ans : c)

17. ‘Conversion’ in sales language means–
(a) converting a buyer into a seller (b) converting a seller into a buyer
(c) converting a prospect into a client (d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : e)

18. Direct Marketing means–
(a) Face to face marketing (b) Over the counter marketing (c) Door to door marketing
(d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : d)

19. One of the following is not a sales activity. Find the same.
(a) Identifying leads (b) Making a call (c) Presentation (d) Negotiation (e) After-sales services (Ans : e)

20. To ‘close a call’ means–
(a) To clinch the sales (b) To abandon the sales (c) Too lose the business
(d) To annoy the customer (e) To exit from the sales team (Ans : a)

21. Marketing is a function under-taken by–
(a) All DSA’s (b) All front-office staff (c) Whole organization (d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : d)

22. Good selling skill calls for–
(a) Patience (b) Perseverance (c) Persuasion (d) Pursuit (e) All of these (Ans : d)

23. Indirect Marketing means–
(a) Marketing by non-sales persons (b) Market Survey (c) Market Research
(d) Advertisements (e) All of these (Ans : d)

24. ‘ATM’ stands for–
(a) Anywhere Marketing (b) Any Time Marketing (c) Any Time Money
(d) Automated Teller Machine (e) Automatic Timely Machine (Ans : d)

25. None-product selling means–
(a) selling variety of products (b) selling only one product (c) selling seasonal products
(d) selling services (e) All of these (Ans : d)

26. Marketing channels means–
(a) Delivery time (b) Delivery period (c) Sales outlets (d) Purchase outlets (e) All of these (Ans : c)

27. Marketing is – Find the wrong option–
(a) an ancient concept (b) a modern need (c) a continuous affair
(d) a team effort (e) a direct need for survival (Ans : a)

28. Market Plan is a–
(a) Selling process (b) Year-end-budget (c) Calendar
(d) Business document for marketing strategies (e) all of these (Ans : d)

29. A vision statement is–
(a) not required for established companies (b) not required due to competition (c) Not required as on one understands them
(d) a long term inspiration (e) None of these (Ans : d)

30. Value added services means–
(a) Additional cost (b) Additional production (c) Additional staff
(d) Additional services (e) All of these (Ans : d)

31. Customer’s Relationship with the Bank is influenced by–
(a) Customers’ attitudes (b) Attitudes of Bank staff (c) Interest rates of the Bank
(d) Attitudes of sales persons (e) All of these (Ans : b)

32. Market segmentation means dividing–
(a) The market group into homogeneous groups (b) The market process into easy steps
(c) The sales teams into small groups (d) All of these (e) None of these (Ans : a)

33. Effective Bank Marketing requires–
(a) proper pricing (b) customized products (c) simple procedures (d) market research (e) all of these (Ans : e)

34. A ‘Target Group’ means–
(a) Group of salesmen targeting the customers (b) Likely buyers (c) Group of products
(d) Group of companies (e) All of these (Ans : b)

35. Marketing is best suited in–
(a) Buyer’s market (b) Sellers’ market (c) Internal marketing (d) Direct marketing (e) None of these (Ans : b)

36. ‘HNI’ means–
(a) Highly Non-interested Individuals (b) Highly Needy Individuals (c) High Networth individuals
(d) Highly Negative Individuals (e) None of these (Ans : c)

37. Direct Marketing means–
(a) Face-to-face marketing (b) Melas (c) Seminars (d) Indoor marketing (e) Online marketing (Ans : d)

38. ‘UPS’ in Marketing means–
(a) Useful Sales Procedures (b) Useful Selling Propositions (c) Useful Sales Persons
(d) Used Sales Plans (e) Unique Selling Propositions (Ans : e)

39. Delivery channels other than Bank counters are–
(a) ATM’s (b) Internet Banking (c) Mobile Banking (d) Tele Banking (e) All of these (Ans : e)

40. Digital Marketing includes. Find the incorrect answer–
(a) Web advertisement (b) E-mail canvassing (c) Blogs (d) SMS campaigns (e) Mobile alerts (Ans : c)

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